5 Best Large Screen Tablets

To clear all your doubts and confusion here we are going to present a list of all the best large screen Tablets along with their features and specifications a person must know about before buying them.

In this world of technology nowadays movies and all other activities are now done at home and for that, it is mandatory to have a big screen device.

From the age of five to fifty, each and every age wants a phone, PC, or tablet which they enjoy using. But the problem is, that not all the devices are large screens and the problem is that they will heat up and start compromising their performance.

For that, you need to buy a specific large-screen tablet or PC to enhance your experience as well as performance. So, here we are going to bind up some of the best large-screen tablets along with their details.

At a Glance:

5 Best Large Screen Tablets

DesignBest TabletRetailer
Budget Pick1. Apple IPad Pro
Check Price
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Check Price
Staff Pick3. Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S7
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4. Microsoft Surface Pro-7
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Best Pick5. Apple IPad
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1. Apple IPad Pro

Budget Pick
  • High-performing tablet with the ability to adapt to all types of surroundings.
  • Long battery life which ultimately provides the best performance.
  • Display that gives you a smooth experience with a classy look.

The Apple IPad Pro 2021 has a huge screen size of 11 inches which gives you a large display view and enough space to work keenly.

The liquid retina XDR display of 12.9 inches is more than sufficient and beyond every limit. Moreover, the 5G fast-performing network provides you with a better and smooth performance that downloads vigorously without taking much time.

Along with this Apple provides you with an amazing apple pencil and magic keyboard which provide you superior qualities and you can also draw with ease with the help of them.

The operating system which is specifically designed for Apple is the IPad OS which is more powerful and better performing than the other android systems.

Two powerful cameras, a 12MP wide camera, and a 10 MP ultra-wide camera provide you with the best quality photos and videos through which you will get more ideas to enhance your work.

Furthermore, long battery life which works all day long so that you can work as much as you want without any troubles or the stress of battery charging.

Along with all such features, the look and design are also no less than any other ones. This cool, classy, and elegant device is available in 2 different colors that is space grey and silver.


  • Ability to stay lifelong
  • Better sound experience
  • Face recognition unlock
  • Impressive M1 Chip


  • Glitch
  • Less storage for heavy users

In my opinion, the storage of the product needs to be more for storing your documentation as there are a lot more files that need to be downloaded while installing an art app.

However, the other specifications and features are remarkable and should purchase for long time usage. Also, the price of this tablet is quite expensive but for all way, the long investment it’s worth purchasing as well as fulfilling all the requirements the best large screen tablets must have.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

  • High-class display with a very elegant and cool look.
  • Redesigned S pen with smooth performance.
  • Quick charging technology with the glossy S pen.

 This multitasking large screen tablet is available in the market with its best accomplishment and along with its all-new design.

Likewise, the tablet can convert itself from a tablet to an extremely beautiful portable computer and also in DeX mode and an elective keyboard all these things have not ended yet, they will also put on an expandable trackpad.

Moreover, at this moment they had accommodated a feature of a fingerprint sensor that secures your data and doesn’t allow anyone to seek your device without approval.

Along with this, a redesigned S pen with super-smooth performance and do the work of sketching, writing, and taking notes.

Likewise, the high processor, wifi, and blue tooth connectivity enhance the user’s gaming background of the user.

Similarly, it has the potential of fast charging and works for hours once it gets fully charged. Additionally, the standing screen display of the size of 11 inches is very perfect for an ideal view and took off almost no side effects on the eyes.

Also, it furnishes the maximum screen resolution of 2560×1600 and the RAM of 6 GB enhances the performance and the experience of both user and device.


  • USB C Port
  • Dolby Audio speakers.
  • Highly accessible.
  • Best picture quality.


  • CPU is a bit slow.
  • No audio jack.

I can say this is the best choice for students for their day-to-day work as its battery life is great which helps them to complete their assignments on time. S pen help to make sketches, take notes, and so on.

After that, if I talk about its overall performance this is all above the mark. However, you can see there is no headphone jack and adaptor which becomes a limitation for this product.

But this can be neglected if you are choosing this tablet for daily uses and it is the best tablet in the list of best large screen tablets.

3. Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S7

Staff Pick
  • Charming and elegant display colors with high-standard graphics.
  • Powerful battery with long battery life to work more and more.
  • Available in 4 beautiful and outstanding colors.

This huge screen laptop provides you with better visibility with outstanding colors indoors as well as outdoors and brings a better quality display with a screen size of 12.4 inches which is more than enough for a user.

Along with this, it is available in four very beautiful and bold colors which completely suit your personality and the colors are – Mystic Black, Mystic Green, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Pink.

The all-new S pen with providing your best performance with a smooth feel which helps you to jot down words, clip, tap, pause, and play.

Too, it provides you with a very long battery life through which you can work with ease for more time without any lags, troubles, and charging issues.

The high-speed Qualcomm SM7225 Octa Core processor enhances your gaming experience and provides you ultra-fast speed which provides more frames per second to first-person shooter games.

Furthermore, the high screen resolution of 2560×1600 pixels expands the picture quality and provides more suitability while playing games with high graphics.

The weight of the device is also very perfect is 1.34 pounds which makes it easy to carry anywhere and helps to do work from any of your workplaces.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • USB C port available
  • Affordable
  • Fast charging


  • Weak pen magnetic attachment
  • No audio jack

This is a good tablet as its storage, display, processor is all high performing which makes it a decent tablet for a day to day use purposes.

However audio jack is a necessity for playing a song and video loving people to understand well is absent in this also but still, you can count it in the best large screen tablets, and even for heavy users it fits well and you can surely go for this.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro-7

  • Unique design with high-resolution picture quality and smooth display.
  • Glamourous colors and brightness can be adjustable in any light.
  • Ultra-slim and light surface with Intel iris plus graphics.

This touch screen tablet is precise for everyone of every age category as its colors and a screen resolution of 2736×1824 is a graceful preference for all kinds of purposes.

Along with this, the high quality of this tablet adapts itself to the way you work no matter whether it is in your office, home, or any other workplace.

Its long battery life is up to 10.5 hours gives you nonstop work capability and also this surface pro 7 can easily convert itself from a tablet to a portable laptop.

The RAM of 8GB formulates a smooth experience with a high-speed processor, 12.3” touchscreen with pen input brings about photo editing, noting down words, and many other works amazingly well.

Similarly, the versatility gives rise to a multitasking experience for the users and also its Windows 10 operating system keeps the edited photos and documents safe in the cloud, you can easily upgrade to windows 11 for free whenever it is available.

Users can also play games and watch movies without any interruptions. The quality of being accessible makes it adequate for the users.


  • USB-C port is present.
  • No flex issues.
  • Headphone jack, for video editing
  • Long battery life


  • Keyboard and surface pen purchased separately
  • Screen freezes up

Though, in my opinion, this tablet is worth purchasing. If we talk about the performance, its long battery life makes you do work as much as you want.

The two dynamic colors platinum and matter black admire more and more to purchase. Overall, this laptop is good for every purpose. However, the screen freezing issue somehow becomes a demerit.

This laptop is good for day-to-day work routine and editing as well. You can try your hands once on this laptop.

5. Apple IPad

Best Pick
  • Outstanding design, with superior Display to suit your eyes.
  • Fascinating durability also works with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • New Apple pencil which is versatile and works so smoothly.

The new and improved design of this iPad makes you think again about what the iPad is capable of doing. The Liquid Retina display of 10.2 inches with ProMotion technology and True Tone strengthens your background of artwork.

It’s a highly modifiable technology admire to work from anywhere without any sort of respites.

The capacity of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB stores your arts and drawings material as long as you want. Along with this, a new face detection technique gives rise to a cautious and protected experience and will preserve your documents.

This multitasking iPad is best not only for drawing purposes but also for creating documents, taking notes, creating illustrations, and preparing presentations also the sound system is beyond assumption, with incredible profoundness and breadth, and richness.

Further, the camera quality and video quality of a 12MP camera with Smart HDR and 4K video at 30 fps or 60 fps are beyond the spectrum.


  • Flexible with a lot of accessories.
  • Unbelievable refresh rate.
  • Perfect size.


  • Slight bezels

In my opinion, this apple is simply the best-in-class tablet device. The screen is beautiful and amazingly fast and the apps prevail excellently.

However, it is expensive but for a long time purpose, one can finance it blindly. If you searching for a tab for a lifetime with a great experience for day-to-day tasks as well as other purposes you can surely go for it as it is the best large screen tablet.

Benefits for large screen tablets:

There are a lot of benefits to buying best large-screen tablets.  Some of them are going to be discussed in brief below which will help you to know more about them.

If you are thinking to purchase large-screen tablets for gaming or art purpose then it will help you by giving you more space and a comfortable screen to work on.

The display of large screen tablets is good and eye comforting through which you can work as long as you want without worrying about having problems in your eyes.

Large screen tablets have also the quality of being converted into a laptop just by adding a keyboard with it and you can enjoy a two-in-one facility by having a tablet as well as a portable and convenient laptop.

In this era, people are very concise with themselves only. In such a time period, these large screen tablets bring the family together.

You are able to watch movies and your favorite serials with your family together with comfort and ease. Hence, large screens help to bring the family together.

These days people usually prefer bigger screens to do work comfortably and who else hate big screens with such great features and specifications. Therefore, it suits people of various preferences.

They are not very much expensive. You can easily find in markets big screens tablets at a very budget-friendly rate.

This helps you to buy products within your budget without thinking about spending a lot of money. Also, it will provide you with all the requirements people looking for while purchasing tablets at such a convenient price rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does large screen tablets are harmful to the eyes?

We all have heard this thing that digital devices are harmful and may cause eye defects when we use them for a long duration of time but most large screen tablets have eye care techniques and are comforting to the eyes as they have the ability to adjust themselves in different lights. Hence, it is not that harmful as compared to other devices.

Are large screen tablets expensive?

It is not necessary that having big screens and high-performing facilities is always available at an expensive price rate. You can see that the list provided above all has very convenient and great features along with a budget-friendly facility. That’s why we can say that all large screen tablets are not expensive.

What are the main features we need to consider first before buying a large-screen tablet?

Before purchasing a tablet whether it is a large screen or not you must need to consider some of the points in your mind very clearly. The tablet you are going to purchase has good battery life, high resolution, and display, large storage, cool and aesthetic design, and a camera and must be budget-friendly. These are some points which you need to keep in mind.


We have seen how with the help of these best large screen tablets, you can do your tasks according to your convenience, with the help of these you will see an improvement in your skills. Also, now you will not have to wander to find the best large screen tablets and you must have understood which tablet is perfect for you. While telling about the specifications of tablets also keep an eye on their design and colors which is also an important factor while purchasing a tablet we have gone through all the important points of the tablet a person requires. Now it’s your turn to go and select the best large-screen tablets for yourself.

If you are looking for

  • Excellent sound quality
  • USB C port available
  • Affordable
  • Fast charging

You should definitely go for Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S7.

If you are searching for

  • USB C port
  • Long battery life
  • Headphone jack
  • No flex

You should definitely go for Microsoft Surface Pro-7.

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