How to connect a phone to a projector?

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. One way or another, everyone will probably need to connect their smartphone to the projector at least once in their lifetime. You might think that connecting a smartphone to a projector is really simple.

However, as with many things in life, it could be complicated. Thus, to solve this problem, we have linked multiple ways of connecting your smartphone with a projector in this article.

Essentially, this article answers the question, How to connect a phone to a projector?  In this article, we will illustrate various wired and wireless connecting methods for phones and projectors. Having read this article, you will be able to connect your phone with your projector without any issues.

So let’s get started.

Connect an Android phone to a projector wirelessly:

Utilizing wireless streaming adapters and the built-in projector mirroring feature on Android phones, it is possible to connect your phone to a projector. By using them, you can easily project your phone’s screen onto a big screen.

It is generally required to download an app in order to use them. If you wish to stream wirelessly, you normally must have access to the home network or work network.

You can create a wireless connection between your smart phone and projector using the following methods:

1. Chromecast: 

A Chromecast streaming adapter allows you to stream audio and video wirelessly from your Android device to a projector. Any HDMI-compatible projector can be connected to the device, which can be found at most retailers for about $35.Google’s Chromecast app is one of the most powerful parts of its ecosystem.

Several applications, like Spotify and Netflix, offer casting with a single click. In the Android navigation menu, you can cast your entire device’s screen.

2. Manufacturer streaming:

It’s possible that your projector has smart capabilities built in. There are also many TVs and projectors that support video streaming, such as Samsung, LG, and others. Find out whether streaming or wireless mirroring support is offered by the manufacturer by looking up the model number of your projector.

If you wish to connect your Android smartphone to your projector, select the appropriate app from the Play Store. A smart projector allows you to quickly set up fast streaming, since different manufacturers handle streaming in slightly different ways.

The Chromecast receiver may be cheaper, but a projector with built-in streaming offers a much better video experience. Manufacturer streaming is advantageous over Chromecast due to the following reasons:

  • Provide easy access to your projector so visitors and guests can connect their devices
  • Provides instant switching between presenters through your projector with the click of a button.
  • Multiply the number of sources or presenters being displayed on the projector
  • Additionally, there are other benefits such as security. Additionally, Chromecast is easier to manage and use.

Connect an Android phone to the projector using wire:

It is not always possible to connect your smartphone to your projector wirelessly. In some cases, your device might not have an available wireless connection. Therefore The projector can also be connected through wired connections if you want to quickly plug in your device.

Following is a list of the most common ways you can connect your phone to your projector through wires:


Almost all projectors include an HDMI port, through which you can connect an external device. Mini HDMI ports are even found on the exterior of some smartphones. It allows you to connect your phone to your projector using a mini HDMI to HDMI cable.

In addition, some smartphones have a C-Type port that can be used to connect the smartphone to the HDMI port of the projector. Therefore, almost all smartphones can be connected to the projector using an HDMI cable.

Your smartphone can be connected to your projector in the best and most efficient way possible through an HDMI.

Additionally, HDMI provides both audio and video input, so you’ll get a lot of value from a HDMI. Through one cable, both of the functions are accomplished, so it is the most convenient way to connect a phone to a projector.


Your phone has a really powerful feature called Micro USB, which you probably did not even realize existed. There are certain projector manufacturers who are now offering their devices with a new technology known as MHL. A special adapter allows the video to be transmitted from the micro-USB port using this tool. To do this, you would need an adapter that converts MHL to HDMI.

It may be difficult for you to determine which device supports MHL and which does not. However, you need not worry, as you can easily find out about it from the MHL website. MHL support devices can be found in an easy-to-view list on the web page.

Since almost every smartphone comes with a USB-C type port that does not support MHL, this feature cannot be used with the majority of smartphones. This is one drawback you will encounter with this type of connection. Apart from that, this is a wonderful way for you to connect your smartphone to a projector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a projector cause any harm to my projector?

No, a good quality projector will never cause any damage to your projector. For the best quality projectors you can go and check out our previous article on best projectors under 500.

Do both voice and video on my phone show up when I wirelessly connect it to the projector?

The voice will be heard as well as the video will be viewed through your projector when you connect your smartphone.


You can connect your smartphone to your projector via wired or wireless connections. In both cases, the quality is excellent. However, wireless connections are hassle-free and do not require any wires to create chaos.

Therefore, wireless connections are the best. Nevertheless, not all devices have built-in Bluetooth, so a wired connection is equally important.  Choosing the best one for you depends entirely on the features of your device.   

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