5 Best IPads for Drawing

As you know that these days digital art and illustrations are very famous and being an artist it is so mandatory to have the best device for drawing. Other than this, showing your artistic talent on IPad is another level of satisfaction.

Keeping all such things in mind and to clear all your doubts as well as confusion here we are going to present a list of all the best iPads for Drawing along with their features and specifications a person must know about before buying it.

From the age of five to fifty, one or two drawing apps are already installed on their mobile phone, PC, tablet, or iPads which they enjoy using.

But the problem is that not all the devices are for drawing purposes and the problem is that they will heat up and start compromising their performance. For that, you need to buy a specific drawing tablet or PC to enhance your experience as well as performance.

So, here we will bind up some of the best iPads for Drawing along with their details.

At a Glance:

5 Best IPads for Drawing

DesignBest TabletRetailer
1. Apple IPad Pro
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Best Pick2. Apple IPad Air
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3. Apple IPad Mini
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Staff Pick4. Apple IPad
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Budget Pick5. Apple IPad
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1. Apple IPad Pro

  • High-performing tablet with the ability to adapt to all types of surroundings.
  • Long battery life which ultimately provides the best performance.
  • Display that gives you a smooth experience with a classy look.

The Apple IPad Pro 2021 has a huge screen size of 11 inches which gives you a large display view and enough space to draw keenly. The liquid retina XDR display of 12.9 inches is more than sufficient and beyond every limit.

Moreover, the 5G fast-performing network provides you a better and smooth performance that downloads the drawing vigorously without taking much time.

Along with this Apple provides you with an amazing apple pencil and magic keyboard which provide you superior qualities and you can also draw with ease with their help.

The operating system which is specifically designed for Apple is the IPad OS which is more powerful and better performing than the other android systems.

Two powerful cameras, a 12MP wide camera, and a 10 MP ultra-wide camera provide you with the best quality photos and videos through which you will get more ideas to enhance your art.

Furthermore, long battery life works all day long so that you can draw as much as you want without any troubles or the stress of battery charging.

Along with all such features, the look and design are also no less than any other ones. This cool, classy, and elegant device is available in 2 different colors: space grey and silver.


  • Ability to stay lifelong
  • Better sound experience
  • Face recognition unlock
  • Impressive M1 Chip


  • Glitch
  • Less storage for heavy users.

In my opinion, the storage of the product needs to be more for storing your masterpieces as there are a lot more files that need to be downloaded while installing an art app.

However, the other specifications and features are remarkable, and one should purchase them for long time usage.

Also, the price of this tablet is quite expensive but for all way, long investment it’s worth purchasing as well as fulfill all the requirements the best iPads for Drawing must have.

2. Apple IPad Air

Best Pick
  • Available with an apple pencil and a smart keyboard.
  • Elegant design, thin and light in weight i.e. highly portable. 
  • High-quality display and huge battery life.

The graphics and display of this iPad give you an outstanding experience and a high-performance iPad gives you ultimate comfort and mobility. Along with an apple pencil, they provide you smart keyboard with excellent functioning to satisfy your drawing with ease.

Also, it is light in weight and has a battery life of up to 10 hours to draw for a long period to complete masterpieces, making it suitable to be carried anywhere and work all day long.

Furthermore, users can download numerous art and drawing apps through the apple store with the fast-performing and mighty A12 bionic chip.

Additionally, the bright and unbelievable display can let you draw as well as read and write in any sort of light without trouble.

Along with all this, the 10.9 inches retina display with true tone enhances the video and image quality and comforts your eyes while performing your arts.

Too, the high-quality resolution of 2048×1536 pixels improves the image quality and is also great storage to store all the documents as well as pictures as long as you want.


  • The pencil supports nice.
  • The graphics are too good
  • Top performing speakers
  • Affordable


  • Bezels feel a bit uncomfortable
  • Skeptical

All the features of this apple iPad Air are incredible. Moreover, the storage of this device is very nice users can store as much as they want, and also it is definitely faster than other devices.

Its refresh rate is so high. Along with all these features, the apple pencil works smoothly and can be able to art as much as you want.

Additionally, it is budget-friendly and if you are thinking of purchasing it you should definitely go for it as this is the best iPad for Drawing.

3. Apple IPad Mini

  • Easy to use with versatility and high-performing technologies.
  • Multitasking, so that you can use more than one app at a time.
  • Consistent super smooth apple pencil with a high-quality magic keyboard.

This highly versatile, multitasking IPad allows you to do a lot of tasks other than drawing like changing any documents while researching about it.

Doing video calls to your loved ones and also you can attach a full keyboard for typing with ease and also connect a mouse or trackpad for a better experience while filling colors in your artwork.

The powerful processor and operating system IPadOS make it faster enough to complete your drawing without delay and you can draw without any lag or freeze.

Moreover, the apple pencil helps to take notes and jot down as many words as you want, and also you can sketch on your IPad which the help of this pencil very smoothly can feel like a paper pen.

It has a huge amount of storage and RAM which stores each and every artwork easily for life long.

Along with all such tremendous features, you can also download numerous drawings and other apps through the help of the apple store without facing any type of trouble or difficulties.

The amazing stereo speakers give you so smooth and soothing sound quality which gives you an elegant feel on your IPad as well as an improved experience.

Once you fully charge your IPad you draw up to 10 hours nonstop without taking tension of plugging it into the charger again and again.


  • Wifi connectivity
  • Flexibility and durability
  • HDR 8MP Camera
  • Smooth performance


  • A bit expensive
  • Slightly Skeptical

All features of this apple iPad are unbelievable. Of course, it is faster than the other devices. The storage of the IPad is above marks.

However, as with all apple products, this too is a bit expensive and not a budget-friendly device but for high-budget people and for those who are interested in digital arts as well as illustrations this is incredibly awesome.

4. Apple IPad

Staff Pick
  • Easy to use with versatility and high-performing technologies.
  • Multitasking, so that you can use more than one app at a time.
  • Consistent super smooth apple pencil with a high-quality magic keyboard.

This product has a stunning display which is a liquid retina display with a screen size of 8.3 inches which provides a tremendous drawing experience on such a huge screen.

Along with this, it consists of true tone and P3 wide color gives the users the best visibility experience and also soothes the eyes efficiently and effectively, and easy to draw and sketch.

Moreover, users can download numerous apps through the apple store by the fast performance along with this incredibly powerful A14 Bionic chip with Neural Engine. This high-performance iPad gives you ultimate comfort and mobility.

Along with an apple pencil, they provide you smart keyboard with great functioning and management control and will help you to complete your artwork finely. Also, it is light in weight and has a battery life of up to 10 hours making it suitable to be carried anywhere and illustrate all day long.

The high-quality resolution of 1920×1080 pixels improves the image quality and also great storage to store all the documents as well as pictures as long as you want.

USB C charging port is also available which helps to improve the fast charging facility.


  • Faster, thinner, lighter
  • 2nd Gen. Apple pencil
  • Perfect graphics for color adjustment
  • Aesthetic design and look


  • Glitches
  • Bulgy and blocky corners.

The product of apple company is always great and includes some more features than the previous one which is a great thing. After seeing the features and advantages I must say this is among the best tablets for drawing.

However, it is costly and all are not able to purchase it so it is not budget friendly but those who have a high budget will surely go for it.

5. Apple IPad

Budget Pick
  • Outstanding design, with superior Display to suit your eyes.
  • Fascinating durability also works with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • New Apple pencil which is versatile and works so smooth.

The brand new design of this iPad makes you think again about what the iPad is capable of doing. The Liquid Retina display of 10.2 inches with ProMotion technology and True Tone strengthens your background of artwork.

It’s a highly modifiable technology admired to work from anywhere without any sort of respites.

The capacity of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB stores your arts and drawings material as long as you want. Along with this, a new face detection technique gives rise to a cautious and protected experience and will preserve your documents of art.

This multitasking iPad is best not only for drawing purposes but also for creating documents, taking notes, creating illustrations, and preparing presentations also the sound system is beyond assumption, with incredible profoundness and breadth, and richness.

Further, the camera quality and video quality of a 12MP camera with Smart HDR and 4K video at 30 fps or 60 fps are beyond the spectrum.


  • Flexible with a lot of accessories.
  • Unbelievable refresh rate.
  • Perfect size.


  • Slight bezels

In my opinion, this apple is simply the best-in-class tablet device. The screen is beautiful and amazingly fast and the apps prevail excellently. However, it is expensive but for a long time purpose, one can finance it blindly.

If you searching for a tab for a lifetime with a great experience for drawing as well as other purposes you can surely go for it as it is the best iPad for Drawing.

Buying Guide:

If you are searching for an IPad which occupies all the requirements you are needed to it is way tougher than any other thing. But being a Buying Guide it’s our duty to show you the right path and will tell you which features you must need to look at while purchasing the best iPad for drawing.

Apple pencil:

The IPad you are going to purchase is especially required for your digital artwork and for that it is mandatory for you that the IPad you purchase must have an apple pencil as a reward. It is believed that the smooth your pencil works the more proper your drawing will be. So, it is important that the iPad you purchase must have a smooth working pencil to enhance your experience.


The display should be good with improved graphics so that you enjoy doing your work. The brightness and light should be accurate and will not harm your eyes no matter how much you work on it and for so long time.

Colour adjustment:

The IPad you are going to purchase must be convenient for you and for that, the color adjustment quality should be high class. You can see there are some tablets/iPads whose color adjustment is literally terrible and so annoying that it becomes impossible for the user to draw on it. So it is necessary to keep this point in your mind.

Battery life:

It’s better to purchase an IPad with long battery life because it will work with you all day long until and unless you are tired of using it. Moreover, there is one more advantage of having long battery life that is you do not need to worry about charging your device frequently.


The IPad you are supposed to purchase must have an elegant and bold design. It is necessary that the IPad you are purchasing suits the color and contrast because then only it will enhance the beauty of the art as well as your illustrations.

IPad’s Apps For Drawing:

Astropad Standard:

Astropad Standard is specially designed for apple users. It is literally everyone’s favorite and voted as the editor’s choice app on the google play store. This is so unique from the other apps and what makes this app unique is the high and familiar number of painting tools. You can easily use this app and draw through this with the help of an apple pencil. And once your artwork is completely prepared you can easily export it into jpg, png, and so on.

Adobe Illustrator Draw:

This app is award-winning. For doing a great job in editing and illustrating, this app won the Tabby award. Furthermore, the app works for both android and IOS, and also this app includes different shapes and sizes of stencils and color shades. The colors are so vibrant and classy. You can work on this app with any pen or different shapes and sizes.


This app is compatible with all like available on Android, iOS as well as Macs and Windows PCs. This app has the ability to improve your tablet into a very beautiful art studio. With the help of this, you can recreate everything. We can say this is a perfect art tool that gives you the power to fill life in everything. Through this, you can combine many colors and also do experiments with colors that you do on paper.


This app is highly designed for IPads and works smoothly with the help of an apple pencil. This app is popular for sketching, painting, animation as well as illustrations. With the help of this app, you can create layers as you want. Moreover, the best thing about this app is it has customized brushes that help you to create the best artwork. Here you can find a brush studio with the help of which you can customize your own brushes and even you are able modify the brushes as per your convenience.

Affinity Designer:

This app exists for a very long time and would be used by a lot of architects, painters, and designers. It is very easy to use. The most important feature of this app is it has a much more powerful engine and can handle 100MP canvas with ease. This app is best for both beginners as well as for professional artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the best color adjustment IPad for drawing?

You can easily find the best color adjustment IPad for your drawing purposes just by checking its features and specifications you get an idea that which IPad is able to adjust colors very nicely. Moreover, the list we provided of the best iPads for Drawing will help you a lot to find your perfect device.

How apple pencil help in Drawing?

Apple pencil is highly designed for illustrations and digital art. It will help you to fill color according to your choice with ease and also it will provide you the paper pen feel which is way better than another stylus.

What are the features we need to consider first before buying the best iPads for Drawing?

The main features you need to consider before buying the best iPads for Drawing are- the display along with resolution, including a pencil of good quality, long battery life, color adjustment, and the supporting stand with a tilt facility.

Purchasing an IPad for drawing is expensive, isn’t it?

It’s true that iPads are expensive but for lifetime purposes and good quality you should definitely invest in the IPad as the apple company is trusted and its product rules the market for a long period of time and will be the best option to purchase it.


Here we have seen some best iPads for Drawing and their features. Most people find it difficult to select devices for drawing purposes because some of the devices heated up very much that it becomes a matter of concern to draw, sketch, paint or make portraits and illustrations in them.

Also here we share with you buying guides which are helpful for you to select your suitable one as well as some of the best applications required to draw well as per your convenience.

For this, we did our study and research to find some best iPads for Drawing which are budget friendly and will convenient to the users. We talked about some of the iPads which are best according to your need and requirements for a painting and sketching point of view.

We even talked about the vibrant colors and bright display as well as color adjustment which will help you to make your masterpieces.

 After going through this list, you must have known which IPad is the best performing and better suits you. Hope you liked the given information and it would be helpful for you.

If you are searching for

  • High-resolution view
  • Perfect display
  • Easy to use
  • Along with a perfect finish

You should definitely go with Apple IPad Air

If you are searching for

  • A decent apple pencil
  • Easily managed brightness
  • Good display
  • With a long battery life

You should definitely go with Apple IPad Pro

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