6 Best Gaming Chair For Back Pain

Gaming on a computer or console device takes most gamers hours at a time. Sitting and prolonged sitting without the right kind of support can harm your posture and cause back pain.

Gaming gear isn’t cheap, so if you’re like me, you probably don’t mind spending money on high-tech gaming gear. To ensure the best gaming experience, however, you should purchase a high-quality chair.

Gamers require their chairs to be more supportive, comfortable, and adjustable than office chairs. Most gaming chairs are designed like virtual reality racing seats and built with an extra-long backrest that supports the neck, shoulders, and head.

Additionally, you can recline, which gives you the option of changing your positioning and posture over the course of the gaming session. Possibly the biggest difference between a gaming chair and a regular chair is its design and color choices.

Many gaming chairs are brightly colored. Don’t worry if you can’t commit to a vibrant color, there are neutral options as well.

It’s important to consider several factors when choosing a gaming chair that is best for you.

Gaming chairs often include ergonomic features, including a high backrest, an ergonomic headrest, and a lumbar pillow, as well as benefits such as reclining back, rocking, adjustable armrests, and a comfortable seat.

You need to determine whether the model will fit your weight and height before making a purchase. If you plan to sit cross-legged, make sure to check the seat’s depth and width as well.

Some chairs claim you can sit cross-legged, but that depends on the length and size of your legs.

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6 Best Gaming Chair For Back Pain

DesignBest chairRetailer
Best Pick1. CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair
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2. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair
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Staff Pick3. DXRacer PC Gaming Chair
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4. Hbada Gaming Chair:
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Budget Pick5. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair
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6. Arozzi Forte-FB-RED Computer Gaming/Office Chair
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1. CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair

Best Pick
  • An exterior made of soft fabric retains minimal heat and provides comfortable support and contour to endure an intense skirmish or an all-day competition.
  • The memory foam Lumbar Support that gives you an adjustable padded neck cushion is an ideal way to relax.
  • Its back and base are embedded with a steel frame that will ensure durability for years.

The CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair is a great gaming chair inspired by performance motorsport seats. This new gaming chair adds to their lineup of premium gaming chairs, and it has been redesigned to look better.

It is an insanely comfortable gaming chair thanks to its memory foam lumbar pillow.

As an alternative to faux leather, it uses a soft, breathable fabric that helps in cooling the body and ensuring it retains less heat helps you stay cool and avoid being weighed down by sweat while playing sports.

Because of that fact, this is one of the best gaming chairs with lumbar support.

In addition to reclining 180 degrees, another feature of this chair is its capability to hold you flat so you can take a quick nap before your next gaming session.

Gamers will find that they can comfortably adjust the back angle to their liking, and that is great.

Only one problem; it does not fit users with larger frames. It may be a tight fit if you are a little heavier. Apart from that, it is a brilliant gaming chair with a minimalist design that does not require any colorful accents.


  • Lumbar pillow made up of memory foam.
  • Build with very soft and breathable fabric.
  • Adjustable armrests and a 180° reclining lay-flat seatback.


  • Less seating space for heavy people.

In our opinion, this is an amazing chair for back pain. Because it has lumbar support which helps in correcting the posture of the body and provides comfort for a long time.

Also, it has amazing fabric on the seat which is breathable, resulting in no sweating and the body stays cool at any temperature. Therefore, this chair is ideal for people who live or work in hot climates.

So whether you are working in the office or playing games for a very long time this chair is the best chair to eliminate and prevent back pain.

2. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

  • The chair is wider and has height-adjustable features than most desk chairs.
  • Ideal chair for tall people as it has quite a tall backrest.
  • Affordable in price and it is also durable.

The BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is the best office chair that will help you eliminate your back pain. Gaming chairs aren’t among BestOffice’s most well-known products, but the company produces high-quality chairs at an affordable price.

Thanks to its ease of rolling mobility and capability, this chair can be used not just in your gaming room, but also in your office environment.

Moreover, this product is designed in a unique way. This gaming chair also comes with a number of highly functional features, so it’s not all about the looks.

With a high back and bucket seat, this gaming chair offers comfortable and cozy head and back support. Among the features of this table are a metal base and a steel frame, increasing the level of stability.

Furthermore, this gaming chair offers comfortable ergonomics and plenty of adjustability. If you want to lay flat, it can be adjusted comfortably to 180 degrees.

In addition, the chair can swivel at 360 degrees horizontally. If necessary, the seat’s height can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.

During lengthy gaming sessions without making you feel fatigued, it offers durability and support.


  • Very sleek design and strong built.
  • Affordable in price.
  • The tall backrest of the chair.


  • Quite less weight capacity.

Looking at its features, this chair is best for your office setup as this chair provides all sorts of comfort from the headrest to its ergonomic construction, this is an amazing chair to avoid back pain.

you will get all types of comfort with this chair. Also not to forget its sleek design of black and white color, which gives a very aesthetic look to your office.

Also, it is ideal for tall people as it has a tall backrest.

3. DXRacer PC Gaming Chair

Staff Pick
  • Considering the premium seating experience it offers, it’s a fairly affordable entry-level price.
  • Suitable for people up to 200 pounds and as tall as 5’8″.
  • With its high quality and comfort levels, it is ideal for gamers.

With its Formula Series gaming chair, DXRacer demonstrates that a gaming chair consists of almost all the necessary features.

Thus, gaming chairs have to cushion headrests and lumbar because they must support long periods of play. Because of this, they are comfortable and supportive to use all day long.

Also, You can adjust the cushion height and seat depth of this chair according to your needs.

DXRacer is an established brand that offers high-quality PC gaming chairs in various designs and colors. They offer an all-black model that is quite popular.

Additionally, ergonomic design makes it more appealing. Its armrests can be adjusted to a height of 90 degrees and have soft padding that allows them to be angled.

During long gaming sessions, the lumbar pillow provides full back and neck support.


  • Helps in adjusting the back seat.
  • Armrests are adjustable.
  • Cushioning in the lumbar area and headrest.


  • A low range of reclining.

In our opinion, this is a good chair that will support your back and neck to prevent them from straining. Moreover, this chair is best known for its ergonomics and for providing flexibility.

Although it has less range of reclining, other than that this is the perfect chair for preventing back pain while gaming.

4. Hbada Gaming Chair:

  • Sitting comfortably is easier with thicker backrests and seat cushions.
  • You can get stronger neck and back support with an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow.
  • With a Strong Steel Frame and a Heavy Duty Nylon Base which enables it to hold 330 pounds of weight, this chair will keep you comfortable while you work for up to a long time.

The Hbada Gaming Chair is a good chair for gaming to prevent back pain. Gaming chair maker HBADA creates the most perfect gaming experience for gamers by creating the best gaming chairs.

Therefore, Hbada racing-style gaming chairs are ideal when it comes to playing video games.

Also, their spacious seats offer greater comfort for those playing video games. In spite of being a mid-range gaming chair, this one is highly comfortable and cozy.

It is equipped with lumbar and headrest cushions, which are designed to provide comfort while gaming for a long time.

Moreover, it features lumbar support that can be removed and a removable headrest made of highly durable PU leather.

With its high backrest and high alignment feature, this highly swivel chair is ideal for supporting your neck and back.

During recline, the seat can be adjusted from 90 to 155 degrees. Additionally, the armrest height can be adjusted to accommodate different sitting positions and desk heights.

Additionally, the seat height can be adjusted as well.


  • Adjustable height of the seat.
  • Removable lumbar support and headrest.
  • Its spacious seats offer great comfort.


  • No breathable fabric on the seat.

Without a doubt, this is a great chair for you if you are looking for a gaming chair that has all the ergonomic features for a cozy feel and also comforts while gaming.

Having this chair for gaming, you will not be tired or have body pain. Also, this chair has an amazing look that will match your gaming setup very well.

And the unique feature about this chair is that it has spacious seat so if you are heavy then this chair is the best gaming chair for back pain.

5. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

Budget Pick
  • A budget-friendly chair that will provide you comfort by spending a very little amount of money.
  • This video game chair not only provides quality support for hours of play but also incorporates an integrated padded headrest and padded arms.
  • Great with ergonomics, so you will stay comfortable for long hours of gameplay.

This racing-style leather gaming chair from OFM’s Essentials collection is the perfect place to game comfortably. With its comfort and gaming capabilities, it will not disappoint.

Performance-enhancing comfort is designed to provide users with the kind of experience F1 racers are accustomed to. It takes quite a while for leading games to reach an intermediate level these days.

Video game players are at risk of developing conditions of the joints and neck that can seriously impair their performance and enjoyment. That’s exactly what a racing chair with an ergonomic design can offer.

Moreover, it features a swivel mechanism, flip-up arms, center-tilt control, and seat height adjustment, this office chair offers a 360-degree swivel.

These designs help you keep your essential body functions intact through long gaming sessions. Consequently, this helps in eliminating the numbing of the body.

Stability and support are provided when you move around in the chair thanks to its top-quality structure.


  • Budget-friendly and affordable.
  • Completely adjustable chair.
  • Wide range of ergonomics.


  • Not an ideal chair for very people.

Looking at its features, this is the best gaming chair for back pain. As it offers luxury and comfort both at the same time.

Also, its leather accents provide upscale looks, and also you can customize other features according to your desktop.

The best part is that it is a budget-friendly chair that will not only look good with your gaming setup but also provide comfort for long hours.

6. Arozzi Forte-FB-RED Computer Gaming/Office Chair

  • Best chair with an ergonomic design allowing you in staying comfortable.
  • Two pillows on the chair to give support to your lumbar area and neck and head.
  • Breathable fabric assures you to buy this even if you live in a hot environment.

On our list of Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain, the Arroz Forte racing-style fabric gaming chair comes out on top.

With its adaptability to your body, you can count on it. If you reach upward for your keyboard, you are forced to touch the floor with your feet, which could strain your back.

Despite the fact that you can curl up as much as you like in a chair, spending long periods of time in such a position can be very unsettling to the joints.

You are probably already aware that long-term use of such a position is unhealthy. Using this chair, the occupants can receive adequate support for their lower back, thus helping to keep their spine in a neutral position.

This set comes with a down-filled lower back pillow that fits right where your lower back should be. As a result, it allows you to relax and avoid fatigue during long sessions of gaming, which is why it is the best gaming chair on our list.


  • Very comfortable neck and back pillow.
  • Outstanding build quality.
  • It’s highly customizable.


  • Quite expensive.

In our opinion, this is the best gaming chair for back pain as it is completely customizable and has amazon back and head support on it.

Resulting in improving good body posture and eliminating back pain and neck pain. Some people often hunch down to work but you will no more, with this gaming chair.

Additionally, it has a breathable fabric to prevent sweating. Despite being expensive, there is no specific reason to avoid buying this gaming chair.

Buying Guide


It is important to consider ergonomics in our seating arrangements in order to ensure comfortability and avoid potential health issues. Console chairs have different ergonomics compared to PC gaming chairs. A PC gaming chair is designed to keep the person standing up at all times. Sitting straight may be unnatural and uncomfortable at times if you’re not used to it.
Unlike regular chairs, console gaming chairs allow the user to sit back and rock. As the body leans forward, the chair moves along with you.
A high-back gaming chair with a fixed headrest is one of the most ergonomic aspects of gaming chairs. In addition to slouching their shoulders, gamers tend to bend their neck for long periods. Your shoulders, neck, and head will be well supported by the high back and headrest pillow. The design provides better comfort and support than most office chairs with a low or middle backrest, much like a pillow and aboard for a good night’s rest.

Lumbar Support:

The pelvis is rotated in most standard office chairs, thus reducing the lumbar curve. You will experience back pain as a result of your spine and shoulders overcompensating.
Detachable lumbar pillows are included with gaming chairs. Your back cushion should have a height adjustment so that you can target a particular area. Lumbar support pillows, or external lumbar cushions, provide relief from pain in the lower back and promote a neutral spine. You won’t sag forward when lying down on a lumbar cushion, since it prevents your body from sagging forward. Slouching is virtually impossible due to the large backrest and lumbar support.
Gaming chairs with more advanced supports are expected to be more expensive. Herman Miller and Secretlab chairs, for example, feature internal lumbar support. With adjustable depth, the lumbar can be firm enough or overly firm, depending on which way your back reacts to it. Rather than feeling like a separate pillow, the internal lumbar support feels like an integral part of the chair.

Adjustability Features:

It is important that gaming chairs have a variety of adjustments because comfortable sitting is ensured with adjustments. You won’t be able to see the computer screen if you sit on a chair that is too high. Therefore, chairs that have adjustable features can be adjusted for seat height, width, depth, seat angle, swivel, lumbar depth and height, headrest height, and footrest height.
Moreover, if you need to adjust anything, it’ll probably be the height of the seat. Your head should be level with the computer screen when you adjust the height. Also, You should be lying flat on your back with your feet flat on the ground and your knees higher than your hips in this position. And, make sure that your armrests are the same height as your desk. The lower back and shoulders are relieved of pressure thanks to these belts. With properly positioned armrests, you can remain upright and not have to bend your arms to type.

Comfort (Seat, back, and arms):

Other than the adjustments, a chair’s comfort is also determined by its seat cushion, its backrest, and its armrests. Chairs that have more padding tend to be more comfortable. Although plush and soft can be good for your health, it’s not always the best for your body. Likewise, it’s wonderful to sit on a soft and comfortable sofa, but couches aren’t great for your back. Look for a chair that strikes a balance between providing comfort and supporting your back.
Usually, gaming chairs have padded bucket seats or waterfall seats. It’s designed so that the back of the thigh is not squeezed as hard as it would be if the design sloped down.  You can develop numbness in your legs, as well as soreness or injury if you don’t have enough blood circulation. So having such a chair will also improve blood circulation in the lower legs. High-density memory foam seat cushions or cold cure foam cushions are commonly found in gaming chairs. Due to the double density of cold cure foam, one can expect it to feel much firmer and more supportive. To ensure maximum comfort, the foam will soften to a specific degree when pressure is applied.
PU leather padding, mesh materials, vinyl, and fabric are normally used in gaming chairs for their backrests. A similar experience to PU leather is the way it feels like very smooth and soft padding. In contrast, long periods of sitting can cause the user to sweat due to heat accumulation. Fabrics such as mesh provide comfort by allowing air to circulate. Furthermore, the mesh material is much more flexible so you have much more freedom of movement. It can also be adjusted to accommodate movement based on the user.
While using the keyboard, armrests allow your arms to rest without bending. Thick padding is typically found on some gaming chairs, especially those used for consoles for additional comfort. 

Overall Build Quality:

Gaming chairs are built to last a very long time thanks to their quality. Aluminum alloy and aluminum tend to be the material of choice for metal frames used in cheaper chairs. Despite being very light, these materials are not as strong nor can they support the same amount of weight as steel chairs. Particleboard chairs are more likely to break down quickly since they use particle boards as frames.
There will be times when breakdowns occur, so ensure the manufacturer is providing parts free of charge when necessary. Several sellers provide a one- or two-year warranty as a minimum.


In this article, we have listed the best-known chairs that are ideal to prevent back pain. Having a chair that will give you comfort is so crucial because we spend most of our time in front of the desk. With the help of this article, you will be able to decide what features does it require to have in a gaming chair that can help eliminate back pain.

Here is our top mention to ease your decision-making, and why you should buy it-

This is the best gaming chair that will not only prevent back pain but also provide comfort with its additional ergonomic features.

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