5 Best Speakers For Projectors

A projector may give a clear and high resolution picture but for excellent sound quality you need to attach a good quality speaker with it. The quality and frequency of sound is equally important as it makes it possible for you to watch a movie or a video from a distance as well.

In order to get the best experience you need to attach an external speaker with your projector.

But today there are thousands of speakers to choose from. How will you know which is the best speaker for your projector? Do not worry, here we have provided an honest review of 5 best speakers for projector.

This review will surely make the task of choosing the best speaker for your projector extremely easy.

Here in this article pros and cons of the best speakers for projectors is given, after reading this you can choose the speaker that suits your needs.

This review is going to make your experience with the projector even more splendid.

5 Best Speakers For Projectors

1. VMAI-Subwooferb3D Sound bar
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2. SJCCKJ 16 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Computer Speakers
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3. TEWELL Mini Sound Bar
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4. VersionTECH
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5. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers - for PC
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1. VMAI-Subwooferb3D Sound bar


  • 2.1 channel immersive sound experience
  • Bluetooth with  5.0 & DSP technology
  • 4 different sound modes
  • Multiple input options
  • Smart design

To everyone out there who is looking for a true 3D stereo premium sound speaker for their projector then VMAI-Subwoofer, 3D, Sound bar is one of the best options available in the market.

This speaker comes with an elegant design with noticeably better sound quality than most of the other speakers. 

The VMAI sound bar gives clear sound which is far better than the sound of your TV. Moreover the technology used in this sound system is much more advanced than the one used in TVs.

To your surprise the Bluetooth of this sound bar is so strong that it can remain connected even when the devices are at a considerable distance. In addition the 5.0 and DSP technology used in this speaker helps in saving power consumption and is hence eco-friendly.

The latest feature of different sound modes provides you with 4 modes – music, movie, news and 3D mode enhancing your overall experience.

Besides the feature of Bluetooth connectivity there are various other input options such as the HDMI,AUX, ARC, USB etc. These features make this speaker perfect for multiple uses as well as more user friendly.

The bonus point is the elegant thin design of this speaker which looks extremely smart and occupies very less space. All these features make this speaker one of the best speakers for projector.


  •  12 months warranty
  • Strong bass and sound
  • Consumes very little power
  • Budget friendly


  • Short AUX cable

With the VMAI sound bar you can enjoy all the details of your music and movies because of its extremely good sound quality. This is a decent sound bar with amazing features such as the Bluetooth, 4 modes and multiple inputs.

 If you are looking for the best speaker for your projector at an affordable price then you must buy this one. It has all the latest features and does not consume much power.

Additionally the kind of features this speaker provides are too good for its price. You should definitely buy this speaker if you are looking for the best speaker for your projector with all latest features.

2. SJCCKJ 16 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Computer Speakers


  • 2.0 CH multimedia speaker
  • Bluetooth with RF technology
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Clear and loud sound quality
  • Small and compact hence takes very less space.

This is an incredible speaker with awesome sound quality. You will be shocked by the quality and bass of sound this speaker produces. The fact that this speaker is very compact and small and even then produces so much sound makes it outshine all the other speakers available in the market.

Thus making it one of the best speakers for projector.

Its small size makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere you want. In addition its Bluetooth range is great as it uses RF technology. Moreover the Bluetooth connects to your device in not more than 6 seconds.

The Bluetooth covers the range up to 33 feet and such a large range is not available in most of the other speakers available in the market.

Another great feature of this speaker is that the remote control available with this speaker has great features. Through the remote control you can not just play and pause the song but you can also skip and back forward it.

In Fact there is a built-in mic in the remote itself using which you can even pick up a call when your phone is attached to the speaker. This feature makes this speaker stand out against the other Bluetooth speakers in the market.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Great value for money
  • Free USB cable and AUX cable
  • Chargeable


  • Battery backup is not that great

For the quality, this product is completely worth buying as it provides amazing sound with all the other latest features. If you do not have enough space this is the best speaker for your projector. It is so small and compact yet produces amazing sound and therefore it is the best for you.

In addition the awesome functions of its remote control makes it very interesting for the buyers. If you have been looking for a speaker with all the latest functions at a very affordable price then this is the best deal for you.

The Bluetooth used in this speaker is the 5.0 version which is the latest and is not available in any other device for such a low price. This speaker is a win-win deal for you and you must definitely buy it if you have less space.

3. TEWELL Mini Sound Bar


  • Both wired and wireless connection
  • Two power-supply option
  • Compact and hence portable
  • Deluxe audio
  •  Built in exclusive booster technology

The TEWELL Bluetooth speaker is a gorgeous sound bar sound system. It brings noticeable clarity to your audio that makes every detail stand out. With two professionally tuned speakers and one passive subwoofer it produces a deluxe sound.

Moreover the sound doesn’t only have good frequency but also great quality.

It comes with both wired and wireless connections and the range of the Bluetooth is also considerably good. In addition the speaker can be connected to a number of devices such as a phone, tablet, projector, computer, Tv etc.

Another amazing feature of this speaker is that it can have two power supply options. This means that it is chargeable and can also be directly plugged in the electricity and used. Hence this speaker can be charged and then carried anywhere making it portable.

 In addition this speaker is extremely slim and can be adjusted even below the desktop of your computer making your table look clutter free. Also the sound quality remains the same no matter on which mode the speaker is being used.


  • Awesome sound quality
  • Easy to use and install
  • Clear vocals
  • Affordable projector Speaker


  • No additional Subwoofer
  • Not waterproof

This is an amazing product by TEWELL with awesome features and is one of the best speakers for projectors with incredible sound quality. The design of this product is smart and it is compact and lightweight.

Therefore this speaker is the best if you are looking for a speaker for a projector for the purpose of your home. Its latest technology and premium design makes it one of the best speakers available today.

Moreover the price is also pretty reasonable and it will be very beneficial for you to buy this product.

4. VersionTECH


  • 5.0 version Bluetooth
  • Stunning sound quality with 2 full range speakers
  • 2 bass vibrating diaphragm
  • 22000mAh Battery
  • Universal compatibility

Two 52mm full-range speakers drivers and HQ chipset technology of this speaker helps in producing clear voice with amazing sound. It enables you to hear each and every word of your favourite movie without missing any part of it.

Equally important is the fact that it is very small in size and even then produces such a great sound making it the best speaker for projector.

There are multiple connection methods available with this speaker ranging from bluetooth to AUX to USB. Even the bluetooth is compatible with multiple devices such as a projector, mobile phone, computer, laptop and TV.

Furthermore, the quality of Bluetooth is absolutely amazing as it has a very strong range of 10m to 30 feet and it comes with 5.0 technology.

As an additional perk the remote control of this speaker comes with a built-in clear microphone that enables you to pick up a call when your phone is connected to the speaker.

Also the remote control is very easy to use and helps in accessing all the features of the speaker remotely.


  • Great battery backup
  • Compact and slim
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Pretty clear vocals


  • Little expensive

The version tech Bluetooth speaker is a little expensive but the kind of feature it has justifies its price. If you are looking for the best speaker for a projector then you can definitely consider this one.

You will fall in love with its design and the fact that it can be carried anywhere so easily. Moreover it can be charged and can be taken anywhere making it an amazing product.

This is the most amazing deal to grab and if you are hunting for a speaker then surely go for this one.

5. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers – for PC


  • High quality audio performance
  • Operating compatibility
  • Volume control headphone jack
  • Compact and portable

The Bose III speaker comes with a very elegant and clean design and is extremely easy to install. You just need to connect the two speakers together, plug them in the electricity and connect them with your projector or computer and you are done.

In addition to its easy contestability it has an awesome stereo-effect, better than expected.

The speakers have a great operating compatibility as they can be connected to a large number of devices including projectors and MAC. The major plus point of this speaker is its amazing sound quality that can make your movie experience better than you have ever expected.

The best feature of this speaker is that its voice doesn’t distort even at the maximum volume. This is one feature that you will not find in most of the speakers.

That’s the reason that makes this speaker stand out from most of the other speakers of this generation.

In addition there is no feedback noise when the volume is kept at its maximum and there is no music playing. All these features certainly makes this Bose speaker one of the best speakers for projectors.


  • Lightweight
  • Extremely affordable
  • AUX input to bring Bose​ performance to another device.​
  • Balanced sound
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Short AUX cable

If you are looking for the best speaker for your projector then Bose speaker is something you can consider. It is not the best speaker as it doesn’t have a Bluetooth but if you look only at the quality of sound then it is far better than most of the other speakers with a Bluetooth.

It has an amazing design and is unexpectedly light weighted. So if you are looking for a cheap speaker with great sound quality, you must go with this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my projector sound better?

You can make your projector sound better by attaching an external speaker with good sound quality with it. A projector comes with relatively less sound therefore it is necessary to attach an external speaker with it.

Which speaker should I choose for my Projector- wireless or wired?

Although both wireless and wired speakers work well with a projector the main concern should be sound. Still the choice between wired and wireless depends upon the needs of the individual. Wireless is said to be better as it is more portable and can be carried anywhere easily.

Can I attach Alexa or google assistant with my projector instead of a speaker?

Definitely you can attach Alexa or a Google assistant with your projector but it doesn’t necessarily solve the problems that the speakers can. For best sound quality you must attach a speaker because they are mainly made for this purpose only.

 Why is there no sound on my projector?

The main motive of the projector is to project the video on your screen hence their sound is very low. In order to get the best experience you need to attach an external speaker to it with decent quality of sound.


When looking for the best speaker for projectors you need to consider many things such as the size, portability, sound quality, connectivity and many more. It becomes a very tiring task to find the best speaker for your projector.

Not all speakers have all these qualities hence here in this list we have tried to put the best speakers with mostly all the latest features for your convenience.

From this list of best speakers for the projector  you can choose a speaker that suits your requirement perfectly. One thing can be assured that in this list all the speakers mentioned are the best and none of them will disappoint you.

In this list all the possible information about these speakers is given along with an honest review.

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