5 Best gaming chairs under $100

Gamers’ ergonomic gaming chairs look like upscale office chairs, with padded, adjustable headrests, ergonomically molded armrests, and comfortable reclines that support their movements.

Gaming chairs have become increasingly important to support your heroic efforts regardless of whether you are a casual gamer or the one who spends extended hours daily fighting against enemies in Call of Duty.

Gamers often experience back pain, neck discomfort, and even carpal tunnel syndrome due to the long hours they spend in the same position while gaming.

The gaming chair that we mentioned below, all cost less than or around $100 (prices are subject to change), allowing you to enjoy games in greater comfort and enhanced health for as little as the latest AAA title.

The choice is clear. It is difficult to find better gaming chairs at this price.

At a Glance:

5 Best gaming chairs under 100

DesignBest chairRetailer
1. Swivel Gaming Chair Recliner Height Adjustable Office Chair
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Best Pick2. Vitesse Gaming Chair
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3. Homall Gaming Comfortable Office Chair
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Staff Pick4. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair
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Budget Pick5. Homall Gaming Chair
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1. Swivel Gaming Chair Recliner Height Adjustable Office Chair

  • A full recline can be achieved with the chair back locked at any angle between 90 and 180 degrees.
  • Ergonomic reclining chair with a high back and removable headrest.
  • It is capable of holding up to 330 pounds. This makes it suitable for studying, working, relaxing, etc.

With its curved back and seat, the chair is able to maintain an ergonomic sitting position while allowing users plenty of room to adjust their sitting position, not to mention the generous padding that supports the lower back and neck while providing comfort.

The gaming chair from Homall has steel back and seat frames, so it will be just as durable as the prior chair.

Moreover, Modern Depot gaming chairs feature adjustable armrests, which makes them different from console gaming chairs. You can raise them 4 inches if you need to, which is great if you have short arms.

In terms of functionality, the Homall chair reviewed earlier functioned similarly with lockable tilt and rocking options.

It is possible to switch between a “comfortable working mode” (90 degrees), a “pleasant watching mode” (100 degrees), or a “full nap mode” (180 degrees) by adjusting a lever on the seat.

The hydraulic lift and balance issues with some chairs have been complained about by buyers.


  • Supportive arms with height adjustability.
  • Best for small and light users
  • Lie fully flat with the backrest reclined.


  • Not ideal for heavy people.

This is one of the best gaming chairs under $100 for those who still need a traditional high-back chair and are on a budget. 

2. Vitesse Gaming Chair

Best Pick
  • PU leather and a thicker sponge provide more comfort with skin-friendly features.
  • Two inserts, one for the headrest and one for the lumbar cushion, can be adjusted by you at any time to support your head, back, and lumbar.
  • Featuring 360-degree rotation, 90°-155° reverse movement, adjustable chair height of 3.8″, retractable footrest, the chair can be adjusted to meet work, gaming, and rest needs.

Even though all of these gaming chairs offer great ergonomic support for the upper limbs and body, the legs do not receive the same attention.

With the Vitesse gaming chair, you get similar upper limb and body support as the above chairs, but with a thick and pull-out footrest as well, so you can address your lower limbs as well.

A great pick if you’re like most gamers and find yourself needing to stretch your legs a lot or take a quick nap between games. The footrest won’t do much to alleviate your legs’ discomfort, so don’t expect much.

You’ll need a dedicated office chair with footrests if you’re going to nap.

Furthermore, the backrest of the Vitesse gaming chair is relatively robust. In combination with the footrest, the chair reclines up to 155 degrees, allowing you to take a quick nap if necessary.

The Vitesse chair was reported to have been defective or had quality control problems by some customers. On the plus side, Vitesse offers exceptional customer service that is honest and trustworthy.


  • Neck and lumbar pillows are very comfortable.
  • One of the only gaming chairs in this range that have footrests.
  • A budget-friendly gaming chair.


  •  It is not possible to adjust the height of the armrests.

In our opinion, this is one of the best gaming chairs under 100. Having this chair will enhance our comfort level as you will get lumbar support and footrest as well.

Uniquely, this is the only gaming chair in this range where you can find footrests!

3. Homall Gaming Comfortable Office Chair

  • This chair is ergonomically designed for long-term use at home or in the office, providing lumbar support and comfort.
  • Designed with heavy-duty manufacturing and adjustable height and backrests, as well as swivel caster wheels for effortless mobility and fast movement.
  • A custom-made mash leather product that is good-looking, non-sweating, and affordable.

In terms of gaming chair design, Homall is at the forefront, and this is also true of their mid-back gaming chairs.

The display’s fire red accents in combination with classic black and white tones instantly motivate you to get down to the game while leaving plenty of funds to invest in other valuable games.

A very heavy-duty top-of-the-line SGS certified gas lift supports an impressive maximum weight of 280 pounds in the Homall Leather Gaming Chair.

To accommodate your desk height, the seat can be adjusted between 17′′ and 20.75′′ higher. The addition of flip-up armrests to a mid-back PC gaming chair makes it a versatile appliance that can fit into any tight office situation or home.

With the Homall Chair, you can lock the tilt to any desired angle, which makes it highly comfortable and ergonomic.

Even slightly larger users may be comfortably accommodated by the chair’s 20.5-inch wide seat, despite its maximum weight limit of 280 pounds.

Although one buyer complained that the paint came off after a few weeks of using the Homall chair, the PU leather that it is made from is comfortable.

It is fortunate that you will have excellent customer service at Homall, which is equipped with a quick response time, and will honor any refund offered within 30 days. 


  • An office chair designed with cutting-edge race car technology
  • If not in use, armrests fold up and are not visible
  • With a large 180-degree tilting angle that can be locked, you can really relax between killing your enemies.


  • I would like the chair’s cushioning to be thicker.

With a price range in the $100 range, Homall Leather Gaming Chair is a great choice for those seeking a racing-style gaming chair that also doubles as an office chair during off-hours.

Overall, with this chair, you will not only acquire support but also get a stylish chair that will complement your office as well as your gaming setup.

4. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

Staff Pick
  • This gaming chair provides quality support and comfort for hours of gaming with its contoured segmented padding, an integrated padded headrest, and padded arms.
  • It comes with height-adjustable arms, an integrated center-tilt, flip-up controls, and 360 degrees of swivel.
  • While playing intense games or working long hours, this racing-style chair provides comfort and luxury.

In terms of both appearance and function, the three gaming chairs we’ve reviewed thus far cannot really be separated.

There is no mistaking this chair’s unique features. With the optional cushion on the backrest and removable pillow on the headrest, this chair is like a fancy office chair without the inwardly-oriented sides of the seat.

Even though the OFM Essentials PC Gaming Chair lacks a high back and separate pillows, it is still a more portable chair, able to act as a regular desk chair when your boss walks in.

In general, the OFM Gaming Chair is an ergonomically sound chair. With padded armrests, you get a little more love for your arms than with plastic armrests on other chairs, plus they can be retracted if you don’t want them.

Featuring premium PU leather material called SofThread, which is softer to the touch and more durable than regular leather, the entire chair is upholstered in this material.

This backrest feels mighty comfortable as I lay back because of the thick padding and ergonomic cutout in the backrest.


  • With its more conventional design, this chair can also serve as an office chair
  • If they get in the way, armrests can be retracted to provide arm comfort
  • Compared to other chairs, the warranty is longer, which means if a problem arises, there is more customer support available.


  • Some people may experience less ergonomic comfort without a headrest and lumbar pillow.

This gaming chair costs around $100 and is a quality, no-nonsense office chair plus gaming chair.

For those looking for a chair with fewer adjustable parts to reduce failure points, this product is a great choice.

5. Homall Gaming Chair

Budget Pick
  • Designed professionally as it includes elements such as patchwork, a stitched border, embroidery, contrast colors, etc. 
  • With a higher density shaping foam, it is more comfortable, anti-oxidant, elastic, more resilient, and longer-lasting.
  • Armrests and headrest pillows can be removed, as can the lumbar cushion, making this the perfect chair.

In addition to thicker padding, this seat is arguably better designed than the Devoko above. 155 degrees of recline is the only thing preventing it from being the best.

Moreover, this chair has a weight capacity of 260 pounds which means a very heavy person cannot sit on the chair. Therefore, this chair is best suited for kids and teenagers.

Our Overall view about the Homall Gaming Chair is positive. Considering its low price, the chair has a good level of padding and is of high quality.

In the seat, there are about 4 inches of very dense foam, and the backrest’s padding compares well with the padding on most gaming chairs even in the $200 range.

One of the downsides of the Homall is that it does not offer adjustable arms. So the arms will stay the same all the time and you cannot adjust them accordingly.

Additionally, the backrest reclines less when reclining, making it perfect for those who like to lie flat in their chair occasionally. 


  • Supportive and generous padding
  • Cheaper while on sale
  • The color palette and design are liked universally.


  • It is not possible to adjust the armrests.

In our opinion, this is a good gaming chair that you can take a look at. Also, it is within the budget of 100, so it is quite affordable too.

However, this chair lacks the adjustability of arms which might be essential for some people. But if it is not a problem for you then this gaming chair will be great for you.

Buying Guide:

It is important to consider a number of factors before purchasing a gaming chair. Some of them are pretty basic, like budget (since you’re reviewing this sub-$100 list as opposed to, say, our best list, you probably already know about this point). Others are more technical. The gaming chairs we are looking at are very simple; there is nothing too complicated about them.

Size & Weight:

In order to order a chair, you first need to determine what size you need. Seat width and back height are also included in this measurement, as are heights above ground. It is frustrating to choose the perfect chair only to discover it is either too tall to reach the ground or too short to fit your legs comfortably.

Before you buy a gaming chair, consider that most have a vertical height adjustment of about 4-5″. The weight needs to be considered as well.


The next question you should ask is whether you require a chair that can be adjusted. The chair should be extremely adjustable, as you might be using it for several hours at a time.

In case it is also intended to be used as a chair for an office, this aspect is crucial. An expensive chair tends to be one with more bells and whistles. Even if you are just looking for a chair for casual gaming, there are simpler options available. In addition, chairs with fewer adjustments are less likely to break because they have fewer moving parts.

Style: Gaming Or Office:

Gaming and office chairs can be broadly divided into two major categories. You already know how you feel about rockers, but there are some who are so different). There are more elaborate gaming chairs with bucket seats.

 Gaming chairs and racing chairs are also sometimes differentiated, but we view them as very similar, therefore we are lumping them together.

Office chairs typically lack features from regular chairs, such as a footrest, neck, and back support, or certain more rare features. However, they’re usually more affordable. To be accurate, it’s not difficult to generalize. A small market has emerged for office chairs that are also gaming chairs, as there is a demand for a chair that seems professional and can be used both ways.


There is no requirement that your chair is made from titanium and plated in gold, but it is advisable to opt for something durable and made from good materials.

It would probably be better to use leather or mesh as materials. However, you should know that you won’t be able to find a gaming chair with genuine leather on this budget – however, most gaming chairs at this price point have PU leather, which is still high-quality and comfortable.

It’s important to choose a mesh chair if you’re the type to sweat easily or get really hot while gaming. Leather chairs tend to hold in heat more so than mesh chairs, so if you’re that type of person, get a mesh chair. Mesh chairs won’t retain as much heat, and they provide better airflow.

Although you may want to use the mesh for a long time, don’t let it become too thin or it will break apart. Even on a tight budget, you should look for a gaming chair that has the potential to last for years.  In contrast, leather chairs are better suited for people who suffer from colds all the time.

To avoid purchasing a poor-quality chair, make sure to examine product reviews before making a purchase. It is not uncommon for budget chairs to use good materials, but they can be inferior in some ways (e.g., they might be less reinforced). Additionally, it’s always worthwhile to verify and comprehend the warranty of the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sitting in a gaming chair improves my gaming skills?

Perhaps a timeless question? Playing video games without an ergonomic gaming chair can lead to health issues that, over time, reduce the quality of your games. Moreover, carpal tunnel syndrome can cause wrist problems such as pain, which makes it difficult to move your wrists while sitting in a chair with poorly designed armrests. It is likely that pain will reduce your gaming capabilities when playing some games requiring the pressing of many keys or buttons. Your gaming skills may improve if you use a gaming chair that helps you relax. However, we cannot guarantee this – you may fall asleep at the suggestion of your chair, which does not benefit your performance at all!

Who can benefit from a gaming chair?

Anybody! Everyone can play games. In addition to gaming chairs that can be used by kids and adults alike, there are also gaming chairs that are designed specifically for a certain demographic (such as kids or larger and heavier adults). Taking the opportunity to sit in a chair will be the best way to discover whether it is right for you. If you can, look at the specifications of the chair.


Spending a fortune on a gaming chair after buying a whole gaming setup might be too much. Or you just might not be willing to spend a lot of money on a chair and want it within the budget, then you came just to the right place. We have mentioned some of the best gaming chairs with pros and cons as well so it will be easy for you to decide which chair will be best for you. 

This is the best chair overall, as you will additionally get a footrest under 100 which is rare to find. 

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