Glossy vs Matte Screen – Which One Should I Pick? (Simple Answer!)

When shopping for a new PC monitor or laptop, the type of screen coating matters a lot. Aside from the effect of the screen surface on image quality, ambient lighting is also an important issue to consider. Further, in this day and age, screens are everywhere and all around us.

From your office PCs to your own home computer and television, it appears that we have made them a necessary part of our daily lives and that we require them as a basic requirement to interact with the technology all around us for business, enjoyment, and other purposes.

What is the difference between matte and glossy screens, and how should you pick between the two? Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you in making the best selection possible.

Glossy vs Matte Screens


LCD panels are the same on glossy and matte displays. The coating put to the screen is the only actual distinction between these two types of screens. Glossy and matte panels will appear almost identical in regulated conditions. However, this resemblance is what has sparked such a heated dispute between the two. 

Adding further, manufacturers can’t agree on a single optimal coating, and different users prefer different coatings depending on their needs. When purchasing a computer monitor or laptop, you have the option of selecting from a variety of screen coatings.

Before we look at which one is preferable, let’s look at what glossy and matte displays are and what they have to offer.


  • Reflective glass or polymers are used in monitors with bright and sparkling glossy screens. Because of its extreme transparency, practically all of the light output from the display is visible, giving in a very vibrant image. Moreover, deeper darks, brighter whites, and richer colors are displayed on glossy screens.
  • Adding, they do so, though, for a price. The negative of glossy screen attractiveness arises from reflectance, even with contemporary anti-glare treatments employing magnesium fluoride and related compounds.
  • Further, that implies that every light source in your environment shines directly into your eyes from your gleaming computer or TV. Glossy materials shine brightly from room lights and windows. With glossy panels, you’ll often find yourself staring at your own reflection while racing to shift desk lamps away from the screen so they don’t shine up the screen, rather than enjoying game graphics or focusing on job content.
  • Additionally, not only does this cause a lot of disturbance, but it’s also hazardous for your eyes. Glare has been proved to cause fatigue and eye strain on several occasions.
  • Moreover, when you touch a shiny screen, the oil from your fingers is visible.
  • However, if you can truly control the lighting in your environment and ensure that no light sources reflect onto the screen, a glossy image rendition is superior.


  • Matte monitors have plastic surfaces made of various polymers that have been etched. However, etching develops a vast number of grooves or indentations on the screen surface, whether chemically or mechanically. By scattering light that hits the display, these help to reduce reflectivity.
  • Matte screens don’t appear as good as glossy screens. That is, however, in a very controlled atmosphere. Moreover, matte display surfaces are the only practical and sensible option in the real world.
  •  Adding further, a screen that rejects light, on the other hand, generally blocks light, obstructing far more of the monitor’s light output. Matte screens, in essence, provide less picture lighting or just less image. Minor details may be lost, contrast is reduced, and colors don’t appear as vibrant as they do on a glossy screen.
  • Matte screens are less likely to pick up fingerprints than glossy panels. As a result, matte is the superior option for monitors. However, you don’t have to consider 100 times before allowing some light in by opening the curtains. Light isn’t an issue with matte screens. Also, you won’t have to be concerned about reflections if you place a lamp near your work or gaming area.
  • Additionally, as monitors become brighter, matte materials remain unchanged, allowing more light to pass through the anti-glare coating. Simply put, the image quality on matte monitors is becoming better. In most circumstances, it’s difficult to detect the difference.

Which screen should you buy: a matte or a glossy screen?

  •  Prefer a glossy display for the more brilliant colors if your space isn’t particularly bright.
  • However, prefer a matte display if you spend a lot of time outside or if you reside in a bright environment on sunny days. Moreover, in direct sunlight, even a matte display isn’t flawless, and you’ll notice some glare.
  • You may also be purchasing a laptop to be used indoors and away from direct sunlight, in which case you may choose a glossy display with more vibrant colors over a matte display with an anti-glare coating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which screen is better for eyes matte screen or glossy screen?

Matte Screen is better for the eyes as glare and reflections in glossy coating materials can induce eye strain, whereas matte coating materials provide a more pleasant experience.

What should gamers prefer between a matte screen and a glossy screen?

The matte is a better option, especially for competitive gaming.

What is the advantage of Glossy screens?

Glossy displays produce more rich colors, deeper blacks, brighter whites, and are sharper than matte displays in controlled situations such as gloomy rooms or rooms where all light sources are dispersed.

Why should one choose a glossy screen over a matte screen?

Color and contrast are more vibrant on glossy panels. Colors are more vibrant and bright, and blacks appear darker.

How to choose a glossy screen or a matte screen?

Choose the glossy widescreen display to see richer color and deeper blacks in your graphics, images, and videos However, choose the regular widescreen display if you prefer a display with anti-glare coating for a matte rather than glossy viewing experience.


Let’s face it: it’s difficult to predict how you’ll use a display for the rest of your life, especially if it’s a laptop. Perhaps you prefer a matte display for its added flexibility, or perhaps you prefer a glossy display for its more vibrant colors. It’s a trade-off in any case. 

To summarise, we see that it is not a question of which is better or which is not among glossy and matte screens; it is entirely dependent on your needs and circumstances.

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