How To Easily Split Your iPad Keyboard

Split Keyboard makes typing a breeze on your iPad, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to split your keyboard. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily split your keyboard and start enjoying the app!

What are the Different Ways to Split an iPad Keyboard?

There are a few different ways to split an iPad keyboard. The simplest way is to use the built-in dividers in the keyboard case. However, this method may not be ideal for everyone. If you want more flexibility or if your keyboard case doesn’t have dividers, you can also use a physical separation tool or piece of tape. 

Finally, if you simply can’t live without a separate keyboard for your iPad, there are a few options available on the market. One option is to buy an external keyboard that plugs into your iPad via USB cables. Another option is to buy an iPad stand that includes a separate keyboard.

How to Split the Keyboard on an iPad

If you find yourself frequently splitting your iPad keyboard to type on both sides, this guide will show you how to easily do it. 

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad.
  2. Under General, tap Keyboard.
  3. Under Keyboards, tap and slide the Keyboard Split button to the left or right.
  4. If you want to keep the original keyboard layout, tap on the Keep Original Keyboard Layout button and press OK. If you want to switch to a split layout, press on the New Split Keyboard Layout button and press OK.

The Best Way to Split Up a Touch Screen Keyboard

If you’re like most people, your iPad keyboard can get a little cramped when you’re trying to type. And if you’re using an external keyboard, it can be a pain to carry around. 

There are a few ways to easily split up your iPad keyboard:

  1. Use the Split Keyboard feature in the iOS Settings app. This will divide the keyboard into two parts: one for typing text, and one for navigating around the iPad’s interface. 
  2. Use an app like Keyboard Maestro or Split Keyboard Pro. These apps allow you to easily split up your keyboard into multiple sections, so you can type with both hands free. 
  3. Use a Bluetooth or USB keyboard connection instead of an Apple-provided one. This allows you to use any standard keyboard with your iPad, regardless of manufacturer.

What are the Advantages of a Split Keyboard?

When you’re using an iPad with a split keyboard, you can have both hands free to do whatever you want. This is great for typing long emails, working on projects, and more. Additionally, a split keyboard lets you use two different apps at the same time without having to switch between them. Finally, a split keyboard can help you save space on your iPad by allowing you to combine different apps into one larger app.


If you’re like most people, you use your iPad keyboard often to type lengthy paragraphs or documents. But if your iPad keyboard is split in two, it can be a little difficult to type with one half of the keyboard while the other half stays put on the screen. Luckily, this process is easy to follow and will have you typing quickly and easily once again in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I split my iPad keyboard?

There are a few different reasons why someone might not be able to split their iPad keyboard. The most common reason is that the keyboard has become stuck together. If you have tried everything else and your keyboard still won’t split, you may need to take it to an Apple Store for repair. Another possibility is that the adhesive that holds the keyboard together has worn down over time. In this case, it might be possible to remove the entire keyboard and replace the adhesive with a new one.

Why is my iPad keyboard splitting into two separate keyboards?

There are a few reasons why your iPad keyboard might be splitting into two separate keyboards. One possibility is that you’re running out of space on the main keyboard. If so, you can try deleting some of the text or images from the keyboard and see if that resolves the issue. Another potential cause is that you’ve installed an app that uses the fullscreen mode and occupies all of the space on the keyboard. In this case, you’ll need to remove the app or adjust its settings so it doesn’t use up all of the space on the keyboard.

How can I easily split my iPad keyboard?

There are a few ways to easily split your iPad keyboard.  One way is to use the Split Keyboard option in the Keyboard menu in Settings. This will create a new keyboard with two separate sections. You can then drag and drop the sections where you want them on the screen.  Another way is to use the Copy and Paste feature in Keyboard settings. This will copy the current keyboard layout to a new location, and you can then delete the original keyboard layout.

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