What is a short throw projector?

If you go to buy a projector, you will find a wide range of models with different features. The features differ on different grounds, ranging from the resolution to the brightness.

Therefore, you should choose a projector whose features are most appropriate for your needs. Depending on the size of your room, you will also need to choose between a short throw and a long throw projector.

Short throw projectors are the best option if you have a small room.

You must be wondering what a short throw projector is. Nevertheless, the first question you should ask yourself is what does the throw of the projector actually mean.

Another question you might have is what is the difference between a short throw and a long throw projector. In this article, a number of these questions will be discussed and answered.

So let’s get going without further a do.

What does “throw” mean?

To get the most precise image size, a projector needs to be spaced away from the screen by a certain distance. The throw of the projector is determined by this distance.

There are two general types of throw distance for projectors: short throw and long throw. The next part of this article will include information about their differences and characteristics in detail.

You probably want to know how we can tell whether a projector is long-throw or short-throw. If you look at the model number’s initials, it is easy to tell whether it is a short throw or a long throw projector.

For example, if the model number ends in ST, it is typically a short throw projector. In the LT end of the alphabet, it is the opposite.

Short throw projectors are designed for small spaces, such as your bedroom or drawing room. Because of the small size of these places, you would need a projector that could project clear, bright images even from a very close distance from the screen. A short throw projector does exactly this.

On the other hand, a long throw projector is suitable for large halls, such as school auditoriums. It is necessary to have a huge distance between the long throw  projector and the screen in order to project clear images. 

From their names alone, it is easy to distinguish between a long throw and a short throw projector. In the next segment of this article, we’ll learn more about short throw projectors.

Relationship between projector, screen and room:

One of the major advantages of projectors over TV is that projectors can present different sizes of images. Projectors can be placed closer or farther away from screens to achieve this effect.

An appropriate distance between the projector and the screen is necessary in order to produce the desired image.

You need a projector that fits the screen size as well as the size of the room. If you need to display a 100-inch screen, you need a projector that can project such a large image.

Moreover, such large images would require a room large enough to display them properly.

However, what if you don’t have enough space in your room. Short throw projectors take the place of traditional projectors in this situation.

This large image can be displayed from just a few feet away with a short throw projector. Therefore, you would not have to worry.

Categories of throw distances:

 As mentioned earlier, Throw distance is the distance between the screen and the projector needed to project a clear and appropriate size image. Mirror and lens assemblies inside the projector determine the throw distance of the projector.

In a projector, there are generally three categories of throw distance.

Following are these three categories:

  1. Standard/Long throw projector:
    A long throw projector requires a minimum distance of six feet between the projector and the screen in order to project a clear, large image. You can go and check out our previous article on the best long throw projectors for more information.
  2.  Short Throw projector:
    By incorporating lenses that can project large images from a very short distance, short throw projectors are able to produce larger images. At a distance of just 4-5 feet, a short throw projector can create an image of 100 inches. Therefore, these projectors are best suited for small spaces. Our previous article reviewed the best short throw projectors on the market. Visit it and see what it’s like.
  3. Ultra Short Throw projectors
    With ultra short throw projectors, an image of 100 inches can be produced from just a distance of 1-2 feet.  These projectors are amazing, and you will be shocked at how clear an image they can produce from such less distance.   Both the long throw and the short throw projectors emit light directly from the lens. However, the light from an ultra short throw projector is reflected off a mirror, which directs the image to the screen. One of the disadvantages of this projector is that it does not have a zoom function, meaning that you need to place it manually according to the size of the screen. 

Projector setup tips:

In order to find the right projector, you should first measure the size of your room and determine where the projector will be placed in relation to the screen. Here are some tips to help you set up your projector correctly:

● You must make sure that you are not sitting very close to the projector or else you will be distracted by the fan noise.

●If you want to place the projector behind your seating, a long throw projector will be appropriate for you.

●If you want to place the projector in front of your seating a short throw projector will be best for you.

●If you have a very compact room and you want a very big size projection then ultra short throw projector would be best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

 In comparison to long throw projectors, do short throw projectors consume less lumens?

Yes, a short throw projector has fewer lumens than a long throw projector. Due to this, they are also less bright and consume less energy than long throw projectors.

 Is there a need for a special screen for a short throw projector?

The short throw projector will work with any screen and a special screen is not required. 

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