Top 5 Gaming Chairs for Tall People

Here, you will get some of the best gaming chairs to choose from according to your body. It is very difficult and gets hectic to find the perfect one.

But below, 5 of the best gaming chairs that will fit well for a tall person are explained. Look at the details and see if you find the right one for you.

At a Glance:

5 Best Gaming Chair For Tall Person

DesignBest chairRetailer
1. Homall Gaming chair with Headrest and Lumbar
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Best Pick2. GTRACING Gaming Chair
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3. RESPAWN Omega-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair
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Staff Pick4. Ficmax Gaming Chair
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Budget Pick5. RESPAWN RSP 110 Racing Style Chair
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1. Homall Gaming chair with Headrest and Lumbar

This chair is excellent when used for gaming and office purposes, with a headrest and lumbar support. This product especially takes care of your comfort so you can fully enjoy and stay competitive even during long gaming sessions.

  • You can easily sit, rest, game, watch shows, and work.
  • With the swivel feature, spin around and enjoy playing with the chair itself.
  • 47.8inches tall chair is specifically designed for a tall person.

It is a classy chair specially designed for tall gamers. Because you may have to sit for long periods of time, the cushion-able headrest and comfortable seating make your experience more enjoyable.

The support for the head, neck, and shoulder is given in order to prevent you from body and neck pains. In contrast to others, it is an ideal chair for gamers.

Anyone who has an interest in gaming, or sitting while watching shows but felt restricted because of the thought of increased pain, need not fear while sitting on this chair.

The tall heighted person many times faces the issue of finding a chair matching their physique. But this swivel chair is a special one and designed for you to enjoy gaming and working with soft foamy leather support.


  • Head support is easily adjustable.
  • Soft foam.
  • Orthopedically designed.


  • Seat material may get smelly.
  • Doesn’t absorb perspiration.

If you are worried that due to so many features the price of this gaming chair would be so high that you cannot afford it, then worry not. Buying this chair at a reasonable rate is a profit gain in itself as it will make long gaming sessions much more enjoyable and help ease any bodily pains that could arise.

It may be made for taller people, but because it is adjustable even people that are shorter in stature can sit comfortably.

2. GTRACING Gaming Chair

Best Pick

GT RACING company found in 2011, provides the most comfortable and most satisfying gaming chairs. They make the best PRO gaming chairs. The swivel rocker chair is specifically designed with tall people in mind.

  • A strong metal frame promotes making your chair comfortable for seating purposes while gaming.
  • 52.3inches height of this gaming chair can be used by any tall person giving full comfort.
  • You can sit for long hours while gaming without getting tired.

The soft seat cushions and headrest pillows will allow you to game the entire day.

Nylon smooth rolling casters have such great strength and mobility that you can scroll them in the room with ease and they will not get scrolled on their own due to their high stability feature.

This gaming chair can be used for office work too. Great height and supportive backrest are the specialties that gamers need the most.

You can also take advantage of the Bluetooth speakers that are in-built into this gaming chair.

The sleek and race-inspired shape of the chair will give you an amazing gaming experience.


  • High-density foam.
  • Headrest and pillows for lumbar support.
  • Comfortable and stylish.


  • No good quality of the seat.
  • The chair slightly slopes down.

The popularity of this gaming chair itself proves that it provides you with the best comfort. It may prove that due to its height, the chair is not easily portable.

But in contrast, this feature is especially proven to be an advantage for tall people. You can do gaming with so ease that the time spent on the chair will not hurt your body.

3. RESPAWN Omega-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair

Once you buy this gaming chair, you can play like a legend. The ergonomic extendable footrest will not only provide comfort but give you a guarantee for successful completion of the game.

  • You can choose your best angle with an infinite angle lock.
  • 51.19 inches height of this gaming chair is specifically designed keeping in mind a tall person.
  • This racing chair is luxurious and you can do gaming on it for long hours.

The Fortnite edition gaming chair provides powerful comfort and in addition it also has the latest extendable footrest, which you can fold back when there is no use for it.

To utilize the chair to its full advantage, the padded armrests are fixed for elbow relief. The height of this legendary gaming chair is designed such that you can play any big car racing games and not get tired the whole day.

The seats are soft and stain resistant so if you eat or drink while playing and something falls on it, there will be no stain or smell left further.

Often, the chairs are not built for tall gamers. But this gaming chair, with its reclining support, gives such great support that you can easily spend hours at a time playing.

Moreover, the gaming chair helps you in bringing your A-game to every match with its comfortable seating position.


  • Amazing leg rest.
  • Reclining seat.
  • Comfortable to sit.


  • The connection of rest may get loose.
  • Hard rest pillow.

RESPAWN, an award-nominated gaming chair gives you a comfortable gaming experience. Also, there are infinite locking positions available with the armrest and the full smooth swivel rotation makes it fun.

The experienced company with 25 years in the field made this gaming chair keeps in mind tall people who find it difficult to get a chair that matches their physique

The seat is long wearing and has an extended use with stain resistance to make gaming clean and comfortable.

4. Ficmax Gaming Chair

Staff Pick

This computer gaming chair is made large specifically to fit tall people. Ficmax is the best in making gaming business chairs. They know the needs of today and made a perfect chair for the tall person for gaming.

  • The alloy framework makes it classy and complete with a heavy-duty wheelbase.
  • A tall heighted person needs more comfortable sitting for long hours, and this gaming chair is eligible to use.
  • Comfortable seat cushions made it easy to do car racing games without gaps.

The swivel gamer chair lets you sit with a retractable footrest. Often, while we do long hours of gaming, we feel tired and exhausted.

But this chair has such high-density foam cushions that you will have no reason to not sit in comfort. You can tilt and adjust the armrest anytime you feel to maximize your gaming experience.

The USB-powered massage pillow and complementary neck pillow that you will get just work wonders. With tall height, you need a good arm and footrest to let your gaming continue with no pause.

And the comfort you will experience will allow you to rest and chill in between games.

Thus, it becomes easy for you to relax and do long hours of gaming. The ergonomic PU leather seat is designed such that you can do computer gaming, office work, and many other tasks sitting for the whole day and at last getting up fresh too.


  • Well designed and comfortable.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Stylish look.


  • Vibrator in lumbar support.
  • Strong cushion holder.

The silent caster wheels and retractable footrest make it convenient for a hard-core gamer to sit for long. The adjustable massage lumbar lets you choose where and when you need the massage and at that particular tiring time.

You can adjust the seat and decide on your ideal posture to continue your gaming every time any time you need a change. The seat is also dirt resistant, so you need not focus on getting it dirty and can instead focus solely on your gaming session.

5. RESPAWN RSP 110 Racing Style Chair

Budget Pick

It is built to give you comfort and style and also to win every battle. With an extendable footrest and a high-performance rest, this gaming chair is designed for long gaming hours. It is a racing-style gaming chair that keeps in mind the requirements of a tall person.

  • It provides luxury and comfort for gaming.
  • The ergonomic comfort chair is designed with an adjustable footrest to continue gaming for long periods of time.
  • A gamer, when given a comfortable arm and backrest, can dedicate long hours and this chair does the same.

You will get comfort at a reasonable rate with this gaming chair. Often, we think that to get all the luxurious benefits, you need to spend an unreasonably large sum of money.

But no, this gaming chair will provide you with all that you need for a very affordable price.

The fixed armrest is padded for relief of the elbow and makes gaming easy and comfortable. Reclining control and the extendable footrest help make this the ideal chair for you.

The headrest pillow is adjustable so you can choose and fix it according to your height.

All you need to do is sit back, kick your feet up, and relax. The footrest is its special feature, and the contrasting colors give it a classy, professional look.


  • Ergonomic seat and adjustable footrest.
  • Soft lumbar and head pillow.
  • Infinite locking positions.


  • Loose bolts at the back of the chair.
  • No perspiration absorbed.

This bonded leather fabric lets you sit comfortably for long hours and do the gaming the whole day. Tall people usually don’t get a chair that suits them and this one is designed to give you rest the whole day.

A soft pillow and armrest are a bonus because all you need to sit for long is something soft and comfy.  And continuing gaming for long hours is not easy, but this chair is perfect when a tall person needs to sit.

Buying Guide :

 Chair Material

The material of the chair will have a very important impact because the most basic thing you need for gaming is a comfortable chair. This is best achieved by choosing the right material. Thus, choose according to which type suits you best.

Chair Adjustability

All the gaming chairs have a certain height adjuster for tall people. Choose according to you, and how much adjustment you will need.


Ergonomically designed seats have cushions for the head, neck, and back. Different chairs use different levels of cushion or sturdiness. Ensure you are getting the type of cushion you want before finalizing your purchase.

Chair Dimensions

Carefully read all the specifications as the dimensions of height and width of the gaming chair are mentioned. Every person requires a different size, so adjustable chairs allow for the lowest risk in choosing the right gaming chair for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the massager work?

 It vibrates and buzzes with high and low settings. You need to plug in a USB before using the massager to relax.

Can I lock the chair from rocking mode to tilted back mode?

Rocking is not easy in any position. You can do reclining more easily than rocking, so if you are looking for a feature then prefer the reclining one.

Does the Omega Xi chair has a head and lumbar rest pillow?

Yes, along with having comfortable lumbar and head pillow rest, a reclining feature is also available.

How thick is the seat cushion in the middle?

 It is fairly thick but comfortable at the same time. So you can easily rest and do gaming at the same time without making any prior adjustments.

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