10 Best 4k projectors under $2000

The 4K projectors are a great pleasure gadget for gamers, cinema lovers, businessmen, teachers, office presenters. Before the commencement of 4k projectors, there were many issues such as the need for high resolution for clarity, graphic detailing, low contrast ratio, etc.

Now after the launch of 4K projectors, above -mentioned issues have been resolved as well as increased brightness, high sharpness has been added to the picture. The fact is that the more pixels, the more definitive the picture contents are.

You need to find the best 4k projector under 2000 dollars that is budget-friendly to complete the basic needs of the consumer. In this article, we will find for you the best 4k projectors under 2000 which are feasible and under your budget.

10 Best 4k projectors under $2000


1. BenQ 4K TK 800M Home Theater Projector


  • Powerful brightness and custom colors
  • Strengthened audio surrounding sound
  • Inbuilt sports mode for a clear view
  • Many connections port and jacks in the rear portion
  • Compatibility with maximum available devices

The BenQ is an extraordinary representation of the 4K projector. Also, the quality of delivering high-quality graphics makes it stand in the row of best home theatre projector under 2000.

Ultimately, the BenQ projector is compatible with your laptop, gaming console, Amazon fire tv stick, Apple tv, set-top box, etc.

BenQ projector comes with a 4K-optimized lens array technology for better focal adjustment. The lens of the projector comes with a low-dispersion lens coating to offer you the best viewing experience.

Now talking from the point of a video lover, watching Netflix, amazon prime videos or YouTube videos might be great fun for the user. Next, coming to the light point of view, the projector shows its versatility here.

Its ability to display a perfect picture in low as well as high brightness light proves its versatility. Finally, looking at the sleek look of the remote, the structure is quite handy and works well with a great range of coverage.


  • Brighter than the brightest
  • Outstanding HDR
  • Sports Mode
  • Crystal clear picture


  • Streaming apps feature absent
  • Dolby Vision or HDR10+ absent

If you are a sports lover, then this projector is the best-suited one for you. A higher projection range makes BenQ projector suitable for the living room. Its high-quality display enables you to view with the best clarity. Moreover, if you are a player with an Xbox then go for it.

A Netflix or Amazon prime user might get disappointed due to the absence of a streaming app feature.

2. Optoma Home Theater Projector


  • Full HD screen with crisp to color display
  • Power-Packed speaker base
  • Multiple ports for better connectivity
  • Sharp array in dim and bright light conditions
  • Compact but reasonable

Optoma Home Theater Projector is rated as one of the best projectors under 2000 dollars. A game-centric projector has been launched in the market by Optoma. Since many customers have rated this projector as the best home theater projector under 2000, hence Optoma projector is pocket friendly too. With a high custom range of colors to display, the Optoma projector is a pleasure to watch on.

Generally, 4K projectors are a bit heavy and sturdy in size, but this projector is a great deal. A compact and slender design makes it portable to carry.

Even after proving its compliance, the Optoma projector can be connected with several devices. These devices are Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku TV, laptop/PC, set-top box, and many more. Additionally, a huge number of ports are provided on the rear side for connection.


  • Sharp, vibrant 4K images
  • Luminous enough in daylight
  • Many connection ports
  • Versatile in terms of compatibility


  • Needs a huge room
  • Impoverished built-in speaker sound

Gamers, here is the best of the all-time projector for you. With high display and screen resolution, the Optoma projector is the best-fitted projector in your pocket. Eventually enabling the user better quality in the daytime as well as the night.

Due to non-adjustable short-focus lenses, you need a large room and some external speakers for a great experience.

3. Epson Home Cinema 4010


  • Highly adjustable lens, furnishing overall uniformity in focusing
  • Unique pixel shifting feature introduction
  • High optical zooming options
  • First best in an 80 inches screen
  • Better contrast features

Epson home cinema 4010 is one of the glorious presentations by Epson. To minimize the rainbowing effect, Epson has developed a 3LCD technique. Under this technique, an even scattering of red, blue, and green colors takes immense pleasure to watch.

Also, 3 axis precision monitored lens provides a remarkable focus with clear video graphics. The true design winning hearts is the sliding door lens cap, which auto shifts in two portions when the projector is on, and vice versa when it’s switched off.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • 4K elaborate and color
  • Versatile lens focus
  • Very silent


  • No HDR playback
  • Huge size

If you are a cinema lover, then you are choosing the right match for yourself. While sitting at home you want a feel of a cinema theater, then Epson home cinema 4010 is the best home theater projector under 2000.

Catch your popcorn and sit in a big hall, setting a cinematic atmosphere. If you are looking for a game-centric projector, this is not an exact fit.

4. BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector


  • Great broad vision screen
  • Zoom system modifies to fulfill focus adjustments
  • Optimized zoom ratio to provide excellent focus without blurring the clarity
  • High sound quality

BenQ Enhanced Color Mapping technology guarantees that colors are automatically coordinated to reflect nature when in energetic colors.

While viewing DCI-P3 4K Blu-ray movies, this enhanced tone mapping proposes an enormous contrast range to highlight every piece from 4K Blu-rays as well as streaming the best videos for remarkable cinematic satisfaction.

Moreover, the outstanding resolution of the 10-element lens array furnishes considerable light penetration for long-lasting 4K intensity with remarkable color accomplishment, transparency, and sharpness across the whole screen.

Also, 5 audio modes, comprising Game Cinema, Music, Sports, and User, guarantee sound is flat and tuned according to your content.


  • Ultra HD feature
  • Higher sound reach
  • Different mode for a different mood
  • Higher lamp life


  • Lesser sharper display
  • Lower resolution

BenQ projector favors 24 frames per second playback to protect the actual image and depicting your 4K movies with the correct beat. If the cinematic projector is your preference then this projector is the best 4K projector under 2000. Due to the low lighting of 2000 lumen, game graphics may break and spoil the show.

5. Optoma X600 XGA Projector


  • DLP display technology
  • XGA native resolution
  • IR remote mouse control with laser
  • Full digital connectivity with DisplayPort and HDMI ports

Optuma projector provides amazingly sharp XGA resolution presentations/graphs with vibrant colors and intense, clear text, video, and graphics.

Effortlessly gives the proper brightness level essential for usage in medium / large rooms with adequate light – including office meeting rooms, school college classrooms, and lecture halls.

Also, the projector offers a remarkable arrangement of connectivity options and comprises Crestron Room View for long-distance control and management of up to 250 projectors.


  • High lightning enables clarity
  • Variability in connections
  • Compact design and handy
  • Various ports for cable connection


  • Low resolution
  • Fade vision in daylight

Projection offered by Optoma X600 projector is best for office meetings and business presentations as well. Hence this projector proves itself as one of the best 4K projectors under 2000.

Meanwhile, the projector provides a great finish in color variance. for the gaming experience, it is not suitable as the background feels somewhat diminished. Now, for cinema and home theater enthusiasts, the projector is not fit due to the faded vision and blurring of graphics.

6.  ViewSonic X10-4K Projector


  • 4K UHD resolution with second-generation 0.47-inch TI DLP chip
  • LED light sourcing with the life of 30,000 hours
  • Attractive case with carrying handle for transport
  • Doubles as Bluetooth speaker system for mobile devices

 The ViewSonic X10-4K gives decent 4K picture quality at such a low price. This projector impresses users with its portability and compact features but is a thrill for home theater buffs or gamers.

Also, ViewSonic made no statements for the projector’s color gamut after Rec. 709. ViewSonic claims that the projector is aided with  DCI-P3 color up to 83%. The projector is installed with DCI-P3 range along with minimum subtle zoom and high lens shift capacities, as well as offers better contrast.


  • Alexa and Google Assistant voice control
  • Full 3D compatible
  • Good in both daylight and darkness


  • Medium contrast/HDR performance
  • Input lag is too high for serious gaming

For cinematic lovers, watching Netflix prime series is great fun. Alexa and google assistant feature also enabled. Gamers may find traditional projectors that give decent image quality and arrangement flexibility.

7. LG HU70LA Cine Beam Projector


  • Features as a Smart Tv
  • Google Voice assistance
  • LG inbuilt apps for smarter work

LG is a brand name that users trust for the best electronics. LG projector has an inbuilt feature that comprises an LG smart TV interface, TV tuner, Google Assistant and LG ThinQ voice commands.

These features enable us to imagine that tv is placed at the price of a projector. This projector works well for office presentations and business work.


  • Long-life LED light engine
  • Eight color wheel for SDR; five colors for HDR
  • Inbuilt Digital TV tuner and LG smart TV feature
  • Google Assistant onboard


  • Medium contrast/black level for dark-room
  • No 3D support

A 4K Ultra HD Smart projector may be used as a Smart TV. The LG CineBeam HU70LA is mainly focused on everyday consumers such as businessmen or project presentations than conventional video lovers and dark-room home theater fans.

The HU70LA provides a comforting impression for ambient light. LG projector keeps its promise of acting like a large screen Smart TV that’s also portable enough.

8. Optoma UHD30 Projector


  • Ultra detailing by maintaining sharpness
  • Anti-flicker feature especially for gamers
  • Brighter white and darker black feature
  • High clarity with color boosting

 One of the excellent projector put forward by Optima. The projector claims to be the true 4K ultra-high definition with high lighting technology. Now, HDR 10 feature enables the user to adjust contrast according to their mode of usage.

Also, the modes presented are bright, standard, film and detail. These modes set brightness sharpness color ratio and contrast accordingly and leave the user mesmerized.

A special mode is there for gamers. Now this game display mode boosts the darkness of the shadow and darkens the background for a clear view. Finally, a projector with Dark black technology makes shadows darker and bright colors brighter.


  • Various ports for connection
  • High range of connectivity y
  • Long lamp life
  • Color booster for sharpness


  • Need a small room for a better view
  • Quite bulky in size

Since it had a lightning-fast speed with an anti-flicker feature, hence suits fit for game-centric. The sharpness feature enhances the gaming experience. Also, a game-centric projector. Since businessmen need a portable one, it is not suitable for them.

9. BenQ HT3550i Home Theater Projector


  • Streaming apps feature Netflix, amazon prime etc.
  • Wireless streaming from smart TV, Android TV or personal computer
  • Ok Google assistance
  • Google play services
  • Cinematic Color Technology present

BenQ brings a better competitor in the market for the best projector under 2000. Lens shift technology at such an affordable price is rare in the market. Moreover, you get a 100-inch screen view with color precision technology.

The basic colors are red, blue, green; accuracy is spellbinding. These two features are the basic center of attraction of the BenQ home theater laptop and hence makes it one of the best projectors under 2000 dollars.


  • Hand-free assistance as Ok Google
  • Lens shift feature
  • Amazon prime at just one click


  • Medium contrast ratio
  • Not so bright

“All that glitters is not gold” idiom fits here perfectly as the BenQ 3550i home theater projector gives outstanding detailing and color precision and seems to be poor in brightness and contrast. Thus, the graphics/ picture quality is quite weaker.

10. Sony VPL-HW45ES Home Theater Projector


  • Rainbow effect minimizer
  • 8 color modes and one customizable User mode
  • Normalize the difference between color and whiteness
  • Streaming app features

Sony, a brand that is known for its electronics. Meanwhile, Sony here presents one of the best projectors under 2000. The Super Resolution technology which is the portion of Sony’s Reality Creation video processing is amazingly placed in this projector. This technology brings out every detail in the picture.

Many picture control settings are being provided as usual basics like contrast, brightness, hue, color temperature and gamma.


  • 24 frames per second display rate
  • Auto lens focus
  • Dark technology too present


  • Speaker does not have noise cancellation
  • Heavy and bulky

If you are looking for good sound quality and picture experience as a cine lover then it’s a great choice. For office work, the projector seems to be bulky as well as the need for a greater room for the presentation.

Why we need it:

As the beginning of the 4k projector started in the early 2000s, the need for replacing old slide projector started increasing day by day. The old slide projectors used to project pictures with low sharpness and lower picture quality. After the onset of 4k projectors in the market, many such problems got resolved.

Gradually, 4K projectors represented a high contrast ratio with higher sharpness and clear graphics. Now, projects are not only used for office purposes but also for creating a cinematic feel at home. Also, the game passionately uses this projector to view this on a big screen with great amazement.

Benefits of using best 4k projectors under 2000

As we have seen, 4k projectors have crystal clear graphics on a high resolution. This effect causes a cinematic and mesmerizing effect on the viewer. The basic needs are as follows

  • Imitating a cinematic occasion
  • Most intense and colorful pictures for streaming, gaming, sports, presentation and meeting.
  • High-quality screen display
  • Pocket friendly
  • Conventional picture quality limitations not applicable
  • HD quality graphics
  • No more Rainbow effect
  • High contrast ratio enables lesser constraint to eyes

Things to consider before buying a 4K projector (Buying Guide)

While searching for the best 4k projector under 2000 dollars, you need to keep in mind some of the following facts:

Projection type

Based on the type of projection, projectors are categorized as DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

Since DLP projection-type might show the better result for office workers, teachers (for student demonstration), those who work as file presenters. While this LCD projection-type would suit better gamers and cinema lovers.

Light source

Lamp source is basically of 3 types: Lamp, LED and Laser. You need to choose according to your need for a projector. Lamps need to be replaced after some time, hence it is not preferable by many.

Whereas LCD seems better for gaming and home theatre like experience. Also, Laser should be preferable for file presentation, graph and image demonstration.

Light output/ brightness

For projecting a clear picture, a projector needs to get sufficient brightness. This brightness is measured in terms of ANSI Lumen. Higher the lumen, the brighter image

Contrast ratio

A feature of a 4k projector that supports brightness. The higher the contrast ratio, the sharper the image will be. The contrast ratio higher than 1500:1 is a better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the better contrast ratio for the 4k projectors?

 The contrast ratio is one of the defining features for sharpness and clarity. Being very particular about the contrast ratio, the minimum need should be 1500:1. If this increases to 2000:1 then it is excellent.

 what is a rainbow effect?

The Rainbow Effect is a scene where a user witnessing a casted picture recognizes flickers of color beside the image rather than watching a crisp and clear picture, the viewer sees color blots in the frame.

 Does the 4k projector support 1440p?

 Yes, these 4k projectors are different from conventional slide projectors. The pixel range for 4k projectors ranges to 2160p.


Looking at the needs of a varied range of users from gamers to cinema lovers; a business project manager to office presenters, we have listed the best 4k projector under 2000.

While keeping in mind sharpness, clarity, sound quality, streaming app feature etc.

Finally, viewing and researching the above list of 4k projectors, we have finalized the best of 2 products for you. These are Sony VPL-HW45ES Home Theater Projector

Optoma UHD30 Projector. These are the best in the above list as they are loaded with outstanding standing features such as Google assistance, higher contrast ratio, high watt inbuilt speaker, clear picture even in daylight.

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