There Exists No Better Chair Than A Bean Bag Chair

If you are looking for a more unconventional seating arrangement, then perhaps what you are looking for is a bean bag chair! While not always the most practical option, if you do have the space for a bean bag chair, then your relaxation will be taken to the next level. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so even if you do not have much room to work with they can still be a fun option.

There are three key differences between bean bag chairs: They are either massive, are designed with a back rest, or have a smaller design tailored to only one person. If your intention is to recline with either yourself or with someone else, then the back-less designs are ideal for you. But if you plan on gaming or not looking up at your screen, then the chairs with the built in back rests will make your expereince incredibly comfortable.

It is important to note that many chairs come with foam beans that flatten over time. This does not mean you need to replace the chair itself, but instead you will need to buy more foam beans (or an alternative) and refill the chair to get the shape back to how it was.

If you are looking for different types of chairs other than bean bag chairs, perhaps what you are looking for can be found in this link.

Bean Bag chairs

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

  • Made of a durable polyester blend with SmartMax fabric for simple and easy spot cleaning in the case of a spill.
  • Has a built in cup holder and a double stitched, extra durable pocket to hold your belongings.
  • Comfort meets style: This bean bag chair is not just for the dorm room. This structured yet comfy bean filled chair is a great fit for a variety of living spaces. Designed with a convenient handle to make it easy to travel to your next location.

Giant Fur Bean Bag Chair Cover for Adults

  • 19 different colors to choose from.
  • Three different sizing options including 5ft (1-2 people), 6ft (2-3 people), and 7ft diameter (3-4 people).
  • This bean bag chair is quite large, able to accommodate multiple people at once, making it perfect for homes with multiple children.
  • This chair is perfect for dorms, living rooms, bedrooms, recreation rooms, etc. and is excellent for reading, gaming sessions, naps, and more.
  • High quality light, fluffy, premium velvet makes this chair the perfect blend of comfort, ease of care, and durability.
  • Thanks to the double stitched zipper, this bean bag chair is explosion proof, and can be filled with whatever you choose. Filling it with plush toys, blankets, old clothes, etc. can make it double as a convenient storage unit.
  • Keep in mind that Amazon only sells this item with the cover, no filling. You can buy foam beans from Amazon or just fill it with whatever you choose.

CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

  • This super cool bean bag chair also doubles as a comfortable, plush queen-sized bed roll!
  • With this unique design, it does not require bean, but is instead made of sturdy yet malleable foam that holds its form and is extremely comfortable.
  • The plush microfiber cover is machine washable and has a durable woven backing.
  • The zipper is extra-long for easy removal.
  • Simply remove the cover and flip inner cushion to turn into a bed. Fold and slide into cover to convert back to a chair. So easy, the kids can do it!
  • Once you receive your product, insert the bed into the chair cover and create friction while fluffing the polyfoam from the outside to help it expand and soften.
  • This big bean bag chair is ideal for game rooms, family rooms, kids’ rooms, living rooms, guest room, office, entertainment room, mancave, basement, and more!

Holly Home Bean Bag

  • This is a unique style of bean bag chair. It is made to resemble and function as a sofa, and comes with a stool made of the same material.
  • The seat and back of the chair are thick enough to provide good spinal support, making it very comfortable for even long periods of use. It also has two armrests to increase the comfort.
  • The color of this bean bag chair and footstool is not only elegant but also bright, the color will not fade after you wash the cover. It will be the highlight of your room.
  • The dimension of this bean bag chair is (L)31.5″x(W)33.86″x(H)27.56″. The dimension of the footstool is (L)27.56″x(W)15.75″x(H)11.81″. This size fits almost any living room or bedroom.
  • The stool of this sofa further increases the comfort this chair provides. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to move at your leisure and utilize as tool for increased relaxation and comfort.
  • The cover of this bean bag chair is made of high-quality material, it is very durable, skin friendly and easy to clean. The inside of the bean bag chair is filled with sufficient shredded memory foam, and the filled foam makes the bean bag chair have unmatched comfort. No installation is required. It takes 2-4 days to wait for the sponge of the product to restructure itself after opening the package, so do not be alarmed when it arrives a bit misshapen.
Bean Bag Chair

Habutway Bean Bag Chair

  • This 3 foot luxurious velvet bean bag chair is much closer to your standard bean bag chair than the rest.
  • Comes in 9 different colors, allowing you to match the chair with the stylings of your residence.
  • Filled with premium memory foam that maintains its shape, and remains perfectly comfortable for a long time.
  • Comes in a condensed box, and takes 3-6 hours to reshape itself into the bean bag you purchased, so do not be alarmed!
  • If it begins losing its shape over the course of long periods of use, simply shake the chair and it will reform itself to how it was before you sat in it.
  • Machine washable cover. As simple as unzipping it, throwing it in the washer, and zipping it back on.
  • The double stitched zipper allows for increased strength and durability.
  • Lightweight, compact, and ultra comfortable, perfect for dorm rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and rec. rooms, etc.


Chances are that if you are looking for a bean bag chair, you are thinking of the traditional pod shaped bag chairs that are commonly used. However, they come in many more shapes and sizes than you may have guessed. Whether you are looking for a simple, comfy spot to read, watch movies, play video games, etc. or are actually looking for a good-sized piece of furniture to accommodate multiple people, one of these five bean bag chairs may just be what you’re looking for.

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