8 Best Sports Projectors for Enthusiasts

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you have an obsession of watching all the incredible moves with as much detail as possible?  Do you also feel that your TV is unable to meet these requirements?  But you do not want to invest much for a cinematic experience?

Then do not worry, the solution to all these dilemmas is a sports projector. Even if sports is not your thing a projector might be really useful for you.  And if you are a gamer even then a projector might be the greatest equipment for you.

Therefore for your convenience here is a list of the best projector for sports along with their honest review. If you have never bought a projector you must consider certain features before buying it.

First thing that you must consider is its resolution. For the best image quality you must look out for full HD or the 4K projector. More the pixel resolution, the more will be the clarity. So you must look for a projector with more resolution at a lesser price.

Second feature that you must consider is the contrast ratio. The contrast ratio makes the color quality of the image better and helps in distinguishing between black and white. You must look for the projector with a bigger contrast ratio as bigger the contrast more will be the image quality.

Third thing that you should consider is the brightness of the projector. Again brightness is another factor that determines the image quality. More the brightness, the brighter the image will be. In addition the projector with high level of brightness can work well even in a well lit environment. Hence you must look for a projector with more brightness.

Another feature that you should consider is the screen size. Screen size refers to the size of the image a projector can produce. Therefore you should look for a projector that projects a decent size of image that suits your needs the best.

When you go to the market to buy the best sports projector you will be awestruck after seeing the huge number of projectors available in the market. Hence in order to make your work easy here is a list of the best projector for sports. You can choose any projector from the list that suits your needs the best and it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed.

8 Best Sports Projector

1. Acer H7850 4k projector
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2. Epson Home Cinema projector
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3. Vivitek Qumi Q6
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4. BenQ HT2550 HDR projector
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5. ViewSonic X10
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6. Optoma UHD 42 4K projector
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7. Vava 4k UST Laser projector
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8. ViewSonic M2 Portable projector
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1. Acer H7850 4k projector


  • 4k with Ultra HD resolution
  • High dynamic range
  • Great brightness
  • Two In built speaker

The Acer H7850 is the lowest price 4k Ultra High Definition home theater projector. The low price of this projector does not mean its features or quality is any less. In fact this projector uses 0.66 k UHD DLP technology and a RGB color wheel.

The resolution is rated at 3840×2160 which is great for its price. In addition the contrast ratio of  1,000,000:1 is quite incredible. Not only that, this projector is ISF certified and even the color modes that come with the projector are ISF day and ISF night.

This projector is really amazing for its price and delivers appropriate details and provides a realistic looking image. Moreover it also supports 3D features which adds on to its already great qualities.

Furthermore the projector is easy to set up and comes with a 1.6x zoom lens and vertical lens shift. These two features make its placement exceptionally easy and flexible.  Another great feature of this projector is its brightness. It is bright enough to fill large screens without compromising on picture quality.

The lamp life of this projector is 40000 hours which is great. Higher lamp life means that this projector does not need any maintenance and bulb replacement any time soon hence making it pocket friendly.

In addition to the image quality the audio quality is also decent. In most of the projectors you need to attach external speakers. But in this projector the on board audio is great and has 2 inbuilt 5 watt speakers. The sound quality is good and is enough to fill a small room.


  •  1.6x zoom lens
  • Supports ISF color calibrations
  • Modest vertical lens shift
  • 4000 hours lamp life


  •  No keystone correction

The Acer H7850 comes with great features at a very affordable and pocket friendly price. Its greatest feature that makes it the best projector for sports is its high 4K UHD resolution. Other advantages is its great zoom and vertical shift along with very high brightness.

One of the drawbacks that you will find in this projector is that it does not support 3D images. But when you analyze the features of other projectors with 4K resolution you will find that most of them do not have 3D features. Therefore this can be neglected.

Therefore when we compare the qualities of this projector with its price it is the best deal for you. So if you are looking for the best projector for sports, Acer H7850 should definitely be in your consideration list.

2. Epson Home Cinema projector


  • Pro UHD with 4K enhancement technology
  • Advanced 3 chip, 3 LCD design
  • Ultra white color gamut
  • 100% balanced color brightness

The Epson home cinema projector comes with 4k enhancement technology which means that it accepts 4k UHD content and also upgrades the non 4k content and makes it look like 4k. This feature helps the projector to project life like images with vivid colors. In addition it projects images with resolution that even exceeds full HD and is hence a projector with best image quality.

Moreover the 3 chip and 3 LCD design ensures that there is no color wheel, no white segment and no rainbow effect. This feature further ensures that the image quality is at its best and does not get distorted.

Not just that this projector comes with High dynamic range and ultra black contrast which means that this projector delivers a wide variety of color output. In addition the contrast ratio of 1000000:1 ensures projection of minute details in both light and dark.

Furthermore this projector comes with the technology of ultra wide colour gamut which means that the projector delivers the 100% of the 3 dimensional DCI P3 color gamut. Hence the projector projects images with so many colours hence it projects life like images making your sports experience very dynamic.

The brightness of this projector is another plus point. It comes with 100 percent balanced color brightness and hence it produces vibrant and rich colors even in a well lit room or even outdoors in the sunlight.


  •  Wirelessly transmit 4k content
  • Delta level color accuracy
  • 3 axis precision


  • Average sound quality

The Epson Home cinema projector is the best projector for sports as it projects every image with every little detail as well as rich colors. It produces razor sharp images and is compatible with almost every type of content. It accepts all forms of 4k and mostly all types of non 4k contents as well.

In addition no color wheel means there will be no image distortion or rainbow effect hence making it the best projector in terms of image quality. Not just that this projector also features 3D projection making it best for sports.

Moreover this projector is also easy to set up and comes with a preset for upto 10 positions for motorized focus. This is a result of 2.1x zoom and the ultra-wide lens shift. Therefore you can place the projector anywhere and then can adjust the image size and shape accordingly. This means there is no need to move the projector back and forth making it convenient to operate.

Therefore this projector is the best projector for sports as it comes with great picture quality and is user friendly. Hence if you have been looking for the best projector for sports Epson home cinema projector can be one of the besets options for you.

3. Vivitek Qumi Q6


  • WXGA native resolution
  • Great brightness
  • Awesome contrast ratio
  • Multimedia wi-fi display
  • Built-in 2 watt speakers

The Vivitek Qumi Q6 is one of the most lightweight palmtop projector that has a very smart body too. This projector comes with built-in wi-fi as well as 4 GB of internal memory. Moreover this is a portable projector and can be carried anywhere therefore with this you can enjoy your favourite sports anywhere anytime.

This projector comes in an eye-catching rectangular case with round corners. Apart from the good looks this projector uses DLP technology with WXGA native resolution. In addition it has a brightness of about 800 lumens.

One drawback of this projector is that it has no optical zoom. Nevertheless it has a keystone and a zoom that can be adjusted digitally through a remote control. Also this projector is compatible with a wide variety of inputs. It has two HDMI ports out of which one supports MHL that can be used to stream videos from smartphones or tablets. Additionally it has 2 HDMI cables, one is regular and the other one is a mini HDMI for connecting to mobile devices. There is also a USB type A port.

This projector comes with a mini credit card size remote control that can be used to access the projectors menu. There is also an option of Easy cast pro on the home screen. It can be used to cast IOS or Android devices wirelessly using an easy cast pro app.

Another great feature of this projector is that it supports 3D content. One of the drawbacks that you will face in this projector is the rainbow effect. Other than that this projector is great. Also the in built 2 watt speaker is not that great and for decent quality of sound you need to attach external speakers.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Supports 3D format


  •   rainbow effect

One of the best features of the Vivitek Qumi Q6 projector is that it is one of the most light weighted projector available in the market. If you are looking for the most portable projector then this can be one of the options for you. In addition the image quality is also great. When it comes to sound you need to attach external speakers but you need to do that for most of the other projectors as well. Therefore this is one thing that can be ignored.

In addition the kind of features it has are great for its price making it the best deal for you. Also when it comes to the best projector for sports the foremost quality that it should have is best image quality. The Vivitek projector fulfills this quality really well and hence you can go for this one.

4. BenQ HT2550 HDR projector


  •  True 4K UHD resolution
  • HDR10 support
  • Cinematic color technology
  • Smallest and lightest 4k HDR projector

The BenQ HT2550 is one of the best projector with 0.47 UHD DLP chipset technology. In addition this projector is also 3D enabled unlike most of the other 4K projectors. But the 3D mode works only in 1080 pixels native resolution.

Besides that this projector is very portable as it is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 10 Lbs therefore you can carry it with you anywhere. Although its small size does not mean it does not offer good sound, in fact this projector has 2 in built speakers with a robust room filling sound.

Another amazing feature that most of the competitors of this projector does not have is the keystone adjustment. That helps in preventing any distortion in the image produced. In addition this projector has an awesome level of brightness of 2200 lumens. This means that the image produced is exceptionally bright and can even project a clear and bright image in a well lit room. It comes with an exceptional bright factory calibration.

Furthermore this projector comes with bright color functions. Although it does not have any color modes unlike other projector it has only simple on and off. When you switch off the color mode it can save the lamp life for upto 20 percent. Not only that, there is an economic lamp mode that reduces the lumen output by 34 percent. Hence these features help in saving power and in turn increases the lamp life.


  •   Uniform brightness
  • No fan noise
  • Great on board audio
  • 3 years warranty


  • Green bias on the screen

The BenQ HT2550 projector is the best projector for sports as it offers 4k resolution at a very low price. This feature, especially the one supporting 3D format, is not available in any projector at this range. Therefore this is the best projector for all those looking for the best picture quality along with 3D features and have a tight budget.

In addition to the best picture quality it has other great features such as the 1.2x zoom for a range of short distances. This makes it a very compatible projector. Not just that this projector has great sound quality. Also this projector is extremely portable. Hence it is an all in one device and you must get this if you have a tight budget.

5. ViewSonic X10


  • 4k ultra HD
  • Cutting edge LED lumens technology
  • Smart voice control
  • In built Harman Karson speakers

The ViewSonic X10 is the smartest projector in the market and it has even won the IF design award for its handsome design. This is a very compact and lightweight projector which has been made even more portable because of its attached handle. The projector comes in a matte grey color with a touch of brown giving it a very retro yet modern look.

Not only is the design great but this projector also claims a brightness of 2,400 lumens which is exceptional for its size. In addition this projector comes with a 4k UHD resolution as well as the RGB LED engine. Hence the picture quality of this projector is decent and bright as well as clear.

This projector comes with a lamp life of 30,000 hours making it maintenance free and cost efficient. In fact when we compare its lamp life with other projectors in this range it is exceptional. The screen size is also decent and is 120 inches making it a perfect projector for sports.

Additionally you can take this projector outdoors and use it anywhere because of its super compact design. Furthermore it comes with inbuilt harman kardon speakers with great sound quality. The sound quality is so great that you do not need to attach any additional speakers with it.

This projector is super compatible and can be connected to both Alexa and Google assistant. Additionally it comes with an easy setup hence making it user friendly and saves you from all the compex steps of setting up a projector.


  •   Bluetooth compatibility
  • Short throw
  • 4 core processor
  • CFI for sports viewing


  • High input lag

The Viewsonic X10 projector is the greatest projector for all the sports enthusiasts out there with not just the great image quality but also the most awesome sound quality. In addition it has the smartest design out of all the projectors available in the market. It is also compatible with almost all the devices and picture formats.

In addition it comes with inbuilt wifi and further enhances your choices. You can also connect your playstore to this projector and download whatever you want. Hence it can also work as a replacement to your smart TV.  You can also mirror your android or IOS phone with this projector.

Not just that it comes with great color modes, each one for your different needs. One drawback of this projector is very high input lag making this projector not suitable for gamers. Although this projector is great for watching sports but is not suitable for playing games. Therefore if you are looking for the best projector for sports the ViewSonic X10 can be one option.

6. Optoma UHD 42 4K projector


  •  Low input lag
  • Out of the box color
  • 4k UHD resolution
  • Very affordable

There are a lot of projectors in the market with 4K and UHD resolution but one place where they all lack is in providing a low input lag. This is where this projector wins form all its competitors as it is among the very few 4k UHD projectors that provide a low input lag. Hence this feature makes this projector best for all the gaming enthusiasts.

This projector uses the DLP technology and is a pixel shifting 4K projector. Therefore this projector does not only provide great home theater experience but is also best for the purpose of gaming. Most of the other projectos in the similar price range also provide great image quality but they fail to be a perfect gaming laptop. Hence if you are a gaming enthusiast this is the perfect projector for you.

The image quality is maintained even at such a low cost by using the loop pixel shifting technology. In fact the quality of the image produced by this projector is as good as the native 4k resolution projector. Moreover the image quality as well the sharpness is excellent. In fact the image quality is way too good for its price and could not be any better.

In terms of contrast ratio and brightness also the Optoma UHD 42 projector is the best. It comes with a contrast ratio of 5000,000:1  with dynamic black enabled. The dynamic black of this projector is so great and works like an auto iris.

Furthermore this projector comes with 4 different picture modes and you can choose any one out of the four as per your requirements. The four modes are named bright, film, standard and the detail.


  •  Great contrast ratio
  • Perfect gaming projector
  • Dynamic black enabled
  • 4 different picture modes


  • HDR performance could be better

This is the best projector for all the sports and gaming enthusiasts out there. If you are planning to buy a projector for making your sports watching experience better than nothing can be better than the Optoma UHD 42 4k projector. It has a great image resolution along with low input lag. This is the best feature of this projector and is its strength.

This is a great device and you should not think twice before buying it. Just go for it, this is a super affordable and pocket friendly deal.

7. Vava 4k UST Laser projector


  • Ultra short throw
  • 4k resolution with HDR 10
  • 25,000 hours of lamp life
  • Integrates Harman kardon sound bar

The Vava laser TV is the cheapest projector of this type in the market. It has a brightness of 2500 lumens that provides a much lesser price than most of the other well known brands. That’s the reason why this projector can work well even in ambient lighting and can produce crystal clear pictures.

This is a smart projector and you can run apps like Netflix and amazon through it. In addition it also supports voice assistants such as the google assistant and Alexa. It works on the android operating system. The image produced by this projector is so clear with vivid colors. This is the result of its 4k UHD DLP projector. Overall this projector is really impressive and is too good for its price.

Not just the image quality is decent this projector can project images of up to 150 inches, which is pretty good. Moreover it comes with a warranty of 1 year. Furthermore it comes with an in-built pair of Harman kardon speakers that produce great sound with decent quality. Unlike most of the other projectors you do not need to attach any external speakers with it.

Additionally this projector is great in terms of input options as well and comes with 3 HDMIs. There is also a provision of an android app which you can use to connect your projector to your  smartphone or tablet wirelessly.


  • Reproduces color accurately
  • Supports wireless connections
  • Streams various apps
  • Great screen size


  • Not portable

The Vava laser projector is the ultra short throw projector that helps it in projecting clear and big images from a very small distance. This is one of the best features of this project along with an exceptional image quality. In addition the 4k resolution ensures crisp and detailed image quality making it the best projector for sports.

Moreover the quality of this projector is better than most of the other costly projectors. On the other hand the Vava laser projector is much less in cost and provides great features. Hence it is budget friendly and if you are looking for the best projector for sports and do not want to spend much then go for this one.

8. ViewSonic M2 Portable projector


  • Extremely portable
  • Big screen projection
  • Premium audio
  • Vivid colors

The ViewSonic M2 projector is an extremely portable projector that is suitable for multiple purposes including for home use as well as for business conferences. It comes with a built-in smart TV interface and in-built Harman kardon speakers.

In addition it has a provision of document viewer as well as d=screen mirroring. Moreover it is also lamp free making it free form all the costly maintenance and lamp replacement. Furthermore it comes with eco friendly manufacturing and there is no need for a cooling-off period after shutting it down.

It is a full HD projector that claims a brightness level of 500 lumens that is pretty decent. Additionally it has an operating hours of 30,000 which is not bad either. Icing on the cake is its screen size. It can produce a screen size of 100 inches from just a distance of 9 feet from the projection screen.

Not just the image quality is great but the sound produced by the in-built harman kardon speakers is also awesome. It is enough for filling a medium sized room hence there is absolutely no need for attaching any external speakers with it.

Along with great features the M2 projector also comes with great design. It is designed for the purpose of portability and hence is super light and compact. Also it is user friendly and easy to set up as it comes with features such as auto keystone correction. This feature helps in correcting the trapezoidal image automatically.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auto keystone correction
  • Delivers dark tones perfectly
  • Supports wireless and Wi-Fi connections


  • Not very bright

This LED projector is great for the purpose of sports and is very portable. Along with portability it delivers great image and sound quality. Not just that it is easy to maintain as it is lamp free. In fact it is an ultra short throw and is best for the purpose of a small room. It can help you enjoy your favorite sport with so much clarity from the comfort of your living room.

Additionally this projector is even 3D enabled and with this you can watch your favorite sport with life-like quality. You will be amazed to experience such an amazing occurrence. If you are a sports enthusiast and desire the best experience then this is the best projector for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a projector better than TV for watching sports?

A projector is definitely way better than TV as it projects larger pictures with great detail. In addition projectors are portable and can be carried anywhere. Also these days the picture quality of most of the projectors is better than your traditional TV sets. Hence projectors can give you a very nice sports watching experience.

 Do I need to buy a separate screen with my sports projector?

You do not essentially need a screen but if you want you can. If you are buying a projector for the purpose of your home then there is no need for a screen you can view it on the wall itself. But if you want to use your projector outside then you may need a good quality screen as well.

Will my projector work in sunlight?

There are projectors available in the market that work well even in sunlight and project crystal clear images. These projectors have very high lumens of brightness and hence they can project clear images even in bright sunlight.


Do not miss out on all the amusement of watching your favorite sports and make it even more dynamic and amusing with a projector. The view of your favorite game on the large screen with so much clarity will leave you awestruck. Therefore just go for this and you will gain the best experience of your life.

All the projectors reviewed here are the best projector for sports and you will be truly amazed after watching your favorite sport on these projectors. Therefore choose any one from this list which suits your needs and pocket the best and get it right away. This is going to be the best experience of your life and you will absolutely fall in love with these projectors for sports. 

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