Why My Roller Ball Mouse Is Better than Your Mouse

It is by no means a commonly used device, but the roller ball mouse is by far a more advanced piece of technology than whatever sliding mouse you use. Unfortunately, people get so caught up in the common practices of their fellow man, causing them to overlook superior things such as roller ball mice. Not only do they look way more unique and function 10x better than a typical mouse, but they are far more user friendly than you might realize.

Roller ball mouse

Ease of Use

Do you ever get sick and tired of sitting at your desk all day? Do you ever just wanna lay in bed with your laptop to bust out those couple of annoying emails but know that if you did so, then your mouse would be rendered useless and you’d have to resort to using the crappy mouse pad on your laptop? Well, then you’re lucky you stumbled across this post. Let your inefficient practices of the past stay exactly where they should be… in the past, thanks to Logitech’s Roller Ball Mouse.

Upgrade your mouse, and your life as a whole, by doing yourself the favor of buying a roller ball mouse. Let being restricted to your computer setup be a thing of the past with the greatly increased usability of a roller ball. Not only can they be used anywhere, but they look damn good doing it! All you have to do is have the mouse in your hand and you can compute in any way you choose.

Hold it behind your back, hold it behind your head, it doesn’t matter to us because they are MADE for it! Screw mouse pads, say goodbye to desktops, and never look back unless you want to because your roller ball mouse lets you walk away from your setup and work from wherever the heck you want!

It has only 4 buttons in total. The two obvious ones that are used for clicking on stuff and opening menus, and two that are used to scroll up and down webpages without dragging the slider. It literally could not be any easier to use. The only possible downside is that it is nearly impossible to get consistent with aiming weapons in video games. But if that isn’t a problem for you, then you have nothing to worry about aside from the 15+ years you have wasted not using a roller ball mouse.

Simplicity of a roller ball mouse

These puppies come with multiple pads on the back that help keep it in place. All you have to do is have the device in your hand, and you can scroll as much as you want. The roller ball pops out with as little effort as it takes to crack open that Mountain Dew bottle sitting next to you right now. Then all it takes is a cleaning rag or just your finger to clear away any debris that has accumulated, and your mouse is all but brand new.

Sick of your mouse breaking because it is a fragile piece of crap? Well, these monstrous mice are only less destructible than one thing, a Nokia Cellphone. Drop it on the floor, throw it at your wall, bash your head with it, it doesn’t matter. These things take tons of abuse and still keep on that grind. The only thing you have to worry about while using these god-like mice is all the phone numbers flying at you from dime pieces that want a piece of your superior intellect and grasp of efficiency. It is that simple.

What are you doing with your life?

If you still are not convinced that these things of beauty are not for you, then what are you doing with your life? Do you enjoy making yourself suffer!? Do you not want to save time and effort because you have some half-baked, child-like idea of what a roller ball mouse is? It is ABSURD! Put down that crack pipe, open yourself up to some minor changes, and redeem all of the mistakes you have made in your life by purchasing the best piece of computing equipment money could buy. Do it for you, you deserve to be happy once in a while.

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