5 Best Variably Priced Console Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are worth spending money on if you sit for long hours in front of a computer screen. Console Gaming chairs are basically designed for console gamers.

They are more versatile and have various shapes and sizes. Some best top console gaming chairs are

At a Glance:

5 Best Console Gaming Chair

DesignBest chairRetailer
1. Dowinx Gaming Chair
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Best Pick2. Open-wheeler Advanced Gaming Chair
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Staff Pick3. RESPAWN RSP-900 Race Gaming Chair
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Budget Pick4. X Rocker, 5172601 Gaming Floor Chair
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5. X Rocker Gaming Chair
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1. Dowinx Gaming Chair

  • They provide wide seating posture specifically designed for comfort.
  • A good quality iron frame is used to make the gaming chair strong and robust.
  • The high-density foam padding allows enjoying gaming for sure without any discomfort.

This gaming PC chair has a retractable footrest below and massages lumbar support. As a result, it will help you relax more when you are tired and feel exhausted.

Moreover, this massage pillow will ease your back pain and has a USB port connection.

The extra smooth caster wheels and 360-degree swivel chair will let you scroll in the room and pick your items without wasting time getting up.

Relaxing and convenient, this gaming chair has a high level of mobility. You can do gaming, work, and take a nap without getting up.

The upgraded LANT gas cylinder increases the life expectancy of the chair, making it affordable to buy. The robust heavy-duty iron metal frame is used for high safety levels and consequently, it gives a smooth reclining experience to the user.


  • Extra lumbar support was provided.
  • Fine material.
  • Thickened cushion.
  • Sturdy footrest.


  • Loose neck pillow strap.
  • Squeaky faux leather.

The sturdy footrest and soft cushions let you sit for the whole long day and do whatever work you are into. The padded armrest reclines when you sit back, thus you can rest and do gaming or office work, at the same time.

For back posture, the neck pillow helps you not strain yourself while gaming on a chair. No one would ever want to skip in between because of the tiredness and pains, and this chair is specially designed keeping in mind your comfort.

2. Open-wheeler Advanced Gaming Chair

Best Pick
  • It is suitable for all gaming consoles/PC.
  • It truly has the lightest overall weight and stability control.
  • The gear shifter can be mounted on either side.

The racing steel simulator offers stability and the proper comfort needed to sit for long hours to work and do gaming.

Currently, the issue people face is they need to sit the whole day but don’t get comfortable. And this gaming chair fulfills all the requirements for you to relax and work on a PC.

The simple and unique design gives this video gaming chair a classy look, and you can choose your choice of color as there are many varieties available.

It is specifically designed to support many branded logistic racing wheels giving you a smooth experience.

You can easily adjust according to your size and enjoy gaming for the whole day without any guilt of gaps.

Afterward, you can again adjust to its original pattern with no issue as a detailed manual is provided for you to understand the pattern of using chairs. The seat and pedal adjustability make you enjoy gaming without worrying about your comfort.


  • Comfortable seat.
  • Easily assembled.
  • Gear shifter.


  • No controller for steering wheels.

The construction of this gaming chair is so easy, you can manage it well and the durable seat afterward will also let you remain fresh.

As the gaming wheels are suited to many other products, finally it became convenient to not search and waste the time, and instead, focus on work and gaming.

The soft material fabric and the overall light weight of this gaming chair are designed such that anyone can easily make full use of it.

Moreover, you need not struggle to rest and avoid your work or gaming because of the hectic sitting. Instead, work and nap whenever you want and enjoy sitting without giving any stress to your body.

3. RESPAWN RSP-900 Race Gaming Chair

Staff Pick
  • Designed by award nominated brand, this product gives you the satisfactory comfort needed for gaming.
  • The chair has a weight capacity of 275lbs so you can easily relax and work or do gaming without worrying about its load capacity.
  • This gaming chair provides maximum adjustability besides its design.

RESPAWN has the perfect chair to take your console gaming to the next level. If you are craving extra comfort, then this chair will suit you the best. By sitting on this chair, you can relax and easily win your game as well.

A headrest pillow to keep your spine erect is designed with soft leather material beyond your imagination.

Below the left hand, there is a soft cushioned built-in cup holder that will make your perspiration less and lets you be hydrated. Thus even if you are sitting for long prolonged hours, there is no worry of getting smelly.

The back of the gaming chair gets reclined up to 135degrees and can move independently of the extendable footrest so that it gets easy for you to use while gaming.

Moreover, it will give you the freedom to choose your seating position and enjoy the gaming without any gap for the whole day.


  • Built-in cup holder.
  • Removable headrest.
  • Sturdy pedestal support.
  • 360-degree recliner.


  • Expensive.
  • Pore armrest.

This gaming chair is comfortable and easily assembled. There is a removable side pouch for remotes and controllers, thus it is proven to be convenient as you can do gaming and keep your controllers whenever you need to do so.

The footrest provides good sturdy support, you can immediately adjust it likewise. However, the gamer just needs to focus on their gaming and not maintain balance. Often we find it difficult to find space for keeping a cup, and thus avoid drinking while being on the chair.

But this gaming chair has a special feature with a holder which is removable.

4. X Rocker, 5172601 Gaming Floor Chair

Budget Pick
  • It is a rocker gaming chair and has a classy look matching the personality of the user buying this gaming chair.
  • Minimum weight makes it easily portable for the gamer to carry it anywhere.
  • The comfortable padded backrest lets you enjoy gaming fully.

This video gaming race chair seat can be used for gaming, watching tv, and relaxing and also has a feature of built-in Bluetooth speakers. Moreover, it will let you relax and enjoy the music you love.

The two speakers with powerful subwoofers will provide a great sound like a DJ, thus you can be on this amazing chair and have fun.

The padded backrest and armrest will let you be seated comfortably and enjoy gaming without a gap. It is a high-tech gaming chair with wireless Bluetooth available, thus while enjoying the game you need not attach the sound, just connect wirelessly and play with fun.

The flip-up armrest lets you enjoy long video games and movies comfortably. Also, there is a cushion for the support of the neck to make your back less strained and less painful.


  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • Powerful subwoofer.
  • Two forward speakers.
  • Easy to store.


  • Cable management.
  • Heavy.

This rocking gaming chair is comfortable and the sound is awesome such that you can enjoy music and play at the same time. It is proven ideal for low-seat gamers and compatible with most gaming devices and MP3 players.

For a comfortable gaming experience, finally, there is a product that has wireless Bluetooth available in it. Thus, the gamers will find this chair more compatible with the advanced features that it has along with the comfort.

5. X Rocker Gaming Chair

  • Above all, this product is an all-purpose gaming chair.
  • Also, it has a high-tech gaming chair with an integrated 4.1 wireless audio system.
  • This gaming chair has wireless availability, thus making playing more comfortable.

This leather lounge gaming chair is used for playing video games, watching tv, listening to music, and relaxing, and is compatible with DVD, mp3, and most other gaming systems.

On the whole, this rocker’s gaming chair is used for all purposes.

There are separate volume and bass controls present and can join various other gaming modes. This gaming chair can also connect to your television, so if you want to use and combine the features of both, you can do it easily.

It is console compatible and that means you can play the games with the special features that help you do the same without feeling tired.

To keep you entertained, additional vibration motors are present and thus they will give you a full body powerful sensation and make the gaming fun for you.


  • Four audio speakers.
  • Vibration motors.
  • Console compatible.
  • Integrated wireless audio.


  • Vibration strength.
  • Sound bass is sometimes tight and hits hard.

This foldable gaming chair has high-quality speakers making the gaming fun. Also, the console gaming feature is a special feature that will allow you to sit for the whole long day and play and listen to music that you love.

To summarise, this rocker’s gaming chair has a comfortable seating position that will allow you to not get tired. And moreover, the powerful subwoofers are placed openly inside the chair for letting you immerse fully in a game.

Buying Guide :

Build Quality

The higher the quality, the more time it will likely last. Looking at the frame, you can check the building quality and buy according to your choice. And above are some of the best console gaming chairs. Though each has a special quality and is comfortable to play and use, you look out for what suits you and then choose accordingly.

Weight capacity and Height

You should choose a gaming chair that matches your body weight and height. Above the specifications of each console gaming chair are given, you just need to select the best. However, the console gaming chairs are designed such that anyone can fit and do gaming with no discomfort.


Always take care of the dimensions while buying a console gaming chair to make sure it will fit your available space. For instance, some chairs may have narrow seats which will make it uncomfortable for a gaming person to sit at ease for the whole day long. So choose only after looking and comparing all the dimensions.


Do check the reviews of other buyers before purchasing a gaming chair, even if you know it all.  Because the reviews matter, some points you may not know about that particular gaming chair. But after reading it from other buyers, it will get easy for you to compare and choose the best console gaming chair.


Don’t feel shame in having knowledge about it, as the manufacturer warranty will let you get a refund or replacement if there is any fault that occurs in that particular time period. Every product has a warranty, and it is all up to you what is more important and above you.


It is very important as most gaming chairs have some cool console ways for you to play with fun. Some chairs have USB ports while others have motion capability. It is up to you to choose according to your liking and then enjoy that particular amazing feature. The console gaming chair has various different features that are compatible with gaming to make it u just have to find what is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the technology used to create vibration features available?

The X Rockers console gaming chair provides the feature of vibration that is the result of combining volume, bass, and vibratory mechanism.

How to hook an X rocker chair to a gaming console?

 If you wish you can connect directly using a USB converter. Also, X rockers are designed accordingly such that they can connect to your tv or monitor audio.

What is the weight of an Open wheeler advanced game seat?

 The whole package will be 65lbs. However, if you take out the cardboard box it might be around 55lbs.

Is the seat of RESPAWN RSP 900 adjustable?

 The seat height of this particular gaming chair is lower compared to others. But it is not adjustable, still, there are other features like comfort with a well-cushioned headrest that can especially excite you to buy this particular gaming chair.


Console gaming chairs are the comfortable ones that are a perfect fit for video gaming. Some chairs have an in-built audio feature making the gaming fun for you.

Additionally, the vibrations are an extra add-on to some chairs that give you body relaxation. Above, you can choose the best console gaming chair that you find suitable to play for the whole day without any gap.

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