5 Of the Best Rated Gaming Chairs on Amazon

Gaming chairs have become a staple for PC gamers and many console gamers. Amazon has a great selection and includes some of the best rated gaming chairs currently on the market. Not only do they offer additional support than other chairs, but they also offer additional features while looking much cooler. While your typical office chair can get the job done, it would not get that job done as comfortably or with as much style.

There are many different types of gaming chairs out there with different features for better or for worse. Amazon has an excellent selection, and our goal here is to provide you with Amazon’s best rated gaming chairs as expressed by true gamers who have tried these chairs for themselves.

Amazon’s Top 5 Best Rated Gaming Chairs

GTRACING Gaming Chair

  • The GTRacing Gaming Chair is made for convenience. With two Blutooth speakers and built in surround sound system you can connect your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth device to enjoy your games or music without having to use any other devices.
  • With its ergonomic design comprised of a strong metal frame and high-quality Smooth Pu leather upholstery and a padded seat cushion made of high-density foam, you will experience maximum comfort.
  • Seat height is adjustable, as well as the arm rests.
  • Bluetooth speakers have 16 hours worth of charge before needing a recharge.
  • Adjustable seat height, with 90 to 160 degree reclining.
  • 360-degree swivel and removable headrest.
  • This chair is made for extreme comfort and convenience. The additional features and extremely high rating make it one of Amazon’s best rated gaming chairs available on the market.
best rated gaming chairs

Zeanus Gaming Chair

  • This chair comes in high quality PU leather, which provides a skin-friendly, immersive gaming experience.
  • Big and tall ergonomic design makes the Zeanus adjust to the natural curves of your back, providing support and maximum comfort.
  • As you recline in the chair the armrests move with it, allowing for more comfort even at different angles.
  • Neck-protecting headrest design adds even more support, and the wide lumbar pillow provides additional comfort for extended gaming sessions.
  • Comes with a built-in footrest that can be extended while reclined or while sitting upright.
  • This chair supports up to 300 pounds and can be adjusted vertically up to 4 inches.
  • Smooth gliding wheels allow it to move easily across any home surface.

Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Amazon’s top rated gaming chair

  • This is Amazon’s best rated gaming chair currently available on the market.
  • Big and tall design with 3D lumbar support pillow and magnetic headrest that can adjust up or down.
  • Heavy duty design made of pu leather, level 3 gas tods, metal removable feet.
  • Supports up to 450 lbs.
  • Hand embroidered logo on the front and back.
  • Arm rests can be adjusted up, down, wider, more narrow, or even angled.
  • 60 degrees of recline.
  • Not only is this chair good looking, but it is top of the line in terms of quality, with a few improvements over other chairs in regard to the materials used to make it.

Sweetcrispy Gaming Chair

  • If you are looking for a more practical chair, then this lightweight and smaller chair could be what you want.
  • It only weighs 30 lbs. so moving it around is a piece of cake.
  • Pu leather with thick padded cushion that is concave to fit the curve of the hip more comfortably.
  • 4 inches of adjustable height (18″-22″) and 90 degree flip up armrests help to save space or provide extra support while seated.
  • Lock mechanism on the bottom allows for rocking the chair and comes with full 360-degree base swivel.
  • Made of sturdy chrome-plated metal with a maximum load-bearing of 275 lbs.
  • Comes with all hardware and is easily assembled in 15 minutes or less.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • The Devoko high back ergonomic gaming is chair covered by premium breathable leather and freely adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillow for added protection for your spine and neck.
  • 360-degree swivel with top quality rolling wheels to avoid scratching floors.
  • Heavy duty design with integrated metal frame and international standard explosion-proof gas spring.
  • Suitable for playing video games, watching movies, office work, and even lying down to rest.
  • Easy lock-tilt adjustment with recline angle adjuster.
  • Relieves the tired feeling that build up over extended periods of working or gaming.
  • Weighs only 45 lbs.
  • Supports up to 300 lbs.

Why Did We Choose these Chairs?

Amazon offers a wide variety of gaming chairs. Many of the chairs they offer have exactly the same features, with quality as the primary differentiator. The chairs that we picked out not only have some additional features that give them a leg up on the competition, but they are made with the highest quality that Amazon has to offer.

We also took into account the number of reviews customers provided for each of the chairs, and these 5 had both the largest number of reviews as well as the highest overall ratings. This ensures that each of these chairs is of the highest quality and should give buyers the confidence that they will receive a top tier product.


This list is comprised of the best rated gaming chairs on Amazon. Each were hand chosen as the top of the line based on the number of reviews it received along with the overall rating. Between the 5 of these chairs, you will have the ability to pick out exactly which features you’re looking for. Whether it be tall backed, wider than usual, lighter design, built in footrest, adjustable headrest, lumbar support, armrests, etc. these 5 chairs have it all covered.

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