5 Best Tablets with Keyboards

Choosing the best tablet with a keyboard is the same as finding a pin in a bunch of hay. These days, so many different types of tablets have come on the market that it becomes difficult to understand which tablet is the best.

You need to keep in mind its RAM, Display, Resolution, Memory, and a lot more things which we are going to discuss.

To make this task easier, according to our study and research, we are going to present a list of some of the best tablets that will help you choose the tablet according to your convenience.

To clear all your doubts and confusion here we are going to present a list of all the best Tablets with a keyboard along with their features and specifications a person must know about before buying it.

At a Glance:

5 Best Tablets with the keyboard

DesignBest TabletRetailer
1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
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Best Pick2. Microsoft Surface Go 2
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3. Apple IPad Air
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Staff Pick4. Microsoft Surface Pro-7
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Budget Pick5. Google Pixel Slate
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1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

  • High-class display with a very elegant and cool look.
  • Redesigned S pen with smooth performance.
  • Quick charging technology with the glossy S pen.

This multitasking large screen tablet is available in the market with its best accomplishment and along with its all-new design.

Likewise, the tablet can convert itself from a tablet to an extremely beautiful portable computer and also in DeX mode and an elective keyboard and all these things have not ended yet, they will also put on an expandable trackpad through which you can enjoy using a tablet as well as a laptop at your convenience.

Moreover, at this moment they had accommodated a feature of a fingerprint sensor that secures your data and doesn’t allow anyone to seek your device without approval.

Along with this, a redesigned S pen with super-smooth performance and do the work of sketching, writing, and taking notes.

The high processor, wifi, and Bluetooth connectivity enhance the user’s gaming background and will provide a smooth controlling experience.

It has the potential of fast charging and works for hours once it gets fully charged with the help of which you can work all day long without worrying about the charging.

The standing screen display of the size of 11 inches is very perfect for an ideal view and took off almost no side effects on the eyes.

Also, it furnishes the maximum screen resolution of 2560×1600 and a RAM of 6 GB, Storage of 128 GB enhances the performance and the experience of both user and device.


  • USB C Port
  • Dolby Audio speakers.
  • Highly accessible.
  • Best picture quality.


  • The CPU is a bit slow.
  • No audio jack.

I can say for doing day-to-day work and also heavy work this tablet is able to do both as its battery life is great which helps them to complete their tasks on time. S pens help to make sketches, take notes, and so on.

After that, if I talk about its overall performance this is all above the mark. However, you can see there is no headphone jack and adapter which becomes a limitation for this product.

But this can be neglected if you are choosing this tablet for daily use and it is the best tablet in the list of best tablets with a keyboard.

2. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Best Pick
  • Unique design with high-resolution picture quality and smooth display.
  • Glamourous colors and brightness can be adjustable in any light.
  • Ultra-slim and light surface with Intel core m 3 processor.

This touch screen tablet is precise for everyone of every age category as its colors and a screen resolution of 1920×1280 pixels is a graceful preference for all kinds of purposes.

Along with this, the high quality of this tablet adapts itself to the way you work no matter whether it is in your office, home, or any other workplace.

Its long battery life of up to 10 hours gives you nonstop work capability and also this surface goes 2 can easily convert itself from a tablet to a portable laptop.

The RAM of 8GB formulates a smooth experience with a high-speed processor, a 10.5” touchscreen with pen input brings about photo editing, noting down words, and many other works amazingly well.

Similarly, the versatility gives rise to a multitasking experience for the users and also its Windows 10 operating system keeps the edited photos and documents safe in the cloud, you can easily upgrade to windows 11 for free whenever it is available.

Users can also play games and watch movies without any interruptions. The quality of being accessible makes it adequate for the users.


  • USB-C port is present.
  • No flex issues.
  • Headphone jack, for video editing
  • Long battery life


  • Keyboard and pen sold separately
  • Screen freezes up

In my opinion, this tablet has all the abilities to do work better than others and make it worth purchasing. If we talk about the performance, its long battery life makes you do work as much as you want.

The very dynamic color platinum is admired more and more to purchase. Overall, this laptop is good for every purpose. However, the screen freezing issue somehow becomes a demerit.

This tablet is good for day-to-day work routine and editing as well. You can try your hands once on this tablet.

3. Apple IPad Air

  • Available with an apple pencil and a smart keyboard.
  • Elegant design, thin and light in weight i.e. highly portable.
  • High-quality display and huge battery life.

The graphics and the display of this iPad give you an outstanding experience, as well as a high-performance iPad, giving you ultimate comfort and mobility. Along with an apple pencil, they provide you with a smart keyboard with great functioning that satisfies your drawing with ease.

Also, it is light in weight and has a battery life of up to 10 hours to draw for a long period of time to complete tasks with the weight of 1 pound making it suitable to be carried anywhere and work all day long.

Furthermore, users can download numerous apps through the apple store with the fast-performing and incredibly powerful A12 bionic chip.

The bright and unbelievable display can let you draw as well as read and write in any sort of light without trouble.

Along with all this, the 10.9 inches retina display with true tone enhances the video and image quality and comforts your eyes while performing your work.

The high-quality resolution of 2048×1536 pixels improves the image quality and also great storage to store all the documents as well as pictures for as long as you want.


  • The pencil supports are nice.
  • The graphics are too good
  • Top performing speakers
  • Affordable


  • Bezels feel a bit uncomfortable
  • Skeptical

All the features of this Apple iPad Air are incredible. Moreover, the storage of this device is very nice. Users can store as much as they want and also it is definitely faster than other devices.

Its refresh rate is so high. Along with all these features, the apple pencil works smoothly and can jot words down as much as you want.

Additionally, it is budget-friendly and if you are thinking of purchasing it you should definitely go for it as this is the best tablet with a keyboard.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro-7

Staff Pick
  • Charming and elegant display colors with high-standard graphics.
  • Powerful battery with long battery life to work more and more.
  • Available in a very elegant and classy platinum color that suits everyone.

The very versatile and adjustable tablet fits itself in every condition, you can carry it anywhere whether it is your house, office, or any other place, this compact lightweight tablet manages itself in any condition.

The standing screen display is very large and it is 12.3 inches along with this the graphics of the device is so good that it gives a more profitable experience while playing games, watching movies, reading books, and so on.

The screen resolution of 2736×1824 and a maximum screen resolution of 1920×1080 clarify the display view and provide a high excellence display with leaves almost no harmful effects to your eyes so that you can work on it as long as you want.

The high-speed processor of the Intel 10th generation core and the RAM of about 8GB DDR4 improve your working experience and you’ll enjoy working on this.

In addition to this, the battery life of 10.5 hours is more than enough to furnish the ability to work for long-lasting without disturbance due to the windows 10 operating system enhancing performance as well as working.


  • Almost zero flex issues
  • USB C port available
  • Micro SD reader present
  • Headphone jack present


  • Face recognition is slow.
  • Bezels a bit

In my opinion, when we talk about its battery, operating system, camera, graphics, and all the other features are very different from others and also great performing.

However, there is a bit issue with the face recognition unlock system. The looks and the design are also classy as well as catchy.

After all such features, we can say this is the best among all the best tablets with keyboards.

5. Google Pixel Slate

Budget Pick
  • High-performing tablet with the ability to adapt to all types of surroundings.
  • Long battery life which ultimately provides the best performance.
  • Display that gives you a smooth experience with a classy look.

This multitasking google pixel slate is super fast and easy to use. Along with this the standing screen display size of 12.3 inches is a good size which enhances drawing, sketching, making portraits, reading, watching movies, and other work experiences.

The screen resolution of 3000×2000 along with 6 million pixels is quite decent for performing various functions and the so-called flexibility of this product is quite good.

It is used with a pen that is highly smooth and pressure-bearing with high durability.

The improved design of the stylus which is free of battery with the finest nibs of the pen helps you to sketch or draw more smoothly and enhance the work experience with the superior performance the functioning of the keyboard is great and would be used for various purposes.

Along with this, the company is also providing a stand and a pen holder which is no less than a great reward. The very versatile and multi-functioning pen holder keeps the pen and its nibs safe.


  • Improved designs
  • Highly affordable
  • Beautiful and smooth working
  • Bright and vibrant colors


  • Stylus and keyboard sold separately
  • Quite hang issues

In my opinion, the display and resolution of this tablet are quite good and valuable. The graphics and the color of the screen are above marks.

However, there is a demerit that the keyboard and pen need to be purchased separately through which its cost will be more than the other products of the same range.

Overall, its performance is good and you can purchase it if you have a large budget. You can go for it as it could be the best tablet with a keyboard.

Benefits of the keyboard in a tablet:

If we look in-depth at this we can see that there are a lot of benefits of having a tablet with a keyboard. Some of them we will discuss below.

A tablet with a keyboard is commonly called a two-in-one, but the question arises is why it is called two in one this is due to the double performance of the device as it works as a tablet and when it is connected with a keyboard physically it works as a laptop.

And we all know that who else doesn’t want it when they get a facility of two for only one price.

If we talk about affordability, tablets have fewer features than laptops and if we get both at a low cost, what is better than this? Here you can enjoy both the facilities at one cost.

Such devices do not have any specific heavyweight and these are highly portable and have the ability to fits in each and every environment according to the user to provide the best performance and work which will help you to do work perfectly.

We will see that laptops which have attached keyboards are not touch screens and whenever we need to do touch screen work we use our mobile phones. However, when we talk about these two-in-one tablets we can see both the facilities of touch and type together.

If we talk about its design and look all the companies are improving designs as well as look as per the competition of being best.

Every day you can see 2-3 companies releasing their best and improved product which has facilities better than the previous one.

These 2 in 1 device which works the same as a tablet as well as a laptop will provide the same functionality as an expensive laptop.

All the features of display, Resolution, graphics and storage are the same as a laptop with the best performance and low price.

You can also consider this as an effective and better learning source through which you can take or give online classes while at the same time you can also note down important points in the classroom.

And this will also help you to recall all of them while giving your tests or exams.

Along with a keyboard, you will also get a stylus or you can say a pen which is very versatile and will help you to jot down words, sketch, draw, and other useful purposes.

Some of the companies also provide you with a pen holder and a magnetic power to stick the pen with the device so you cannot lose it and will always keep it safe.

It is easy and comfortable to use for both easy users and hard users as it has all the important and necessary facilities which a tablet needs to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of the keyboard?

When we talk about its uses there are several uses of a keyboard like in typing and doing the other works which you have to do on a laptop. A keyboard will convert your tablet into a very versatile laptop that is portable and would be used in every aspect.

What should be the qualities of a stylus?

There are a lot of qualities your stylus must have but some of the most important ones are- your stylus must be able to manage pressure, and the most important thing is it gives you the pen paper feel and works smoothly.

Which features need to be considered first while purchasing the best tablet with a keyboard?

The main features you need to consider before buying the best tablet with a keyboard are- the display along with resolution, including a stylus of good quality, long battery life, color adjustment, and the supporting stand with a tilt facility.

Are tablets with a keyboard expensive?

It is not necessary to have a big screen and high-performing facilities are always available at an expensive price rate. You can see that the list provided above all has very convenient and great features along with a budget-friendly facility. That’s why we can say that all large screen tablets are not expensive.


We have seen how with the help of these best tablets with a keyboard you can do your tasks according to your convenience, with the help of these you will see an improvement in your working skills. Also, now you will not have to wander to find the best tablet with a keyboard and you must have understood which tablet is perfect for you. While talking about the specifications of tablets we also keep an eye on their design and colors which is also an important factor while purchasing a tablet we have gone through all the important points of the tablet a person requires. Now it’s your turn to go and select the best tablets for yourself.

If you are looking for

  • Excellent sound quality
  • USB C port available
  • Affordable
  • Fast charging

You should definitely go for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

If you are searching for

  • USB C port
  • Long battery life
  • Headphone jack
  • No flex

You should definitely go for Microsoft Surface Pro-7.

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