10 Best Gaming Projector

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to take your experience one step ahead you should consider buying a gaming projector for yourself.

A projector helps in giving the highest degree of visual fidelity to your media because its screen can be expanded multiple times as compared to your TV. 

Now the question arises that there are so many gaming projectors available in the market which one should you choose?  Before buying a gaming projector you must consider certain factors such as native pixel resolutions and refresh time.

You must also choose the projector with highest brightness so that it works well in any environment. Another factor to consider is the lamp life, a projector with more lamp life is more durable and vice versa.

The most important factor that you must consider in a gaming projector is visual latency commonly known as lag. It is the amount of time taken by the projector to show up the user’s command in the game on the screen.

Hence a projector with less level of input lag is the best for gaming so that your command is shown on the screen within nanoseconds.

In this article 10 best projectors for gaming have been reviewed so that you can choose the projector that suits your needs the best from this list.

Now you do not need to spend hours searching for the best gaming projector for yourself as all projectors given in this article are of the besets quality. So let’s get started.

10 Best Gaming Projector


1.  Optoma HD39HDR


  • HDR compatible
  • Highly bright and colorful images
  • Long lamp life
  • Easy installation

The Optoma HD39HDR is designed for both gaming and watching movies and is considered one of the best gaming projector.

It comes with a resolution of 1080 pixels and can also accept 4K UHD HDR signals. This helps in projecting vivid colors and best shadow details.

Moreover with this projector you can play games and watch movies even in bright ambient lighting. This is the result of its high lumens of brightness that is 4000 ANSI lumens.

Additionally its low input lag makes it a perfect projector for gaming.  Its input lag is rated as 8.4 milliseconds at 1080p/120HZ which is too good and it speeds up your reaction time.

Another feature that helps gamers is its compact size which makes it extremely portable. Furthermore this projector comes with great sound quality and has onboard 10 watts speakers.

The sound is enough to fill a small family room. In fact the sound of this projector is really robust and you do not need to attach any external speakers with it.

More features that make its picture quality better are its 6 segment RYGCWB color wheel paired with a single 1920x1080p DLP chip. This projector hence produces more bright and vibrant colors than most of the other projectors.

Besides the image and sound quality it is also very easy to set up the Optoma HD39HDR. Firstly it is very light and compact and hence is easy to handle.

Secondly it comes with 1.3x zoom and 40 degree vertical keystone. It helps in projecting a symmetrical square on the screen without moving the projector back and forth.


  •  120HZ refresh rate
  • HDR functionality
  • 40 degree keystone correction
  • Portable


  • Mono audio

This gaming projector has the best picture quality, great refresh rate and fastest latency. Hence this is the best gaming projector in the market and is also budget friendly and affordable. It can also operate HDR features on new consoles and video cards, making it even more gaming enthusiasts friendly.

Moreover it can also play 3D movies and games making your gaming experience even better.

The brightness and its operational range is also commendable. Also the screen size of the projection is so giant and is 300 inches. It is also compatible with a variety of devices and has various input ports.

All these features make this projector the best gaming projector and you can surely go for this one.

2.  Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11


  •  Stunning picture quality
  • Integrated dual speakers
  • Elegant compact design
  • Epson micro laser array technology

The Epson EpiqVision mini EF11 is the smallest and the most affordable projector of the Epson EqipVision series. But its small size does not make its features any less.

In fact it has the same features and technologies as the larger projectors but in a compact design. Hence it is portable and can be easily carried anywhere.

This projector is a great value for price but obviously due to its small size it does compromise on certain features. But besides that the epson projector is the all in one entertainment scheme.

The sound of this projector is better than almost all the other projectors and it comes with a dual speaker system with bass-reflex speakers. It is so loud and clear that you do not need to attach any external speakers with it.

In addition this projector also comes with a range of contents streaming options. So in addition to gaming you can also watch a variety of shows and movies on it. It is highly compatible and its HDMI port can work well with services like Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV.

This projector is medium throw and uses a standard throw ratio. It is more towards a shorter side and you will need around 7 feet of distance for a 100 inch screen. Hence this projector will also work well in a small space.

Another great feature about this projector is that it uses automatic screw correction. The lens is oriented towards the wall in a way that it corrects the geometry to avoid wrapping. In addition it also has horizontal and vertical keystone correction that helps in avoiding distortion of images.


  •    Horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Advanced scene adaptive color correction
  • True-3 chip projector design


  •   Low brightness
  • Input lag is bit high

These projectors provide the best image quality at a very affordable price as well as very small size. Its small size is one of the best features of this projector.

Moreover it has an amazing lamp life of 20,000 hours. One drawback of this projector is that its brightness is not so great. It is 1000 lumens and is not at par with other projectors. Moreover its latency rate is also not very good and is approximately 50 milliseconds.

Besides that the sound and the picture quality of this projector is great and the latency rate is also not that bad but yes is more than other gaming projectors. But at this price these features are not at all bad. Therefore if you have a low budget and still want the best gaming projector then this is the right option for you.

3.  Optoma UHD35 true 4k projector


  •  True 4K Ultra HD
  • Lag free gaming
  • HDR and HLR compatible
  • Ultra bright

The Optoma UHD35 delivers a sharp bright 4k  image at a very large screen. It has low input lag suitable for gaming and is 3D as well as full HD. It is suitable for gaming as well as for movies in any environment and works well even in ambient lighting.

It is extremely affordable and is very inexpensive according to its price. Moreover its low input lag makes it best for gaming and also it supports HDR10 as well as HLG HDR. Its 4k resolution also helps in bringing out every fine detail of your game on the big screen.

Furthermore this projector uses a eight segment, red-green-blue-whte-red-green-blue-white (RGBW RGBW) color wheel.

This color wheel helps in portraying lively and vivid colors on the screen which are really soothing to the eyes. Moreover because the white panels that are standard for DLP projectors and hence this projector works well even in ambient lighting.

Also this color wheel also helps in reducing the rainbow effect. This projector is extremely easy to handle and is widely compatible. This projector can be connected to a wide variety of devices.


  •   Easy image setup
  • Dynamic black technology
  • Crisp, colorful picture


  • Higher latency at 4K

The epson projector gives you a really good picture quality with amazing brightness. It has a great lamp life and is hence very durable. Moreover it is easy to set up and comes with 1000 lumens of brightness and easy setup.

The sound of this projector is amazing and it is extremely portable hence it is the best gaming projector. In addition its low input lag makes it perfect for gaming. It is pocket friendly and can be afforded by anyone, just go for it.

4.  ViewSonic PX700HD Projector


  •  Supersized movies and games
  • Cinematic colors
  • Reduced input latency
  • Long lamp life

The ViewSonic PX700HD projector is one of the best projector for gaming as well as for home entertainment. It is the best projector in terms of brightness, resolution and input lag.

In fact it is very easy to set up and operate which makes it user friendly in a true sense.

This is a full HD projector with a resolution of 1080 pixels and a brightness of 3500 ANSI lumens. These features allow this projector to deliver crystal clear and razor sharp images with vivid and lively colors.

Moreover the brightness and the less response time of this projector makes it a best projector for gaming.

Additionally the low input lag allows the game in command to appear on the screen as soon as you give it. This projector is hence best for gaming and has 3 times faster input. It takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Not just that the input latency of this projector is another factor that makes it ideal for gaming. The input latency has been reduced giving you an ideal environment for intense action gaming.

Moreover this projector can be used anywhere and it works well even in a well lit environment as the brightness of this projector is at its best.

This projector is also equipped with view sonic exclusive color technology and due to this the projector produces real life like colors.


  •  Dedicates sports mode
  • Ultra low input latency
  • Full HD 3D compatible
  • Exclusive super color technology


  • Lamp life is not very good

This projector is the perfect pick for you if you are a gaming enthusiast. In fact you will not find any projector with such a low input lag at this price.

To get such a quality of gaming projector you would need to spend much higher. In addition it comes with a special dedicated sports mode that makes your gaming experience even more dynamic.

Moreover it is full HD and 3D enabled which means you can enjoy your games and movies in 3D view. Therefore if gaming is your passion and you do not want to spend much on a projector. This is the best pick for you.

5.  LG Cinebeam projector


  • 4k ultra HD
  • Built in 7 watt speakers
  • Portable
  • Built in apps
  • HDR 10 compatible

The LG CineBeam projector is the most component loaded projector among every one of the projectors referenced in this rundown.

The picture created by this projector is fair in quality and is 4k HDR. The size of the picture is acceptable as well and is between 66 to 150 inches.

Probably the best element of this projector is that it is honored with the webOS stage. This component empowers the projector to interface straightforwardly with all the applications over the wi-fi.

Moreover it has stunning miracasting and Bluetooth availability. The scope of the Bluetooth is excessively acceptable and you will experience passionate feelings for it.

Besides this projector accompanies a laser life of 20,000 hours and subsequently you can watch a film ordinarily for 2 hours for the following 22 years with no compelling reason to supplant it.

Notwithstanding all the in-assembled applications you can likewise project the screen of your telephone, PC or even a MacBook through this projector. That as well as you can likewise interface a gadget to it through numerous other actual alternatives. It has different ports, for example, for the HDMI link and furthermore a space to embed a SD card.

Another extraordinary component of this projector is the in-fabricated Harman kardon speakers. The sound nature of its speakers is acceptable to the point that there is no compelling reason to connect some other outside sound gadget.


  •  Smart TV enabled
  • Compatible
  • Great Bluetooth


  • Motion is not that good

In case you are searching for the best gaming projector, the LG CineBeam can be one of the alternatives for you. It accompanies an incredible picture quality and an astonishing arrangement of inbuilt speakers. In addition it is really viable with a scope of gadgets.

That as well as it is additionally really light and minimal and subsequently can be taken outside and carried back inside without hardly lifting a finger. Along these lines in the event that you have been searching for a projector do consider the LG CineBeam HU80KSW.

6. Samsung 120 the premier projector


  • 4k UHD
  • Ultra bright
  • Smart TV powered by TIZEN
  • Ultra Short Throw
  • compact and portable

Samsung is already the leading brand of TVs in the market and now it has also launched its premier 120 projector. It is an extremely lightweight and compact 4k laser projector.

This projector has the ability to upgrade your home theater to another level so that you can enjoy movies on a big screen from the comfort of your drawing room.

In addition to 4K picture quality this projector also comes with a super good voice that is better than any other projector. You will absolutely  fall in love with the sound of this projector. 

This is an ultra short throw projector and can work as a replacement for your smart TV. You can place this projector directly in front of the wall and it will produce an ultra crisp, clear and giant image.

Hence it is also suitable for small spaces. In addition it is not necessary to mount this projector on a ceiling; it can also be kept anywhere like on a shelf or a table.

This projector works on a laser technology which is better than a bulb source. A laser source does not take time to warm up like a bulb, has amazing brightness, works for a hundred thousand years and it needs no replacement.

Hence it comes with zero maintenance and is much more durable than a bulb.

For movie enthusiasts this projector comes with UHD alliance Filmmaker mode. It will allow more cinematic experience to the users.

Furthermore it comes with a 4.2 channel speaker system which has a woofer-like sound that is better than most of the speakers itself. Hence you do not need to spend extra on any speakers.


  • 2.2 channel sound system
  • Multiple voice assistance
  • UHD processor
  • Streaming apps


  •  Latency is not very low

This premier projector comes in a unique compact design with the best of picture quality. Laser lens instead of bulb is the best quality this projector has.

Laser lamp gives it an advantage over all the other bulb projectors available in the market. Moreover the sound is amazing and it is highly compatible with all the devices.

One drawback is that its latency rate is not that low and is rated at 53 milliseconds. Hence if you need a projector only for gaming then this may not be the best option. Although if you are looking for a projector that works well during movies also then it can be the best one for you.

7.BenQ TH585 1080P Home Entertainment Projector


  • 1080 pixels resolution
  •  Low latency for gaming
  • Built in speakers
  • Industry leading warranty

The BenQ TH585 is the lowest cost product of the manufacturer but it offers you a lot more than its cost. This projector is made specially for the purpose of home theater which means that it is perfect for gaming as well as for watching movies.

In addition it can work well even in ambient lighting as opposed to traditional home theaters that worked only in dark.

For gaming this projector offers ultra low input lag which helps the projector to project your command within microseconds.

Moreover there is an additional game picture mode that helps in projecting the shadow details in dark corners. It also offers accurate color accuracy and contrast suitable for movies.

Additionally this projector is extremely portable and can be held in just one hand. Hence it is easy for you to carry it anywhere you want. Moreover its contrast ratio is 15000:1 making it the best projector under 500. It will also allow you to experience blu-ray video and HD broadcasting .

Furthermore it comes with BenQ eco cycle system which helps in eliminating electricity waste and also reduces power-up wait. It has a lamp life of 10,000 hours and above it there is a smart eco technology analysis which saves upto 70 percent of lamp life.


  •  Digital connectivity
  • Vertical keystone correction for perfect alignment
  • Great lamp life with smart eco technology
  • Triple adjustment feet


  •  No smart TV functionality

If you are looking for a projector for gaming or movies in ambient light and in addition you do noy want to spend more than 500 then the BenQ TH585 is the best option for you. This projector is best in terms of input lag and image quality.

Additionally it has great lamp life and is hence durable. Also it is compatible with a variety of input devices making it user friendly. Its keystone correction makes it even easier to set up.

8. JVC DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector


  • 4k signal input
  • Complies with latest HDMI
  • Output and control connectors
  • Great resolution

This projector has brought a new update to the current generation of 4k projectors by bringing a massive update in its HDR performance.

It has been made possible through real-time frame by frame DTM software. This is a very impressive update and has brought a major upgrade in its picture quality.

The lens of this projector comes with a commendable amount of focus and better precision. It is hence the best gaming projector and can even be used as a home theatre projector.

Moreover the brightness is also great and is rated at 2200 lumens. Its lamp life is 4,500 hours, hence making it durable.

In addition it is a true commercial projector with 4k resolution and the best picture quality. It can even faithfully reproduce 8.8 pixels into 4k.  Another great feature of this projector is its 8k e-shift technology which enhances the picture quality even more.

Furthermore this projector comes with a remarkable native ratio which makes the image produced more dynamic. The contrast ratio is rated at 1.00,000:1 and is one of the best available in the market at this price.

The cinema filter of this projector can reproduce 100 percent DCI-P3 color space. Hence the picture produced is so lively with rich and vibrant colors. The picture quality is the biggest plus point of this projector.


  • Unbeatable picture quality
  • Great cinema filter
  • Amazing contrast ratio


  • Expensive

This is one projector with the bestest sound quality and you will fall in love with its resolution. One drawback is that it is expensive hence it is mostly for those very hefty gamers who want the best gaming experience. Hence when it comes to quality this projector is the best.

This projector will give you near theater quality and you will absolutely fall in love with it. If you are that one crazy gamer and want the best experience irrespective of how much it’s going to cost you, then just go for it.

9. Vava Laser TV


  • Great 4k resolution
  • Best brightness
  • Awesome laser technology
  • Ultra short throw

The VAVA is a laser projector that utilizes the DLP innovation. The best part about utilizing the laser light source is that it is considerably more energetic and clear when contrasted with the DLP OR LCD model.

Besides it is sufficiently splendid to create a fresh clear picture in any event, during the sunlight. Furthermore this projector accompanies a 4K goal which is superior to different projectors that utilizes a 1080 pixels of goal.

But since the picture quality this projector offers is the best it is considerably more costlier than different projectors. This projector is triple the cost of the Epson and is much costlier than the OLED TVs.

This projector is the most appropriate for a little room as it is an ultra short throw projector. In view of this component this projector can project a reasonable and monster picture in any event, when it is put incredibly near the screen.

Anyway the projector arrives in an extremely huge size making it less compact. It is perhaps the heaviest projector accessible on the lookout.

The explanation for its significant burden is essentially a direct result of the 60 watt Harman Kardon speakers. These speakers are awesome and produce the sound nature of a home theater.

Other than that the projector accompanies an extraordinary light existence of 25,000 hours making it sturdy and simple to keep up with. It implies that you can utilize the projector for 4 hours every day for the following 17 years with no requirement for administration or upkeep.

The picture nature of the VAVA projector is awesome , every one of the projectors that are surveyed in this article is the most expensive too.


  • 25,000 hours of lamp life
  • Great sound with built in Harman kardon speakers
  • Awesome contrast ratio


  • Not portable

If you are looking for an ultra clear HD projector which produces the best image quality then VAVA laser TV projector is the best option for you. But it is extremely costly so if your pocket allows you must go with this projector.

The amount of brightness this projector provides is unmatchable by any other projector, so is its cost. Therefore for gaming this projector provides unmatchable picture quality and is best for all the gaming enthusiasts.

Not just that but the sound quality produced by the inbuilt speakers is also unmatchable. Hence this projector gives you a perfect gaming experience from the comfort of your home. If you can afford the VAVA projector, surely go for it,it is a one time investment.

10. TMY V08 720p Native Projector


  •  HD Native 720 pixels resolution
  • Provides Portable mobile home cinema
  • Extensive connection opportunity
  • 3 year warranty

The TMY V08 projector provides a very good picture quality when compared to its price. It comes with HD native resolution with an amazing 6500 lumens of brightness. This means that this projector works well in any environment both indoors and outdoors including bright sunlight.

The contrast ratio is 4000:1 and it supports full HD 1080 pixels content. Hence this means that this projector will allow you to watch movies and games in a very bright and good image quality.

In addition to great image quality the size of the image produced is also great. This projector has the ability to produce 200 inches of screen.  Furthermore this projector comes with 15 degree keystone correction. This can be adjusted by a roler in the similar way of focus.

Also this projector comes with a digital zoom which means that you can zoom in and zoom out the image without moving the projector back and forth.

Not just that this projector is also extremely portable and you can be carried anywhere with so much ease. This means that with this projector you can play your favorite game on a big screen anywhere anytime.

This projector is also extremely compatible with a bunch of devices. It comes with HDMI, USB, AV and VGA ports. It also comes with a SD card slot and also an audio jack.it can be hence connected to devices such as the MacBook, Laptops, PC, PS4, XBOX, DVD and also Blu-ray.

Additionally it also supports Chromecast, fire tv stick and Roku hence through it you can also watch your favorite wed series and movies. You can also mirror your phone through this projector wirelessly.

Now coming to the sound quality of this projector, it is splendid. It comes with 3 watts dual stereo hifi speakers. You will get a rich and powerful voice even outdoors. Therefore you do not need to spend extra money on any external speakers.


  •   Free screen and case
  • Incredible value
  • Compatibility is great


  • Certain focus issues

If you want a projector that works well even outdoors with great picture quality then the TMY VO8 is the best projector for you. Moreover it comes at a very affordable and budget friendly price and can be afforded by nearly anyone. 

With this projector a 1000 inch screen sheet is free hence making it even more cost friendly. Most of the screens available in the market are very costly and will make you pay a lot. With this projector you do not need to spend extra money and hence it is the best budget friendly projector.

When compared to its price this projector has amazing picture and sound quality and you would love to play your favorite games on it. Input lag is also decent and hence making it perfect for gaming.

So if you are a gaming enthusiast and want a projector that suits your budget and you do not want to spend much then this is the best pick for you. Despite the lower price, the quality of this projector is the best. So just get it without thinking twice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini projectors good for gaming?

Yes mini projectors are as good as the traditional projectors and are good enough for gaming. In fact they are better as they can be carried and handled easily. Moreover it completely depends upon the features of the projector more than the size.

Are projectors better than monitors for gaming?

Yes projectors can be far better than monitors as they portray the games on a big screen and have best picture quality. Hence through a projector you can immerse into the game completely. It gives you a far better experience than the monitor.

Is there lag in projectors?

Yes, there is lag in a projector and projectors with low levels of lag are considered better for gaming. Lag is basically the amount of time taken by the projector to display your command in the game on the screen. Therefore the projector that takes less amount of time is the best and the one taking more time is not considered good for the purpose of gaming.

Can a projector be used in place of a monitor with my computer?

Yes, a projector can be connected to your computer and can be used as a screen in place of the monitor.


There is nothing better from the experience you get from playing your favorite games on the gaming projector. Video games have evolved so much that they have the best graphics. They look so realistic and give you such a dynamic and vivid view.

Playing these games on a small screen does not do justice to the kind of graphics they offer. Hence a projector helps you in doing justice to the quality of video games today by portraying them on the big screen.

Portraying the games on the projector helps you in immersing yourself completely into the game. All gaming enthusiasts must definitely own a gaming projector.

A good gaming projector must have the best image quality, great brightness, low input lag and must also be affordable.

In this article 10 best gaming projectors have been reviewed so that you can choose the one from this list and get the best gaming projector.

All the projectors reviewed are of A1 quality and now it totally depends on you which one suits your needs the best. Go grab your gaming projector today itself and immerse yourself in the world of games completely.

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