5 Best tablets under $500

Choosing a good tablet under 500 is a tough task though. These days, so many different types of laptops have come on the market that it becomes difficult to understand which tablet is the best.

To make this task easier, according to our study and research, we are going to present a list of some of the best tablets that will help you choose the tablet according to your convenience.

At a Glance:

5 Best tablets under 500

DesignBest TabletRetailer
Best Pick1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
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2. Lenovo Yoga Book
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Staff Pick3. Apple Renewed IPAD Air 2
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4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
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Budget Pick5. Apple iPad Air
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1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Best Pick
  • Great featuring with super AMOLED display.
  • Included a quick start Samsung S pen.
  • Available in a super dynamic design.

This mind-blowing superb tablet is not just for doing a particular task it is designed for multitasking purposes. Moreover, this is so elegant that it can be able to match anyone’s personality and will be very suitable for the users.

 Additionally, its large screen size of 9.7 inches will perfectly suit your eyes and will give a comfortable display view. Likewise, the screen resolution of 2048×1536 enhances the quality of the picture and this is more than enough feature to prove it as the best tablet under 500.

Yet, the RAM of 4 GB gives you enough storage to store your files, documents, and any other office or school work.

Along with this, it has a  handy quality which makes it portable so that users can carry it to the workplace very fluently without any troubles, and also this quality makes the tablet flexible to work anywhere at the user’s convenience. 

Furthermore, the all-new revolutionary S pen is just like a reward with this tablet, it has so many features and also you do not need to charge it. Along with this it can take notes, create drawings, and can navigate limitlessly.


  • High-quality quad speakers
  • Type C USB cable
  • Powerful adaptor
  • Voltage compatibility


  • No headphone 
  • A bit charging problem

This tablet is a good purchase for everyday tasks. Moreover, you must have a better work experience with this tablet. Along with this its high-performing speakers and RAM enhances your experience.

However, you might have a bit charging problem later which is highly unacceptable by some of the users, and also you can face some sound issues too. Overall, this tablet is good for low-efficient work.

It is cheap and gives most of the good features which make this tablet the best under 500.

2. Lenovo Yoga Book

  • Extremely thin and light in weight as compared to others.
  • Available in a very stylish look with three vibrant colors.
  • A lot of accessories are included with this.

At this price point, Lenovo did great work by introducing such a masterpiece to their users. This Lenovo Yoga book is completely different and its experience is also something which is unbelievable.

Moreover, the RAM of 4Gb and storage of 64Gb is an atom bomb for those who want to purchase it for day-to-day working aspects. 

Along with this, the company gave two camera facilities, one on the keyboard and the other on the screen as a rear webcam of 2MP.

Furthermore, Lenovo makes its selling innovative by indulging a Halo Keyboard and Create Pad for the convenience of the users.

Along with this it is a lightweight device and can be carried easily all over the workplaces chosen by the user.

If we talk about its standing screen size it is 10.2 inches which is enough for a good view and also the screen resolution of 1920×1200 pixels improves the picture quality and soothes your eyes well.

Additionally, it has a quality of 360° rotation and is able to convert itself into 4 unique modes- create mode, browse mode, watch mode, and type mode.


  • Multitasking ability
  • Works effortlessly 
  • High sound quality
  • Cinematic video performance


Having so many features at such a low price is no less than magic. In my opinion, this tablet is worth purchasing.  Moreover, when we talk about its specifications it surely gives a tough competition to the others of same price rate.

Similarly, the speakers which a not that much give but produce a great sound which is a plus point of this tablet.

However, for a writer or others who has to do a lot of typing work, there is a demerit in the keyboard, it produces little irritating sound and does not feel comfortable while typing.

Overall, you can purchase this tablet for short everyday work as it is available in very attractive and vibrant 3 colors which are gunmetal grey, carbon black, and champagne gold.

3. Apple Renewed IPAD Air 2

Staff Pick
  • Designed by the company flawlessly.
  • Outstanding performance with retina display 
  • So many features at such an affordable price rate.

The product is highly recommended as it provides your retina display with a screen size of 9.7 inches which is perfect for the users also this is very suitable for users’ eyes. 

Additionally, the resolution provided by apple is not comparable to any other devices, 1048×1536 able to provide you with a very nice picture and video quality without any interference.

Along with this, we all know the camera quality of apple’s device is more than sufficient and beyond any other’s. In this device also they are giving a 9 MP iSight Camera and a face time HD camera.

Similarly, the long battery life of up to 9 hours enhances the work experience, without taking tension of plugging in the device to the charger you can work all day long.

Other than this A8X chip and 64-bit architecture provides you great quality and performance without any limits and can work on it very long and lag-free.


  • Flawless perfect edges 
  • Fast charging 
  • Smooth performance 
  • Look wise great


  • Bit bezels
  • Glitch in typing

As Apple is a trusted company you can definitely invest in it. In my opinion, this tablet is decent, there is no major defect that makes it inadequate.

However, screen freezing and glitch are making it not worth it. Moreover, from a student’s point of view or those who need a tablet for no so efficient work can try their hands at it. 

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

  • Perform like a laptop with mobility like a tablet.
  • Beautiful super AMOLED display with clear performance. 
  • Incomparable superior graphics with a thin cornered pencil.

This outstanding two-in-one performing tablet has the ability to give you the feel of a portable computer also with this the tablet can instantly get transformed from a tablet to a PC, you can convert it by adding a keyboard to the built trackpad.

Moreover, the ability to do a lot of work together with immense speed is what makes it the best tablet under 500. 

As a gift they provide you a super fast performing S Pen which is very smooth as well as powerful to enhance the user’s work experience.

Along with this, it helps to pause and play the video, sign documents and write down notes as much as we want it to do. It can get attached magnetically behind the device.

Furthermore, it is handy and can be carried anywhere easily, and also it has the ability to work fifteen hours nonstop once it gets fully charged.

Too, the standing screen display size of 10.5 inches and a screen resolution of 2560×1600 strengthens its performance and gives users 100% output. It is available in the three most beautiful colors- rose, blue and grey.


  • Nicely fitting bezels
  • Smooth performing pencil 
  • USB C port present 
  • Good sound quality


  • Headphone jack absent 
  • Accessories purchased separately

This tablet is highly recommended for purchasing. Moreover, this is super fast and can not heat up no matter how much you use it. It suits all the requirements a tablet must have in it.

Along with this, a very versatile and smooth working S pen is a good feature. However, some of its accessories are sold separately and this is not a good thing.

Overall, these many features at such an affordable price made this tablet cum laptop the best under 500, and also it is a big go for the buyers.

5. Apple iPad Air

Budget Pick
  • Available with an apple pencil and a smart keyboard. 
  • Elegant design, thin and light in weight i.e. highly portable. 
  • High-quality display and huge battery life.

This high-performance iPad gives you ultimate comfort and mobility. Along with an apple pencil, they provide you smart keyboard with great functioning.

Also, it is light in weight and has a battery life of up to 10 hours making it suitable to be carried anywhere and work all day long.

Furthermore, users can download numerous apps through the apple store with the fast-performing and incredibly powerful A12 bionic chip.

Additionally, the bright and unbelievable display can let you read in any sort of light without trouble. 

Along with all this, the 10.5 inches retina display with true tone enhances the video and image quality and comforts your eyes.

Too, the high-quality resolution of 2048×1536 pixels improves the image quality and also great storage to store all the documents as well as pictures as long as you want.


  • The pencil support is nice.
  • The graphics are too good
  • Top performing speakers 
  • Affordable 


  • Bezels feel a bit uncomfortable 
  • Skeptical

All the features of this new apple iPad Air are incredible. Moreover, the storage of this device is very nice users can store as much as they want, and also it is definitely faster than other devices.

Its refresh rate is so high. Along with all these features, the apple pencil works smoothly and can be able to jot down notes as much as you want.

Additionally, it is budget-friendly and if you are thinking of purchasing it you should definitely go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tablets under 500 worth purchasing?

These tablets are budget friendly and are highly useful for everyday tasks. They will provide you with all the top-quality features which usually people search for inexpensive tablets. So yes, tablets under 500 are worth purchasing.

Are these tablets good for sketching or drawing purposes?

It completely depends upon whether the pen comes with the tablet you purchased. So, before purchasing a tablet for artistic use, one must check its pen.

Which is the best iPad or other companies’ tablets?

To be honest, if we talk about iPads they are above all companies but are expensive. For a budget-friendly tablet, you can go with Samsung or Lenovo, they too are providing great features at fewer price rates. So, both are good and it all depends upon your budget and requirements.


In this article, we have seen that which are the best tablets under 500 and which have better features. 

In this, we talked about some of the tablets which are best according to your need and convenience.

 After going through this list, you must have known which tablet is the best performing and better suits you. Hope you liked the given information and it helped you.

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