8 Best Projectors under $400

Are you looking for a projector with all the latest features but you have a tight budget?  Well then do not worry because here is a list of the best projectors under 400. In addition all the listed projectors have been honestly reviewed. You only need to specify your particular needs and then choose the projector that suits your needs from this list.

Finding the right projector for yourself is not an easy task. Therefore in order to make your work convenient here is a list of the best projectors under 400. You can choose any from this list and you will not be disappointed.

8 Best Projectors under $400

1. ViewSonic PA503W Projector
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2. Optoma S33 4E
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3. Epson home theater projector
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4. Yaber Native 1080p projector
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5. 3 stone multimedia projector
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6. Anker Pocket Projector
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7. Apeman M4S mini projector
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8. Asus Zen Beam S2 portable projector
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1. ViewSonic PA503W Projector


  •  Versatile projector
  • Easy setup
  • Long lamp life
  • Flexible connectivity

The ViewSonic PA503W comes with mind blowing performance in almost all the aspects ranging from visuals, battery life, brightness and many other important factors. The best feature of this projector is that it creates a clear picture in every environment without distorting the image. To sum it up this projector is the best projector with all the desirable features and it comes at a very affordable pocket friendly price.

The brightness of this projector is awesome and it can project bright and clear images even in bright sunlight. In addition the resolution and picture quality is also up to the mark. One drawback that you will face with this projector is its loud fan noise. Although at this price you are getting great features and this one drawback can be ignored.

Another awesome feature of this projector is that it is ultra short throw and can project clear and big images from a very short distance. Hence this projector is the best for small rooms. Moreover this projector comes with a remote control that is easy to use and you can operate your projector through it from a long distance.

Furthermore the lamp life of this projector is extremely great and you do not need to replace it anytime soon. There is also a provision of eco mode and the projector switches to eco mode on its own when the projector is left idle for just 5 mins. Hence this projector saves the lamp life even more.


  • Big screen setup
  • 2 watts internal speakers
  • 3D Bluray HDMI input


  • Loud fan noise

The ViewSonic PA503W is the best projector in the market that is available under 400. This projector has a native resolution of 1280×800 , is user friendly and it comes with a 200 watts lamp with an awesome brightness of 3,600 lumens. In addition this projector comes with a proprietary super color technology and a 6 segment color wheel that produces amazing quality images.

This projector is very compatible and can be connected with multiple devices. Moreover its keystone function helps in producing images free from any distortion. There can be no better projector in the market at this price range. It is the value for money deal and this projector is worth buying.

2. Optoma S33 4E


  • SVGA resolution creating bright images
  • High brightness
  • Various connectivity options
  • Portable size

The  Optoma S33 4E is yet another best projector available under 400. It can project images upto the size of 120 inches from a distance of just 18 feet’s. The brightness is also great at 3,800 lumens. Additionally the 203 watts lamp of this projector can reproduce the color gamut of Rec. 709.

Furthermore the projector has a contrast ratio of 22,000:1 which means that this projector has brighter white and richer black shades. Also the HDTV color gamut along with high contrast ratio helps in producing life-like images with rich and vivid colors. Moreover the images produced are flicker free that is the result of 144 Hz rapid-refresh rate.

Additionally the distorted images are removed by the vertical keystone feature. Not just the image quality but the audio quality is also decent. The 10 watts in built speakers produce crisp sound that is loud enough for a room filling experience. Hence there is no need to attach any external device.

This projector also helps in saving power as it switches to eco mode when it detects inactivity. In the eco mode the projector saves power up to 70 percent. This further helps in improving the lamp life for upto 15,000 hours. Therefore not just the price range of this projector is less it is also maintenance free making it even more pocket friendly.

Moreover this projector also has a wide array of options for connectivity. It has input options for 3D blu ray disc players, 3D broadcasting and gaming consoles. Henceforth this projector is also very compatible and also user friendly.


  • Great sound
  • Supports 144 Hz rapid-refresh rate
  • Great contrast ratio


  •  Long throw distance

The Optoms S33 4E projector is the most versatile and portable projector under 400 and offers great value for money. When you consider its extra bright lamp it is too good to be under 400. Even the more costlier models do not provide such a level of brightness. In addition it can be used for multiple functions such as in the office, or in the classroom or for watching movies in your home. This projector will work best for all purposes.

So this is one of the best deals available in the market therefore grab it as soon as possible. You can buy this projector without thinking twice as its cost is negligible when compared to its features.

3. Epson home theater projector


  • Stunning picture quality
  • Best in class color brightness
  • All digital HDMI connectivity
  • Easy setup
  • Built in picture skew sensor

The Epson home theatre projector is the least expensive projector of the manufacturer. But the low price does not mean there is any compromise on the quality. In fact this projector offers great features for its price.

This projector can produce 3,300 lumens of brightness which is great at this price. 3,300 lumens means that this projector can produce clear images even in a well lit room. Wide range of inputs such as the cable box, blu-ray player, and gaming consoles, via HDMI. in addition this projector also supports Mira casting for devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. This helps the projector to produce images wirelessly from your phone or other devices.

Most of the projectors in this price range come with only vertical keystone correction but the Epson home theatre comes with two dimensional keystone correction. In addition it has a range of 30 degrees in both directions. This helps in producing distortion free clear images. It dramatically reduces the trapezoidal effect and is done automatically. It can also be adjusted manually for better quality.

Moreover the wired LAN allows you to manage your projector from your web if both are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Additionally this projector is compatible with several projector control systems making it compatible and easy to operate.


  • Easy to operate with remote
  • Easy to mount on the ceiling
  • Suitable for offices, classrooms, home theaters


  • No case available

The biggest perk of this projector is its image quality and the keystone feature that never lets any image distortion happen. Additionally its HDMI inputs allows a variety of devices to be connected with this projector. This projector is the best for home theater purposes and creates images that are hassle free.

The reason why this projector stands out among its other competitors is its exceptional image quality and great brightness. It comes with a perfect contrast ratio and color accuracy.  Hence this gives you an amazing and enjoyable time.

4. Yaber Native 1080p projector


  •  Innovative 4K keystone
  • 1080p native resolution
  • Hifi stereo sound
  • Latest advanced cooling system

The Yaber Native 1080p projector is the most versatile projector under 400 as it comes with so many diversified options to make the image as clear as possible. The final image that is produced by this projector is so high in quality and is very bright and clear. Best feature of this projector is its 50 degree 4D vertical and horizontal keystone correction. This feature ensures that the image produced is free from all the distortion and is always a standard rectangle.

In addition this projector comes with a real native resolution of 1920×1080. This means that the image produced is the best and is razor sharp. Moreover the brightness of this projector is also great and is more than all the other projectors at this price range. The brightness is rated at 7200 lumens. This means that the image produced is bright enough to be clear even in bright sunlight. Hence this projector is suitable for both indoors as well as outdoors.

Another amazing feature of this projector is its high contrast ratio that is rated as 10,000:1. This means that the images produced are detailed and there is no downscaling or compression. Furthermore the lens used is an innovative high refraction 5 layers glassed lens. This ensures that you get the best video experience with exceptional quality.

The projector comes with built-in 3 watts dual stereo speakers with SRS sound speakers. The sound quality is amazing and gives you a room filling sound experience. Therefore there is no need to attach any external speakers as the sound of this projector is enough.

Not just that this projector comes with an advanced cooling system with 3 fans that produces absolutely no noise. Additionally this projector also comes with an eco mode through which you can save the lamp consumption for up to 1,00,000 hours.


  • Perfect picture accuracy
  • Various connectivity options
  • No strain on eyes
  • Three year lifetime professional support


  • No optical zoom

This is an absolutely amazing projector and its features are too good for its price. In addition to its amazing picture and sound quality it also comes with various connectivity options. It comes with various input ports and can be connected to firesticks, Chromecast, TV box, PC, laptop, Tablet and many more.

Not just that this projector projects big size giant images. It is the best projector for home entertainment and you can even use it outdoors in your backyard. Also it comes with 6 months back and 3 years professional support.

This is one of the best projectors in the market and comes at a very negligible price. You can buy this projector without giving it a second thought.

5. 3 stone multimedia projector


  • Wireless screen mirroring and miracast
  • Blu-ray high transparency glass
  • Crisp watching experience
  • Wide compatibility

The 3 stone multimedia projector is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones and can be connected to them wirelessly. It can also be synchronized with your phones via USB. Hence this projector is going to help you save money as you do not need to buy any extra HDMI adapter to attach your phone to the projector.

In addition to its high compatibility this projector comes with a full glass lens that makes sure that the light is presented fully in its purest form. In this way the light is not presented without any loss and the image produced is so pristine and accurately represents the image with accurate color and details. Moreover this also safeguards the image from any heat interference.

Furthermore this projector comes with an upgraded lens brightness of 4500 lux. In fact this projector is 80 percent brighter than other projectors at this price range. Hence the image produced is very bright and clear even in a well lit room. The resolution of this projector is 720 pixels which is great. Hence you will enjoy a great cinematic experience.

Not just that the contrast ratio of this projector is also amazing. It is 3000:1 which is not bad and helps in projecting clear and detailed images. Moreover the lamp life is 30,000 hours which is also great and makes this projector maintenance free for a very long time.

Icing on the cake is its great sound quality. It is equipped with 5 watts hi-fi built in stereo multimedia speakers. The sound quality is really good and you do not need to attach any external speakers with it, at least if you are using the projector in a medium sized room. There is also a dual channel cooling system that prevents the projector from overheating.


  • Awesome sound quality
  • Dual channel cooling system
  • Easy to install in multiple ways


  • Little bit noisy fan

This is another excellent projector under 400 and has some of the bests features. It produces crystal clear images as it has great brightness and contrast ratio. The high transparency of this projector is the most distinguished feature of this projector. Due to this feature the images produced are free from all the distortions. In addition it comes with a dust free protection that saves the projector even more.

The reason why it stands out is because of the excellent wired and wireless connections. Moreover it is portable and you can carry it with you anywhere. These features make it the best projector under 400 and this is one of the best deals available in the market.

6. Anker Pocket Projector


  • Seamless touch controls
  • Ultra portable design
  • 100 inches big screen projection
  • Vivid colors and great picture quality

The Anker Nebula projector is the smallest projector in this price range. Although its small body does not mean it lacks any features, in fact it contains so many multimedia features in its small body. It has the capabilities to project images from external sources and can even work as a speaker to play music through your smartphone. Moreover you can operate this projector through either built-in control panel, a remote or even through your android or IOS phone by using the nebula connect app.

This projector also comes with a built in android system bringing a wide array of all android apps to your projector system. Furthermore this projector has a long battery life making it the best portable projector.

Additionally this projector uses a DLP based light engine and employs LED light sources. The lamp life of this projector is 30,000 hours which is awesome. The brightness of this projector is also pretty decent and hence produces clear images. The 6 Watt single speaker inside this projector has such a great sound quality that it can also work as a Bluetooth speaker without projecting the image.


  • Easy to carry
  • Budget friendly
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Various streaming options


  • Not suitable for large spaces

The Anker pocket projector is the most portable and compact projector under 400. It is of the size of a palm and can be carried anywhere easily. The features of this projector are also great. Although the brightness is less than other traditional projectors, it still works well in a medium sized room and in dim lights. Although it is not meant to be used in open spaces or bright lights.

Apart from that the image quality is great and the sound quality is also awesome. It can be connected to multiple devices and can be used to stream various apps like the Netflix and the prime video. Moreover it is extremely affordable and pocket friendly.

7. Apeman M4S mini projector


  • Pocket size
  • Projects large screen
  • Adjustable brightness
  • 40 degree keystone correction

Do you need a projector for your camping trip? Or do you enjoy watching movies with your family on a big screen? Then the Apeman M4 projector is the best device for you that is very very affordable.

The Aperman M4S mini projector comes in a stylish box along with a mini tripod, a HDMI cable, an AC Charger and a USB charging cable. This projector looks great and is so small that it can easily fit in your hands. Its weight is negligible, nothing more than an empty plastic box. Moreover it can even fit in the pocket of your pants.

So this projector does not have a lot of features like the other big budget projectors do. But it has enough features to fulfill your entertainment needs. Besides that the features it provides are great according to its price.

The battery backup is amazing and hence it can be carried anywhere without the need of any power source being available. It comes with a 50 lumens LED lamp which is not bad at this price and can work well in dark or a dim lighted room. Additionally the contrast ratio is also decent and is  1,000:1.

Furthermore the HDMI inputs available in this projector are compatible with almost all types of devices. Although there is no availability of any sort of Wi-Fi connectivity, not even Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  But this projector is really easy to set up. You just need to take it out of the box, connect the HDMI with your laptop or smartphone and you are good to go.


  • Decent sound
  • Nice contrast ratio
  • Very compatible
  • Pocket friendly


  • No wireless connectivity

The biggest advantage of the Apeman M4 mini projector is that it is really tiny and can be fitted even in your pockets. Well it does not offer a lot of features but whatever it does is best and is great according to its price. Moreover it is enough for the purpose of family entertainment and works well.

So if you are looking for a projector for the purpose of watching movies with friends or family and do not want to spend much then the Apeman M4S mini projector can be a really nice option for you.

8. Asus Zen Beam S2 portable projector


  • 500 lumens of light output
  • Great power backup
  • Fast 3ms Auto focus
  • 2D keystone

The Asus ZenBeam S2 projector makes your experience better than you could imagine. It has a brightness of 500 lumens and a resolution of 720 pixels and hence helps in creating a perfect image on the screen. In addition it comes with 100% NTSC color saturation which means that the projected image has vivid and rich colour that appears exactly life-like. 

Moreover this projector comes with a short throw lens and has the ability to project big images from a very short distance. This projector even comes with a portable power backup that can charge your phone devices also. This is the most distinguished feature of this projector. Additionally with eco mode on the portable charger can be used for upto 3.5 hours.

Furthermore the installation of this projector is also very easy and it comes with all the modern adjustment features. It comes with a fast 3ms autofocus as well as 2D keystone correction. It helps in preventing any image distortion as well as helps in easy rotation and swiveling.

Additionally this projector is compatible with all the devices be it your smartphone or a gaming console. In fact it also supports wireless mirroring.


  • Portable charger
  • Can be connected to all devices
  • Pocket friendly
  • Short throw lens


  • Time for charger used could be improved

This projector is an absolutely amazing device and can be carried with you anywhere because of its compact design. In addition it comes with all the latest functions such as the 2D keystone. In addition its portable battery backup makes it worth buying.

This is a worth buying device and comes at a very affordable price. If this device fulfills your projector requirements then go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there a rainbow effect in a projector that is low in price?

If you worry about the rainbow effect you should not get a DLP projector and instead you should buy a projector with 3LCD or LED technology.

Is humidity a factor you should consider while buying a projector?

All electronic devices are affected by the humidity in the environment, so is the projector. It basically affects the lifespan of a projector. Therefore if you want to increase the life span of the projector you must consider the amount of humidity a projector can take.

Is the eco mode really worth it?

Yes the eco mode is great for saving the energy and hence increasing the lifespan of your projector by up to 50 percent.


For your reference 8 best projectors under 400 have been mentioned in this article. Every projector in this list has one or the other distinguished feature and you can choose any that suits your needs. All of them are great in quality and are not going to disappoint you at all.

The only thing that you need to do is to identify your needs. Ask yourself for what purpose you need the projector and then see what kind of projector from this list fulfills that. After that just get that projector because you will not find a projector better than the one mentioned in this list under 400. They are the best and the most affordable projectors available in the market at this point of time.

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