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10 Best Projectors For Bright Rooms

You would have surely gone to a meeting before. What’s one thing common to most of the impressive meetings and discussions? The answer is quite obvious, the attention of the audience.  To keep your audience engaged at all times, a good projector is a must have!

Any efficient meeting or an entertaining movie requires a brilliant projector. These projectors will provide you with a medium to deliver your presentations and lectures effectively and on a large screen size.

Moreover, a projector can also act as a life sized screen giving you an amazing gaming experience.  A good bright room projector is bound to give you crystal clear quality of graphics and ambient sound.

Therefore, to make your quest to find the best projector for your lighted room easier, we have prepared a list of 10 best projectors for bright rooms.

10 Best Projectors For Bright Rooms

1. Epson home cinema 2150
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4. BENQ TK800M
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5. Epson home cinema 880
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8. ViewSonic True 4K projector
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9. EPSON VS355
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1. Epson home cinema 2150


  • Bright picture quality.
  • Offers Wide scale projection.
  • Supports screen mirroring.
  • A projector with HD resolution.

The Epson home cinema 2150 is a wireless projector with full HD 1080p resolution. This resolution provides the viewer with a high quality display of your favorite content.

Furthermore, it can project images up to 11 feet in height and 60 inch in length. With 2500 lumen brightness and color, this projector will add vibrancy to your rooms.

This projector offers a contrast ratio of 60000:1 and comes with the 3LCD technology to provide the best picture quality. Along with this, you can also stream your favorite shows and movies on the projector by using streaming devices like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

The Epson projector houses 3- an axis Precision Motorized lens that can be shifted left or right depending upon your needs and requirements.

It has two HDMI, one audio, one VGA, and one USB port. However, it may not support charging from your  MHL device. this projector weighs 7.70 lbs.


  • Wireless and hassle-free projection.
  • Works really well for gaming.
  • Is remote-controlled.
  • No rainbow effect or blurred images.


  • Is a little expensive.
  • Has a difficult setup process.

The Epson home cinema 2150 certainly offers extremely clear and vibrant picture quality, but it isn’t the best projector for high scale meetings due to its relatively low zoom ratio.

We believe that It will surely be an apt option for someone looking for a homely projector for their lighted room. Along with that, anyone who enjoys gaming and theater can also purchase this projector for an amazing and visually appealing experience.



  • Wireless projector.
  • Offers Miracast streaming.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

The Epson Power Lite 1785W is an ultra slim and compact wireless mobile projector with a weight of 4lb. It offers a remarkable 3200 lumen of brightness and color. With its WXGA resolution, it will help the user deliver HD-quality presentations.

The projector can project from your desired choice of devices like a laptop, phone, or Miracast.

Image orientation and projection can be easily adjusted using Auto horizontal and vertical keystone correction. This projector also offers a hassle-free wireless set up by scanning the QR code from your Smartphone.

This feature allows the user to move about while delivering the presentations. the zoom in feature helps the presenter deliver well-oriented presentations.

 Subsequently, it can be charged by connecting the device to a laptop, phone and tablets. This projector can project up to a distance of 26.8 ft and has 2 USB ports. This projector weighs 4 lbs.


  •  Comes with a carrying case.
  • Supports HDMI also.


  • Has an extremely low audio output .
  • The fan makes a lot of noise.

We found The Epson Power Lite to be a fully equipped projector that can efficiently deliver good quality presentations in both a well-lit and dimmed-out room. The wireless connectivity is another cherry on top. However, the low volume speakers of this projector have failed to make a statement. This on-the-go projector is especially suited for professionals and students who wish to deliver exquisite presentations.



  • Wireless projection.
  • Supports rear projection.
  • Outstanding display quality.
  • Is portable.

The Epson pro-EX9220 delivers astounding graphic quality due to its 3-chip and 3LCD Technology. It has a brightness and color quotient of 3,600 lumens, providing you with colorful and bright images even in well-lit rooms. Along with that, it has a WUXGA resolution of 1080p+.

This projector can be connected wirelessly to other devices and also supports screen mirroring along with Miracast. It provides the dual feature of video along with audio through one HDMI cable. The Epson I Projection app can also be used to connect the projector with a device of your choice.

Additionally, the device has two HDMI ports, one audio, one video and two USB connector ports for maximum connectivity. It also provides screening and screen mirroring features and comes with a power cord, remote control and computer and USB cable. It has an excellent project value of 120’’. This projector weighs 6.2 pounds.


  • Fast wireless connection.
  • Bright enough to use outdoors.
  • Supports ceiling mount.
  • Maintains security of connection.


  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Has a Low volume issue.

This Epson projector is probably the projector with one of the widest projection range. It delivers robust picture quality and is a very good choice as a projector for ambient light.

It is to be noted that this projector also didn’t match up to our sound related expectations as the volume is extremely faint and the generator  fan of the projector also makes some noise while being operated. This projector is a sound option for someone looking for a user friendly and wireless projector that is best for light rooms.

4. BENQ TK800M


  • 4k projection technology.
  • High brightness.
  • Crystal clear graphics.

 BENQ TK800M projector comes with 8.3 million distinct pixels displaying 4k ultra-HD image quality that will provide the buyer with gorgeous visuals. With 3000 lumens of brightness and a high contrast ratio that upholds the details and colors of the presentations and movies.

As an addition, this projector holds an all glass 4k-optimized lens array that will increase the sharpness of your content.

Furthermore, it offers you a wide range of focus and zoom in options to make your presentation delivery more exhilarating. Its improved audiovisual quality with a deep resonating bass and stellar sound quality make your movie experience more entertaining than ever.

The projector contains two HDMI and two USB ports, and can also be connected wirelessly. The lens is coated with a low dispersion coating which provides futuristic viewing.

It has an extended lamp life of 15,000 hours and is accompanied by a remote, a power cord and a lens cover. It offers a projection distance of more than 100”. This projector weighs 9.2 lbs.


  • Attractive blue body.
  • Provides amazing gaming experience.
  • Can be mounted on the ceiling.
  • Can be used as a home theater.


  • Isn’t cost effective.
  • Has a very heavy body.

One might not find this projector ideal to carry around due to its bulky size; however it does prove to be one of the best bright room projectors. Additionally, it also provides better graphic and color coverage than its counterparts.

Although there are some reflection issues due to depressions in the lens that should have been avoided. It is specifically designed for people who either want a home theater or a projector to stream sports in 4k quality.

5. Epson home cinema 880


  • Can be wall mounted.
  • Has built-in speakers.
  • Powerful resolution.

The newest Epson home cinema 830 is yet another projector with 3-chip and an impressive 3LCD display quality. This projector will ensure maximum video output due to its 16,000:1 brightness and color contrast ratio.

A built-in speaker is also embedded in this projector which in itself is a deal sealer. The speakers make the projector entirely viable to be used as a movie and video streaming device.

With a brightness and color intensity of 3300 lumen this is one of the brightest projector  and will deliver stunning high quality images. The home cinema 880 is compatible with your Tablet, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Gaming Console, Chromecast, etc.

As an additive, there is also an android Wi-Fi network streaming device which comes pre-installed. It has one HDMI port, two USB connectors and one Audio Out 3.5 mm stereo for manual connection.

Moving further, it can project up to 120” and more depending upon your screen size. You’ll never find any misalignment in your presentation, all thanks to its built in picture Skew Sensor.

Interestingly, this projector is equipped with a digital picture processing feature which provides the user with smooth tonal transitions. This projector weighs 3.04 pounds.


  • The projector has an easy setup.
  • No rainbow effect.
  • Images aren’t blurred and distorted.
  • Has Bluetooth.


  • Has a very noisy fan.
  • No zoom feature.

This projector undoubtedly offers one of the best graphics one would want in an ambient room projector. One thing we aren’t fond of is the in adjustable lens as it makes focusing and zooming extremely tedious. The projector works very well in a home theater and goes all out to give you the best audio and video quality.

Although Mounting and navigating the projector may prove to be a hassle for some people. Otherwise, once mounted, this projector is perfect for buyers looking for a good bright light projector.



  • Can be mounted on both table and ceiling.
  • Intuitive voice control.
  • Dynamic resolution.

To begin with, Optoma UHD51A is a 4k home theater projector with an image brightness of 2400 lumen.  With an impressive 500,000:1picture contrast ratio, this projector will be your host in a journey of breathtaking visual quality.

One of its salient features includes voice assistant compatibility with Amazon echo or Google home. The voice commands can also be used to adjust the volume and working of the projector.

File playback can also be achieved by inserting a flash drive. In addition to that, you can simply connect it to your device through the two HDMI and two USB ports offered by the projector. Next the projector also puts forth Blu-Ray 3D compatibility and a throw ratio of 1.21-1.59.

Lastly, further features include Pure Motion that provides judder-free video and a distinguished projection size of 300” which displays more than 8.3 million pixels. It can also be connected to any latest gaming console and has a lamp life of more than 15,000 hours.

A crucial zooming ability of up to 1.3x along with an enhanced color wheel will make your presentations more boisterous. This projector weighs 11.75 lbs.


  •  Modest looking body.
  • Supports music playback.
  • Vertically-shifting lens.
  • Easy to install.


  • No keystone correction.
  • Shows rainbow effect.

This much adored model of Optoma UHD51A consistently gave us a booming and lovely sound quality. The same can be said about its picture quality also as it has amicably proved to be on par with its counterparts in terms of brilliant picture quality.

To be specific, the screen sometimes goes out of focus and has to be readjusted. Furthermore, the fan isn’t too loud which is a positive aspect of the said projector.

Finally talking about the price, it may come off as an expensive projector to some but nonetheless, the features it offers might just overweight its price. This projector is suitable for a large and bright room and for people who conduct large-scale conferences.



  • High display resolution.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • 3D visual performance.

Epson home cinema 3700 is a powerful and sturdy projector that provides the user with an image quality of 3000 lumen color and brightness. In addition, an equally adequate brightness contrast ratio of 70,000:1 and 2049 x 1080 display resolution gives it a delightful visual quality feature.

The projector can project an image of 110” from a distance of 10.5’ making it ideal for small and ambient rooms. Overall, it can project up to 300”.

Two 10W built-in speakers provide the user with a distinct sound quality which makes it ideal for streaming movies, sporting events, etc. The external ports include two HDMI ports, two USB connector ports and one mini USB port. Subsequently, it can also be connected to the Roku streaming stick.

The zooming ability of this projector is 1.6x and it houses Super-resolution with detail enhancements.  All These features will definitely make your everyday life a lot more endearing. This projector weighs 15.2 pounds.


  • Durable body.
  • Quiet even in eco mode.
  • Large projection distance.
  • Adjustable screen edges.


  • Cannot be carried around easily.
  • Has 3D crosstalk.

This projector would have been the absolute game changer if it weren’t for its 3D crosstalk. During 3D mode, we can sometimes come across certain blurred images or graphics. Even though this phenomenon is practically unnoticeable, we still found it to be a minor weakness.

Nevertheless, it still makes up for an amazing and cost effective projector with an exceedingly good audio system and projection scale. It is perfect for someone looking for a decent bright light projector at a relatively low cost.

8. ViewSonic True 4K projector


  • HDR picture quality
  • Remote control.
  • Mounting flexibility.

This projector from ViewSonic delivers maximum picture quality with an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160. It has an extremely high color and brightness quotient of 3,500 lumen to provide a brilliant visual experience, even in a very brightly lit room.

With a lamp life of 15,000 hours, you can sit back and relax without worrying about the discharging of your projector. Embedded in the projector, is a 10W speaker which will provide an exclusive theater-like experience.

Along with Super Color technology, this projector also features an Energy-saving Super Eco feature. The said feature will lower the power consumption by many folds and will extend the lamp life by thousands of hours. It offers a 1.2x optical zoom feature along with remote controlled accessibility features.

The projector can be connected to almost every media player and devices like your Smartphone, tablet, computers, PCs, Gaming console, Macs, etc. through its two HDMI and USB ports. Many platforms like YouTube, Netflix, prime, etc. can be streamed using this device.

Furthermore, it has a projection scale of 762cm or 300” and is also viable to be used outdoors in very bright light. This projector weighs 9.26 pounds.


  • Extremely bright picture quality.
  • Has a Backlit remote control.
  • Dual and easy connectivity.
  • Supports Easy installation.
  • Is very cost-effective.


  • Has a heavy body.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

For starters, we found this ViewSonic true 4k projector to be of amazing stature and visual quality. It delivered the performance that it promised along with some technical issues also. The issues include a relatively loud fan and spilling of some amount of projection outside the screen.

In comparison to its counterparts, it has a lower price and higher mount ability. In conclusion, It has a satisfactory sound system but an extremely well rounded video and image display resolution. This projector would be perfect for professional individuals who want a projector for presentations and meetings.

9. EPSON VS355


  • Has a portable body.
  • Is Lightweight.
  • Perfect compatibility to various devices.

This Epson projector has a widescreen 3LCD projection WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800 and delivers brightness of 3,300 lumens. It works beautifully even in very well-lit rooms to provide crystal-clear graphics and images.

Additionally, it can be connected to most of the multimedia devices, players and speakers.

Image control and adjustments can be made very easily with the help of auto vertical Keystone and horizontal manual keystone. Although the color brightness varies from room to room, the white light output is very high. One HDMI cable can support both audio and video.

The projection lens offers an optical zoom of 1.49-1.72 and has a zoom ratio of 1.0-1.2.  the projector weighs around 5.5 pounds and has one HDMI, one RCA, one Audio and two USB ports to connect with PCs, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, Chromecast, Amazon fire tv stick, etc.

it has a projection area of more than 100” and can also help you stream your favorite shows and movies. This projector weighs 5.5 pounds.


  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Has a Quiet fan.
  • Can be carried without any hassle.
  • Easily replaceable bulb.


  • Low audio output of the speakers.
  • No HDMI cable.

In our opinion, this projector is probably one of the best when it comes to maximum power and resolution output. The same sadly can’t be said about its sound output. The volume of the audio is relatively lower and less clear in this projector.

Even Though, it can be connected to an external speaker very easily, this one feature holds this projector back in terms of maximum performance. With an easily mountable and lightweight body, this projector is ideally designed to be an on-the-go type of projector.

We agree that It will surely be a decent purchase for someone who will engage it in a professional environment.



  • Full HD video quality.
  • Is 3D compatible.
  • Fast response rate

The Sony home theater projector vpl-hw45es has an outstanding HD visual projection with three SXRD imagers. It has a brightness and color quotient of 1800 lumens along with wattage of 215 watts.

This feature enables it to produce high- end graphic quality in both dim and bright rooms.

Additionally, it holds onto Motion flow technology that will provide you with every minute detail of the content you are watching. With a flexible 1.6X zoom ratio and wide lens shift range, this projector works in rooms of all sizes.

You can enjoy glorious picture quality and clear sound by connecting the projector to a Blu-ray disc player.

Along with that, you can also connect the projector to a PlayStation to have a brilliant gaming experience. This projector has a projection size of 150”. The projector can operate at AC 100 V to 240 V.  It has a whisper quiet fan which ensures minimum disturbance.

You can also connect your favorite devices like PCs, mobile phones, gaming consoles through the USB and HDMI ports. The projector has a long lasting screen time of 6000 hours, and weighs 20 pounds.


  • Does not make any noise.
  • Is 3D compatible.
  • Has extremely flexible home installation.
  • Has a front facing fan.


  • Lens needs to be manually adjusted.
  • The projector does not have Bluetooth.

The Sony home theater projector VPL-HW45ES is remarkable when it comes to projecting in a bright ambient room. It delivers decent sound quality with crisp images.

Although, it is more on the pricier side it still manages to live up to most of our expectations of an ideal bright room projector.

However, the brightness might be overwhelming for someone with sensitive eyes. The sharpness while playing video games will definitely make a mark in your heart. Another side lining aspect of this projector that we are not fond of is the difficulty to mount it upside down. 

In conclusion, this product is perfect to be used both as home theater and a professional presentation delivering device.

Buying Guide

To buy the perfect projector for your bright room, pay heed to the following aspects.

  1. Resolution and brightness of the projector:
    Your projector needs to have an extensive range of resolution and brightness. A projector with appreciable resolution and brightness is necessary for crystal-clear and sharp images of your content in a bright ambient room.
  2. Projection:
    Your projector needs to have a huge projection size for maximum image clarity and readability. Opt for projectors that have a projection size of more than 120”.
  3. Projector size:
    If you want a projector for your house you can go for a relatively bulkier projector as it would always be stationery. But if you want a ready-to-go projector, opt for a less bulky one like EPSON POWERLITE 1785W or Epson home cinema 880. These projectors are especially made for professionals and are extremely durable.
  4. Price:
    in order to buy a cost effective projector you can compare these projector prices and working efficiencies before buying them.
  5. Connection ability:
    A good projector needs to have wireless connectivity to be hassle free. So choose a projector that can be connected both with wire and wirelessly. This allows you to stream your favorite content easily in your bright room.

Why Do We Need Projectors For Bright Rooms:

Projectors not only act as a mode of delivering entertainment but also prove to be major helpers in delivering efficient presentations. It might be a common notion that projectors do not work as effectively in a bright room as they do in dark rooms.

But projectors have fundamental importance in almost every meeting room. They enable the presenters to become confident in meetings and also assist them to make powerful points.

A projector also gives us a theater-like experience right within the vicinity of our houses. It makes our day-to-day lives much more entertaining and colorful. With a good audio and video quality, a projector can be our daily companion. Therefore, we need projectors for bright rooms.

Benefits Of Bright Room Projectors:

Bright room projectors have tons of benefits, some of them include:

  • Widescreen experience of your favorite content.
  • Provide more credibility during presentations.
  • Have ambient sound quality.
  • Can be used for teaching purposes.
  • Have a lower cost than a television.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the projectors need to have a big projection size?

A big projection sized projector will project at a much better scale and will increase the readability of your content. Along with that it will give you a much better cinematic experience.

Where do I buy a good bright light projector?

You can buy a bright light projector at many online shopping sites like Amazon, flipkart, etc. you can also buy a good projector from your nearest electronic store.

Do I need a screen to project?

No. a screen is not necessary to project your content. A white wall would do the trick just fine. However, using a screen is recommended to obtain a smooth and seamless projection.

What resolution is the best for a bright light room?

We would recommend a resolution and brightness of more than 1,500 lumens to be ideal for a bright ambient room.


In the given article, we have covered the best bright light projectors for an ambient bright room. These projectors will offer you with the best features you could ask for and this list will surely help you decide which bright light room projector you should invest in.

In the end, we would like to recommend two products that we absolutely love and that would be best for your needs.


This projector gives one of the best audio and video experiences and also has a spectacular 3D model which will fill you up with delight and excite your nerves.


This projector has the best resolution and picture quality. It will make your viewing experience the best one you’ve ever had. This optimal projector is also cost-effective.

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