6 Best Tablets for Reading

In this era of intelligence and technology reading books become outdated but still, it is an important source of entertainment.  From the age of five to fifty, every age category loves to read books whether it is hard copies or e-books on their mobile phone, PC, or tablet which they enjoy reading.

But the problem is, that not all the devices support e-books and will heat up the device and start compromising their performance.

For that, you need to buy a specific reading tablet or PC to enhance your reading experience as well as performance. So, here we are going to bind up some of the best tablets for reading along with their details.

At a Glance:

6 Best Tablets for Reading

DesignBest TabletRetailer
Budget Pick1. Lenovo Tab M10
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2. Fire HD 10
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Staff Pick3. Kindle Paperwhite
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4. Apple IPad Pro
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Best Pick5. Apple IPad Mini
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6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
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1. Lenovo Tab M10

Budget Pick
  • Thin and light in weight as compared to others.
  • Available in a very stylish look with three vibrant colors.
  • A lot of accessories are included with this.

This beautiful and attractive Lenovo tab M10 is super fast and easy to use. Along with this the standing screen display size of 10.3 inches is a good size that enhances your reading experience and suits your eyes very much.

The screen resolution of 1920×1200 pixels is quite decent for performing various functions as well as it provides you best pages vision of your favorite book and the so-called flexibility of this product is quite well. It will give you speakers through which you can listen to audiobooks as well.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Octa-Core Processor helps to perform enhance the performance of the device and make it fast for various other functions. The refresh rate of 2.3Ghz is outstanding.

Additionally, the storage of 4GB and 64GB is good to store your favorite books, articles, and other stuff for a long period of time. The weight of this tablet is 1.4 pounds which is highly handy and can be carried anywhere.


  • Multitasking ability
  • Works effortlessly
  • High sound quality
  • HD display


  • Single micro USB and HDMI port.
  • No USB and OTG adaptor

As Lenovo is a well-known company you can definitely invest in it. In my opinion, this tablet is decent, there is no major defect that makes it inadequate.

However, screen freezing and glitch are making it not worth it. Still, at such a low cost, those who need a tablet for no so efficient work and mainly for reading purposes can try their hands on it and can say it is the best tablet for reading.

2. Fire HD 10

  • Best performance with a rich and classy look.
  • Good battery along with ideal storage.
  • Ability to store data very prominently without any interruptions.

This beautiful and attractive Fire HD 10 is super fast and easy to use. Along with this the standing screen display size of 10.1 inches is a good size which enhances the experience of reading this much if the screen size is more than sufficient for reading your favorite books as long as you want.

The screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels is quite decent for performing various activities like reading books and the so-called flexibility of this product is quite well. On this tablet, you can read e-books through kindle also.

Along with this it is a lightweight device and can be carried easily all over any place chosen by the user.

Works nonstop for eight hours once you charge it and get back to a hundred very soon after plugging in the charger which helps you to watch movies, surf the web and a lot more facilities and also the super dynamic graphics smoothen your eyes and furnish a high-quality image of your books also.

Its weight is 1 pound which is easy to carry wherever you need to carry.


  • Helping hand Alexa
  • Super fast and bright
  • Octa Core Processor
  • Wireless Charging


  • Screen freezing
  • Connectivity issue

It offers you a lag-free experience and with this, you can truly enjoy reading books for so long in this. In my opinion, the performance of the tablet is good and can be purchasable but you can see some limitations also such as screen freezing and connectivity may become problematic very soon.

However, if you are going to purchase not for a life purpose then these would become the best tablets for reading.

3. Kindle Paperwhite

Staff Pick
  • Storage is more than sufficient to store your endless books.
  • This is the thinnest and the lightest device to read your books.
  • Designed based on a modern look and can be used for hours comfortably.

This device, Kindle Paperwhite is specially designed for readers who read a lot. This is highly featured according to the reader’s choice and requirements.

This is the thinnest and lightest device which provides you with a very comfortable feel and experience. Along with this, it has a super cool and elegant design with 330 pixels per image to provide you with the best quality image.

Moreover, it has also included a very unique feature that is it is built very finely with waterproof technology so that you can easily use it everywhere no matter whether it is the beach, pool, or your bathing tub you can freely enjoy your reading without being worry about damaging your device.

The storage of 8GB or 32GB is more than sufficient for the book worms to store your books, pdfs, files as well as your favorite audiobooks.

Furthermore, the device is also providing you audible features in the countries where it is available so that you can easily connect your Bluetooth, headphones, or any other listening device and can listen to your stories as long as you want.

The single battery which is built inside it works for weeks not only for hours.


  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Clear display
  • Smooth performance


  • Screen flickers
  • Slightly Skeptical

As this device is highly made for the reading point of you so you can go for it blindly. The performance and the experience of this product are very nice and unique as it is providing you a waterproof technology that is above the mark.

Additionally, the battery is so much that it lasts not for hours but for weeks. Sometimes the screen flickers but that too is manageable and has so many features it is highly recommended in this category and could be at the top of the list of best tablets for reading.

4. Apple IPad Pro

  • High-performing tablet with the ability to adapt to all types of surroundings.
  • Long battery life which ultimately provides the best performance.
  • Display that gives you a smooth experience with a classy look.

The Apple IPad Pro 2021 has a huge screen size of 11 inches which gives you a large display view and helps to enhance the reading experience as well as soothes your eyes.

The liquid retina XDR display of 12.9 inches is more than sufficient and beyond every limit. Moreover, the 5G fast-performing network provides you with a better and more smooth performance which helps you to download millions of books and any other applications faster.

Along with this Apple provides you with an amazing apple pencil and magic keyboard which will help you to turn the pages as well as note down important notes.

The operating system which is specifically designed for apple is IPad OS which is more powerful and better performing than the other android systems.

Two powerful cameras, 12MP wide camera, and a 10 MP ultra-wide camera provide you with the best quality photos and videos.

Furthermore, long battery life works all day long so that you can read books as much as want without any trouble or the stress of battery charging.

Along with all such features, the look and design are also no less than any other ones. This cool, classy, and elegant device is available in 2 different colors that is space grey and silver.


  • Ability to stay lifelong
  • Better sound experience
  • Face recognition unlock
  • Impressive M1 Chip


  • Quite expensive
  • Less storage for heavy users

In my opinion, the storage of the product needs to be more for reading purposes as there are a lot more files that need to be downloaded while installing any book app.

However, the other specifications and features are remarkable and one should purchase it for long time usage. Also, the price of this tablet is quite expensive so it does not fulfill all the requirements the best tablet for reading must fulfill.

5. Apple IPad Mini

Best Pick
  • Easy to use with versatility and high-performing technologies.
  • Multitasking, so that you can use more than one app at a time.
  • Consistent super smooth apple pencil with a high-quality magic keyboard.

This highly versatile, multitasking IPad allows you to do a lot of tasks like changing any documents while researching about it. Doing video calls to your loved ones and also you can attach a full keyboard for typing with ease and also connect a mouse or trackpad for a better experience.

The powerful processor and operating system IPadOS make it faster enough to complete your book reading without delay and you can read without any lag or freeze.

Moreover, the apple pencil helps to take notes and jot down as many words as you want because it has a huge amount of storage and RAM which stores each and every e-book easily for life long.

Along with all such tremendous features, you can also download numerous book apps and other apps through the help of the apple store without facing any type of trouble or difficulties.

The amazing stereo speakers give you so smooth and soothing sound quality which gives you an elegant feel on your IPad as well as an improved experience of audiobooks.

Once you fully charge your IPad you read up to 10 hours nonstop without taking the tension of plugging in into the charger again and again.


  • Wifi connectivity
  • Flexibility and durability
  • HDR 8MP Camera
  • Smooth performance


  • A bit expensive
  • Slightly Skeptical

All features of this apple iPad are unbelievable. Of course, it is faster than the other devices. The storage of the IPad is above marks.

However, as with all apple products, this too is a bit expensive and not a budget-friendly device but for high-budget people bibliophiles, this is incredibly awesome.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

  • Available very easily in the market with three very dynamic colors
  • High-class doubly sound quality for a classy feel and experience.
  • Slim, stylish with all-day-long battery life.

For a perfect display and eyes soothing colors, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a wide screen of 10.4 inches. It has 1TB of expandable storage which allows you to store book files and other documents for a long period of time.

Moreover, edge to edge smooth touchscreen with a very high refresh rate of 120Hz provokes you to read more and more with better facilities.

It has the ability to get converted from a tablet to a very prominent laptop and also can urge a keyboard with a trackpad for typing purposes.

Along with all such features, you can also download numerous apps from my galaxy store at your convenience without any trouble. It has a finger sensor which is highly safe and you can secure your personal data safely so that no one can able to see it without your permission.

Also, they are providing you storage of 128GB through which you can install endless books without worrying about storage.

It has a very powerful battery that works nonstop for hours once you fully charge it and also gets back to a hundred very soon after plugging it into the charger.

Likewise, the high screen resolution of 2000×1200 pixels improves the quality of the picture of your book with an improved display also the weight of the device is very convenient so that you can easily carry it whenever and wherever you want.


  • Bluetooth-enabled controller.
  • AKG squad speakers with Dolby audio.
  • USB C Port.
  • Netflix supports Bixby’s voice.


  • No headphone jack.
  • No adapter.

Across the board, this tab is multitasking and can do any work in our comfort. Yet the quality of the camera is not that reasonable and it is also not required if you are purchasing for reading purposes. You can go for this on time.

Overall, its screen and display are good, the pen is smooth but will get damaged very soon so it needs to be used very carefully and after seeing all the good features for reading purpose you can say this as the best tablets for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to purchase an expensive laptop for good specifications?

It’s a big NO. Literally, you do not need to purchase a costly laptop for more features and specifications as nowadays, companies produce laptops at a cheap price range with more features for users’ convenience

These tablets are good for sketching or drawing purposes?

It completely depends upon whether the pen comes with the tablet you purchased. So, before purchasing a tablet for artistic use, one must check its pen.

Does the tablet perform in games?

As this tablet has a high-speed 855 snapdragon processor, it can do most of your tasks very easily. It has the ability to divert itself actively from games to apps as per your convenience and a better experience.


 We saw which tablet can only be good for reading point of view in our everyday lives. In the lists given here, we talked about the specifications and features of some of the best tablets for reading.

If you are a low-budget person and you have to buy a tablet for your daily reading habits purpose, then you must pay attention to all these tablets once.

This will make your work easier as well as help you to know which device is best for you at your convenience.

If you are searching for

  • Long battery
  • Perfect display
  • Big sound quality
  • Strong wifi connectivity
  • Expandable storage

You should definitely go with Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

If you are searching for

  • A pen to jot down words
  • Long battery life
  • Along with an SD card
  • And also budget-friendly

You should definitely go with Apple IPad Mini

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