5 of the Best Rated Monitor Wall Mounts

Many computer users are finding that using computer monitor wall mounts offer many benefits and there are good reasons to mounting one or more monitors to a flat wall like a TV. This article will consider several reasons to use monitor wall mounts and list top rated monitor wall mounts.

Why should I mount my computer monitor?

using monitor wall mounts can reduce neck and shoulder strains

Many users incorrectly set up their monitors too high, too low, too far away or too close, which can lead to unnecessary shoulder, back, neck and eye strain. When correctly using monitor wall mounts, most or all of these issues can be removed or reduced.

Mounting your monitor can save space

This is an obvious benefit of using monitor wall mounts. Tons of desk real estate can be freed up by mounting your monitor to a wall.

It is visually pleasing

When properly installed, monitor wall mounts can minimize cable and wire exposure which can help your desk look neater.

A few things to consider for wall mounting

Is the monitor VESA Compatible?

Your monitor needs to be VESA compatible in order to use basically any third-party mount.

Do you have access to a wall stud?

The wall mount will need to be attached to a wall stud. Also, monitor wall mounts may be unsuitable if your property is a rental.

Not ideal for multiple monitor setups

With multiple monitor setups the weight of the monitors may be too much. A solution to this issue if to use multiple monitor wall mounts on multiple wall studs.

5 top rated monitor wall mounts

eLG Full Motion Swivel Monitor Wall Mount

monitor wall mounts
  • VESA Compliant
  • Fits up to 35″ flat and curved monitors
  • 3 step assembly in less than 15 minutes

VIVO Full Motion Monitor Wall Mount

  • VESA Compliant – both VESA 75mm and 100mm
  • Fits up to 27″ TV or monitor
  • Tilts and Swivels
  • Easy Setup

MOUNT PRO Monitor Wall Mount

  • VESA Compliant – both VESA 75mm and 100mm
  • Fits up to 32″ monitor
  • Tilt, Swivel, Rotate, and Articulate
  • Gas Spring Arm

Mount-It! Full Motion Wall Mount

  • VESA Compliant -up to 200mm
  • Ideal for mounting of larger computer monitors
  • Tilts and Swivels

MOUNTUP Monitor Wall Mount

  • VESA Compliant – 75mm and 100mm
  • Fits up to 32″ flat or curved monitors
  • Gas spring arm
  • Tilts and Swivels

In Conclusion

Aesthetically and ergonomically it can be a great idea to purchase a computer wall mount and simple installation makes the decision even easier. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and if you’re in the market for a new monitor check out a couple of our other articles.

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