5 Best Floor Gaming Chair

The gaming chairs were designed to let you play in comfort. They are more customizable and give you proper support to sit for long hours.

While some best floor gaming chairs are

At a Glance:

5 Best Floor Gaming Chair

DesignBest chairRetailer
Best Pick1. X Rocker Gaming Chair
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2. X Rocker, 5172601 Gaming Floor Chair
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Staff Pick3. Factory Direct Partners Soft Ground Chair
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4. ORISTUS Swivel Gaming Chair
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Budget Pick5. X Rocker 5143601 Floor Gaming Chair
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1. X Rocker Gaming Chair

Best Pick
  • This rocker gaming chair has a soft cushioned armrest perfect to do gaming for a long.
  • Also, it has a high-tech gaming chair with an integrated 4.1 wireless audio system.
  • Thus, four speakers provide a clear sound with no technical glitch, making the playing more comfortable.

This leather lounge gaming chair is used for playing video games, watching tv, listening to music, and relaxing, and is compatible with DVD, mp3, and most other gaming systems. On the whole, this rocker’s gaming chair is used for all purposes.

There are separate volume and bass controls present and can join various other gaming modes. This gaming chair also can be connected wirelessly and makes you do gaming by enjoying the win.

It is designed to give you perfect lumbar support making playing super easy. Moreover, the padded cushions give it the feature of ergonomic comfort.

All a gamer needs is a comfortable soft chair that doesn’t hurt you, and lets you sit for the whole day. And this rocker floor gaming chair is made to let you play without any gaps.


  • Four speakers.
  • Strong Vibration.
  • Integrated wireless audio.
  • Powerful subwoofers.


  • Sound bass sometimes hits hard.

This foldable floor gaming chair is portable and lets you sit anywhere and enjoy the gaming. Moreover, the console gaming feature is a special feature that will allow you to sit for the whole long day and play and listen to music that you love.

To summarise, this rocker’s gaming chair has a comfortable seating position that will allow you to not get tired.

2. X Rocker, 5172601 Gaming Floor Chair

  • This rocker’s gaming chairs give a classy look matching the personality of the user buying this gaming chair.
  • Minimum weight makes it easy for you to change your position whenever you wish to and enjoy gaming.
  • The comfortable padded backrest will not make your pain increase and thus you can focus on winning the game.

However, the two powerful Bluetooth speakers with also powerful subwoofers will provide a great sound like a DJ, thus you can be on this amazing chair and have fun winning. The padded backrest will let you be seated comfortably and enjoy gaming without a gap.

It is a high-tech gaming chair with wireless Bluetooth available, thus while enjoying the game you need not attach the sound, just connect wirelessly and play with fun.

The flip-up armrest lets you enjoy long video games and movies comfortably. Also, there is a cushion for the support of the neck to make your back less strained and less painful.

For a comfortable gaming experience, finally, there is a product that has wireless Bluetooth available in it.


  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • Powerful subwoofer.
  • Two forward speakers.


  • Cable management.
  • Heavy to carry.

This rocking gaming chair is comfortable and the sound is awesome so that you will enjoy music and playing at the same time. It is proven ideal for low-seat gamers and is designed in such a way that you can carry and adjust it on any floor of your room.

Also, compatible with most gaming devices and MP3 players, thus this floor gaming chair makes it an easy win without preparing prior and wasting much time adjusting other small things.

For a comfortable gaming experience, finally, there is a product that has wireless Bluetooth available in it.

3. Factory Direct Partners Soft Ground Chair

Staff Pick
  • This floor gaming chair can be used by children also for video gaming and can be kept anywhere in the room.
  • They come fully assembled, and thus you need not worry about how to get the chair ready for use.
  • Also, there is no wall required to sit, the gamer can sit upright without worrying about adjustment.

This youth soft rocker gaming chair is proven great for kids and is also designed in such a way that it is super soft and comfortable.

The ergonomic flexible seating is specifically designed keeping in mind comfort, and so you can easily play video games without getting tired.

The soft cushioned gaming chair is very lightweight making it easily portable and so you can carry it to whichever place you wish to.

The soft polyurethane is designed with maintenance and so you can easily wipe it off with simple mild soap and water.

Often, there is less possibility of getting a product that will suit both kids and older people, but the seamless stitching and the design are built accordingly keeping them in mind.


  • Easily cleanable.
  • Great for kids.
  • No assembly is required.


  • Chair not still.

If you are looking for a floor gaming chair that will best suit your kid, then buy this one. Because moreover, this rocking chair is easy to carry and you can sit and watch tv, play video games or just relax in whichever place you would want to.

To sum up, there is no stain left, and thus many love to eat while binge-watching or playing. And in addition to gaming, you can eat whenever you feel hungry and need to go here and there to just fill up your stomach and waste your time or just lose the game in between.

4. ORISTUS Swivel Gaming Chair

  • This swivel gaming chair is completely foldable making it super easy for you to carry it anywhere.
  • In addition to its size and swivel, this gaming chair gives you the convenience to change your seating posture.
  • You need not assemble it after delivery, in fact just open it and use it and have fun gaming.

The ORISTUS Swivel Gaming Chair has the feature of a 360-degree swivel and so it is convenient to adjust and have a comfortable seating posture. You can keep it in any room you wish to, and in addition, rest when you get exhausted doing the gaming.

This swivel gaming chair is easily portable and storable, and also specifically designed to soak the perspiration that occurs after long hours of gaming.

This product can be said as a floor sofa that is equipped with ball bearings to adjust according to your comfort.

Often, the armrest does not prove comfortable and you can get hand pain due to long hours of gaming. But this product is designed accordingly and has an anti-foam collision.


  • Need not assemble.
  • Adjustable foam.
  • Easy storage.


  • Little costly.
  • Cannot disable swivel motion.

This floor gaming chair is easy to fold and thus you can carry it anywhere, even while traveling. It is a strong chair and can bear beyond 250lbs of weight.

The bottom is designed such as to prevent the gaming chair from dusting so that you don’t have to worry and play.

Moreover, just focus on how to win rather than finding the only perfect and clean place for a chair to not get damaged or dirty, as it is a rough and tough chair.

5. X Rocker 5143601 Floor Gaming Chair

Budget Pick
  • This floor video gaming chair lets you play and relax while listening to songs through headphones.
  • The two-speaker audio system is present as well which makes the gaming feel cinematic.
  • You can play for long hours because of the ergonomic comfort that it provides.

This leather floor video gaming chair is specifically used by regular and professional gamers, and so they enjoy gaming not only by hearing but feeling it also.

To sum up, you will become a part of the game and play it with excitement.

The 2.1 sound speakers and a high-tech subwoofer come with a headphone jack, and bass switches on the side panel and make gaming fun. You can play for hours and win with the full ergonomic comfort that is its specialty.

This floor video gaming chair is easy to clean and so you do not have to worry about wasting time cleaning and playing with relaxing.

Just choose a time, sit back and you can enjoy gaming with full provided rest with the soft padded leather foam.


  • Multiple connections.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Two built-in speakers.
  • Foldable.


  • No domestic shipping.
  • No Bluetooth.

You can play gaming for hours with a padded headrest, and armrest and it also provides full rocking motion. Thus, you just have to sit back and win multiple games in a row.

This video floor gaming chair can be connected to many other devices expanding the features to do video gaming.

The all-purpose gaming chair with headrest-mounted speakers provides an immersive audio quality to make you feel like a pro gamer.

To conclude, this floor-rocking video gaming chair is perfect for a gamer who just wants to dedicate the whole day to playing video games.

Buying Guide :

Build Quality

It is known that the higher the quality, the more time it will likely last. Looking at the frame, you can check the building quality and buy accordingly. And above are some of the best floor video gaming chairs.


Always take care of the dimensions while buying a console gaming chair to make sure it will fit your available space. For instance, some chairs may have narrow seats which will make it uncomfortable for a gaming person to sit at ease for the whole day long. So choose only after looking and comparing all the dimensions.


Check the review of other buyers before purchasing a gaming chair, even if you know it all.  Because some points you may not know about that particular floor gaming chair. But after reading other buyers’ reviews, it will get easy for you to compare and choose the best console gaming chair.

Adjustable Armrest

To become a pro in video gaming, it is required to get a floor chair that has a good quality padded armrest in addition to a comfy backrest. Because to play gaming, full-time hand movements are required and so you may get pains. Thus, a comfortable and adjustable armrest that can fix accordingly is a prior requirement to look for before buying a floor gaming chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a floor gaming chair?

Due to the level that gaming has reached, these chairs are designed accordingly to take care of your health and not get worse by sitting for long prolonged hours.

Am I too small for a floor gaming chair?

 You must look out for the specifications mentioned in the above description and choose which one suits you the best. Also, these floor gaming chairs have an adjustable feature to let you adjust accordingly.

Is this floor gaming chair for all age groups people?

The above-floor gaming chairs are made keeping in mind people of all age groups.

Conclusion :

These latest floor chairs are specially designed for gamers who need long hours of sitting. They are far better than other desks and office chairs which may give pain in your back.

These gaming chairs have a high back and neck support with a comfortable armrest to let you sit and win the gaming.

To summarise, these gaming chairs can be used by people of any age group who love gaming but fear that they might get body aches.

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