9 Best Monitors Under $150

Finding the best monitor for under $150 is a challenge, but there are increasing numbers of possibilities.

However, people in the PC gaming and online digitally working worlds are more likely to spend their money on components rather than the display and peripherals. Moreover, finding a nice gaming monitor on a budget might be difficult, but a good monitor is essential for enjoying your games. 

Adding further, the best gaming monitors not only enhance immersion in single-player games but can also boost responsiveness and give you a competitive advantage in multiplayer games. So, without wasting any of your time, we present to you, with all of our knowledge and study, various unique monitors with all of their specifications, all of which are under 150.

9 Best Monitors Under $150

Best Pick1. Acer R240HY bidx - Widescreen Monitor
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2. Sceptre E248W - 19203R - Best Gaming Monitor
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Budget Pick3. Sceptre e275W- FPT - Best Office Work 27-inch Monitor
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4. LG 24M47VQ- Cheapest best-selling monitor.
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5. Philips 246E9QDSB - Gaming Monitor
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6. Samsung LC24F396FHNXZA - Best Curved experience Monitor
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Staff Pick7. Samsung T350 series LF24T350FHNXZA- Best Gaming Monitor
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8. Dell S2421HN- Overall Best Monitor
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9. BenQ GW2283- Best Home-Office Monitor.
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1. Acer R240HY bidx – Widescreen Monitor

Best Pick

Why we love it:

  • Advanced in-plane switching technology.
  • Premium color performance at any viewing angle.
  • Zero frame design.
  • Designed with eco-friendliness in mind.

This is the best widescreen monitor for casual gamers as well as professional gamers as it provides a magnificent 1920 x 1080 resolution, this 23.8″ LCD provides exceptional detail, making it ideal for productivity and multimedia applications, it can be said it gives great visuals. Moreover, this is the best monitor under 150 which gives stunning colors at any angle, IPS uses innovative in-plane switching technology to deliver superior color performance from any angle.

Additionally, its zero-frame design eliminates visual boundaries, while the brushed hairline finish stands out in any setting. Further, it also has VGA, DVI, and HDMI connectors, so you can effortlessly charge and use your smartphone or tablet on a Full HD display.


  • Adjustable stand.
  • Zero frame design.
  • Flicker-less technology.


  • Does not include an HDMI cable.
  • Built-in speakers are not included.

This display is the finest monitor under 150 since it has practically everything a gamer needs and is also ideal for office work because every detail is visible and brilliantly colored from any viewing position. Furthermore, this design gives you the option of selecting the best viewing angle for media enjoyment and the best possible view. So, if you are interested in buying the best widescreen monitor you should go for this one.

2. Sceptre E248W – 19203R – Best Gaming Monitor

  • Eliminate image tearing and stuttering in the process.
  • Images shift faster and smoother with a 75Hz refresh rate.
  • This display has quick response speeds, reducing ghosting and blurring.
  • Prevents the backlight from flickering frequently, resulting in a clearer image.

This perfect gaming monitor gives you everything that will improve your experience. Moreover, this monitor’s built-in speakers produce high-quality audio for your favorite games as well as conference calls and online workshops. Similarly, you can also listen to your favorite music while listening to engaging audio.

Further, this setup is equipped with adaptive Sync technology, which bridges the gap between the graphics card and the monitor’s refresh rates, preventing image tearing and stuttering. Moreover, action sequences are displayed with the greatest degree of clarity when the response time is 5 milliseconds. This monitor gives you a perfect vibe Ultra-thin profile of 24″ with a Metallic design that is modern and stylish and slim bezels and thin chassis.


  • HDMI and VGA ports included.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Neck/Stand Detachable.


  • Ports and controls are at the back of the monitor.
  • Not height-adjustable.

The Sceptre 24 Inch display performs admirably for its pricing. The screen displays crisp contrast and vivid color thanks to its 1080p resolution. You can also view clear, precise images from a wide-angle on the monitor. However, with this being said, as a result of its excellent response time and refresh rate, this monitor is ideal for gaming. This is one you should absolutely pick.

3. Sceptre e275W- FPT – Best Office Work 27-inch Monitor

Budget Pick

  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Audio In and a Headphone Jack provide diverse audio options.
  • 99% sRGB color gamut.
  • 75Hz refresh rate.

The 27-inch screen monitor has anti-flicker technology that prevents the backlight from flickering frequently, resulting in a clearer image which is ideal for office work as well as gaming. However, when gaming on large monitors or dual-display setups, wide viewing angles keep all the action sharply insight from practically any viewing position. Additionally, it also has up to 75Hz refresh rate is provided by two HDMI connectors and one VGA port, enhancing visual quality in all action-packed gaming sequences and graphic design projects. Different audio options are provided by Audio In and a Headphone Jack. 

Further, images shift faster and smoother with a 75Hz refresh rate than with a conventional refresh rate, eliminating screen tearing. Moreover, the monitor’s built-in speakers produce conference-ready audio.


  • HDMI AND VGA included.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • VESA mount.


  • Does not include freeSync.
  • Not adjustable height.

This monitor is perfect for workplace use, as well as photo editing and gaming. The Sceptre e275W-FPT monitor’s best feature is its 99 percent sRGB color gamut and 99 percent sRGB color reproduction. Moreover, the screen has an incredible amount of brightness and realistic details in red, green, and blue throughout a wide color spectrum. Every image and video appear more realistic and detailed, and you get all of this for just 150. So, don’t waste any more time and just get it.

4. LG 24M47VQ- Cheapest best-selling monitor.

  • FULL HD Resolution.
  • 4-Screen Split feature.
  • Energy Star Qualified.
  • 2 MS response time.

The cheapest and best monitor for the user, it provides a 2ms response time, action scenes, sports, and video games may be viewed with better clarity and vividness. The steady response time also helps you to watch films or play games for extended periods with less strain on your eyes. However, multitasking does not have to entail switching between windows. 

The 4-Screen Split function divides the screen into up to four two-by-two customizable segments with just a single click. You can now see four windows at once. 

Further, if you spent hours in front of your computer. With an LG Full HD LED monitor, you can make the most of your time. The 1080p pixel resolution’s clarity is a game-changer. Simply put, everything appears more detailed and inviting than standard HD. Additionally, to reduce the amount of flicker that can induce eye fatigue, new dimming technology is used. Looking at your computer screen for lengthy periods is more comfortable with almost-zero flicker technology.


  • It has a reader mode.
  • Energy star rating.
  • VESA-mount compatible.


  • No freesync.
  • Tilt-only stand.

This led monitor has a full HD 1080p screen with outstanding clarity, and its 2MS rapid response time enables prolonged gaming and video viewing while reducing eye strain. Furthermore, not only is it inexpensive, but it is also the best-selling monitor with a remarkable four-screen split capability that allows you to see four separate windows at the same time. you should stop thinking about it and go for it right now.

5. Philips 246E9QDSB – Gaming Monitor

  • Ultra Wide-Color.
  • IPS LED wide view technology.
  • AMD FreeSync technology.
  • ultra-narrow borders for minimal distractions.

This gaming monitor is perfect for gamers as the colors are stunning, and the pattern is elegant. E Line 24 (diagonal: 23.8 / 60.5 cm) HD (High Definition) (1920 x 1080) Ultra Wide-Color provides a larger variety of colours for a more vibrant image. However, ultra Wide-Color Technology provides a broader range of colors for a more vibrant image. Further, ultra Wide-Color produces more natural-looking greens, vibrant reds, and deeper blues due to its larger color range. Ultra Wide-Color Technology brings greater life and vibrant colors to media entertainment, photos, and even productivity.

Additionally, image and color accuracy with IPS LED wide view technology IPS displays to employ cutting-edge technology to provide extra-wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, allowing you to watch the display from nearly any angle. However, AMD FreeSync technology ensures a silky smooth gaming experience. It shouldn’t be a decision between choppy gameplay and stuttering frames when it comes to gaming.AMD FreeSync technology, smooth rapid refresh, and ultra-fast response time deliver fluid, artifact-free performance at practically any framerate.


  • AMD FreeSync up to 75Hz.
  • VESA-mount compatible.


  • Tilt-only stand.
  • Built-in Speaker not included.

This monitor is perfect for console and casual gamers; it has an ultra-narrow border display which offers you the sense of using one enormous panel and is ideal for multi-display or tiling setups such as gaming, graphic creation, and professional applications. If you are thinking of buying a monitor under 150 budget you should go for it.

6. Samsung LC24F396FHNXZA – Best Curved experience Monitor

  • The curvature screen provides an immersive view.
  • Ultra-slim and sleek profile.
  • AMD FreeSync technology allows users to enjoy smooth images.
  • Eye Saver Mode.

The best-curved monitor gives the best experience to gamers. However, the screen’s 1800R curvature creates a totally immersive viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy big, bold, and magnificent panoramic vistas while working or playing. Moreover, this monitor also provides a pleasant viewing experience for your home or business, thanks to its design inspired by the human eye’s curve. Additionally, users can experience smooth images even when watching fast-moving scenarios thanks to AMD FreeSync technology. 

To eliminate input latency and substantially reduce image tearing and stutter while gaming, AMD FreeSync automatically syncs the screen refresh rate with the frame rate of your content. Further, you’ll see the quickest on-screen movements clearly and seamlessly with reduced blur, judder, and ghosting thanks to its 4ms response time. The quick response time ensures a consistent visual, allowing players to get the most out of their games. Also, Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology creates rich, astonishingly vivid colors. Deep blacks and dazzling whites are delivered by the 3000:1 contrast ratio, allowing you to see even in the darkest or brightest scenes.


  • Higher-level brightness.
  • Eco-Saving Plus feature.
  • AMD FreeSync.


  • No USB Port.
  • Stand not adjustable.

The back shell of the Samsung LC24F396FHNXZA contains HDMI, VGA, and a headphones jack. It also has a joystick on the back that may be used to pick the menu selections displayed on the screen. This monitor possesses all of the desirable characteristics of a display and is ideal for both gaming and business activities. Moreover, you won’t see screen flicker or visual blur with a 60hz refresh rate and a fast response time of 4ms. Now, stop wasting your time thinking about it, just go get it.

7. Samsung T350 series LF24T350FHNXZA- Best Gaming Monitor

Staff Pick

  • 3-Side Borderless Design.
  • 16.7 Million Colors.
  • 24″ In-Plane Switching (IPS) Panel.
  • AMD FreeSync Support.

This monitor is the best affordable gaming monitor as the right game settings give you an immediate advantage. To see scenes more vividly and notice opponents hidden in the dark, optimize your color and image contrast. Game Mode adapts any game so that every detail is visible on your screen. However, for immersive viewing and optimum attention, a seamless panel with a 3-sided borderless display reaches from edge to edge. The screen has a refined dark blue-grey exterior that gives it a more sleek and sophisticated appearance. 

Moreover, the image now appears to be faultless. Scenes are more fluid with a 75Hz refresh rate. Your entertainment has no lag or ghosting effect, whether you’re catching up on your favorite TV drama, watching a video, or playing a game. Additionally, experience a superfluid kind of entertainment. To eliminate image tearing, AMD Radeon FreeSync syncs the refresh rate of your display and graphics card. Without any interruptions, you can watch movies and play games. Even fast-paced sequences appear to be seamless and fluid.


  • More gaming power.
  • Superior eyecare.
  • True versatility.


  • No internal speakers.
  • No aux port.

This can be the best gaming and working monitor as it protects your eyes and goes above and beyond. Eye strain is reduced thanks to improved eye comfort technology, allowing for less demanding longer computing. Flicker-Free technology eliminates tiresome and bothersome screen flicker, while Eye Saver Mode reduces the amount of blue light output and all this you get on a budget.

8. Dell S2421HN- Overall Best Monitor

  • FreeSync technology helps optimize visuals.
  • 178° vertical and horizontal viewing angles.
  • Ideal for a variety of computing tasks.
  • Helps avoid streaking in fast-moving scenes.

The monitor has it’s own distinct aesthetic, with a modern, attractive design and a slightly textured pattern on the rear. Every living area is filled with the feeling of a perfect blend of exceptional design and quality. Moreover, it also has built-in twin HDMI connections that keep your devices connected and make switching between streaming and console games a breeze.

Further, AMD FreeSync technology provides a smooth, tear-free experience with a refresh rate of up to 75Hz. Additionally, the flicker-free screen on this TÜV-certified monitor comes with Comfort View, a function that decreases harmful blue light emissions. It’s made to keep your eyes comfortable for long periods, like during your next movie marathon. Adding, on a 23.8″ monitor, the three-sided ultrathin bezel design allows for exceptional screen clarity in 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution.


  • Security-lock slot.
  • Power cable and HDMI cable included.


  • No built-in speakers.

Overall, this is a good monitor for gaming, office work, or as a home theatre, and it’s on a budget. Moreover, Dell Easy Arrange helps you stay organized by allowing you to switch between applications, emails, and windows on one screen. Further, 23.8″ monitor with a gorgeous design that fits nicely into any room and is ready for your daily routine. If you’re looking for a great monitor for around 150, this is the one to get.

9. BenQ GW2283- Best Home-Office Monitor.

  • Adaptive Brightness Technology.
  • IPS Monitor with Wide Viewing Angles.
  • Ultra-slim bezels and an elegant profile.
  • Hidden cable management.

For your home and office environment, this monitor is an ideal match as brightness Intelligence analyses the illumination in your viewing environment and adjusts your display accordingly for the most pleasant viewing experience. Moreover, from any angle, IPS (In-Plane Switching) Technology delivers precise color and image reproduction. The 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles provide consistent viewing from above, below, and on each side. 

Additionally, two HDMI ports make switching between media sources a breeze without the hassle of plugging in and out. Also, with brightness Intelligence, you can reduce eye strain and other eye problems. A sensor that detects ambient light and adjusts the brightness Zero flicker minimizes screen flicker by adjusting display brightness and color temperature for a beautiful, easy-on-the-eyes picture. Blue light is filtered by flickering, low Blue light.


  • 2 HDMI ports.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Integrated cable management.


  • No face-cams.

When you can acquire this for about 150, you won’t need costly gaming or office work monitors. This monitor is great for both home and office use because it has built-in cable management to keep your cluttered workspace tidy. Moreover, with its dream LED-IPS panel combo, the GW2283 is sure to provide you with a whole new visual experience and enjoyment. Blacks are darker, the contrast is better, and the details are clearer. 

Buying Guide – How to Choose Best Monitors Under $150

When the majority of your work is dependent on the connection between your eyes and your monitor, a great monitor makes sense. 

Investing in a high-quality monitor is well worth the money. However, not everyone wants to burn a hole in their pocket for a monitor, therefore we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 best displays under 150 and it’s not like you are missing any of the specifications or experience.

With that, If you are planning to buy a monitor you should consider some of the variables.

Buying guide variables before buying a monitor under 150:

  • RESOLUTION: The majority of monitors under $150 have a 1920 x 1080 Full HD (FHD) screen resolution. Because the pixels are not as widely scattered in FHD, it works well with screens ranging from 19 to 27 inches and produces a clearer, more detailed image.
  • DISPLAY: The majority of the top monitors under $150 use IPS technology. When compared to TN panels, IPS or In-Plane Switching displays provide more brilliant colors and wider viewing angles. Moreover, when viewed from the side, TN panels appear dull, whereas IPS displays do not fade.
  • REFRESH RATE & RESPONSE TIME: Display imaging speed for games and other applications is determined by refresh rates and reaction times. The majority of monitors priced under 150 have a 60Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. However, this will certainly suffice for the majority of situations. Some monitors have even better specifications, such as our top gaming selection, which has a 75Hz refresh rate.
  • SCREEN SIZE:  Most monitors under 150 have a 19-inch to 27-inch screen, with the majority being 24 inches. However, when comparing all monitor sizes and prices, 24-inch monitors are now the most popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap monitors good or bad?

The greatest cheap monitors will provide you with a lot of value without breaking the bank. The best affordable monitors also have a good display, good brightness, correct colors, VESA-mount compatibility, and other features. However, you shouldn’t have to break the money to get the greatest affordable monitor.

What is a good-sized monitor?

The appropriate monitor size is determined by the resolution and the distance between you and the screen. Overall, most people believe that 1920×1080 should not be utilized on screens larger than 25 inches; 1440p is suitable for screens larger than 27 inches; and 4K is wonderful for screens larger than 27 inches to 43 inches, depending on personal preference.

Is buying a high refresh rate monitor worth it?

If you don’t have a monitor with a high enough refresh rate to display those high frames, it’s virtually pointless to have the best gaming laptop or PC with powerful components.

Is it possible to edit photos on a curved monitor?

Curved monitors are more popular among gamers, but they also have advantages for photographers.
Curved monitors, on the other hand, are often more expensive. Curved monitors, according to some photo editors, alter the impression of straight lines, making photo editing more challenging.


Now that you’ve seen our list of the best monitors under 150, we hope you no longer believe that cheap monitors aren’t worth it because they don’t have good features, 

However, but rather that you realize that these monitors have excellent features that will improve your gaming and working performance by providing you with the perfect display, screen size, resolution, and refresh rate, all while staying under 150.

1.If you are looking for: 

  • The best gaming monitor under 150
  • Built-in speakers
  • 5millisecond response time
  • 75hz refresh rate

Then, you should buy this masterpiece, Sceptre E248W – 19203R.

2.If you are looking for:

  • Best selling cheapest monitor.
  • 4-Screen Split feature.
  • Energy Star Qualified.
  • 2 MS response time.

Then, you should go for this one, LG 24M47VQ.

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